Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 12

A Crew Huh?

According to the Voodoo lady, and really when has voodoo EVER been wrong, said I need to find people to help me rescue Governor Marley. So, I guess Guybrush should get on that? beign an earnest kind of guy he askes the very first people he sees:

Threepwood should have seen that coming… There any other captive audiences he can bug to help him? I can think of at least one:

But We Already Used the File…

Okay! One down no idea how many to go! All we need to do is bust him out of jail and he’ll happily help us rescue the Governor! But, how do we get him out?

“Didn’t someone say something about acid awhile back?”

“aha! Grog! Grog can help me here!”

So, Guybrush returns to the SCUMM Bar:

“Look at that thing melt!”

“How is it still holding any grog?”

“Almost there, almost there.”

What Them Ghosts Up To?

Me too Guybrush. He seemed like a really upstanding Pirate…

This screen saves you from any of my awkward attempts at a segue!

What?! I totally did not see that coming! What a dramatic and unexpected twist!

Ghost Pirate Conspiracy

Wow, that is a disturbingly vivid sense of imagination you got there LeChuck

I really appreciate how over these cutscenes the designers relate how even the ghost pirates serving under LeChuck don’t really like him.

So now we know that LeChuck doesn’t know that Guybrush escaped, that he has a creepy idea of “enjoyable,” and that the Governor seems to be doing just fine handling things herself… Where to next though? We got a crewmember for our ship…

Wait, we don’t have a ship do we? We should correct that:

Next week, the joys of used vehicles sales!


-confront LeChuck
– Become a Pirate
– Meet Stan
– get a ship
– get a crew (?)
– Kiss the Governor.
– Go to Monkey Island

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