Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 4

Bugging Out

A couple weeks back we left Garcon in the secret basement of the Adventurer’s Hall which doubles as the Thieves Guild. After some sluething, lockpicking, and safe cracking managed to open a secret wall and meet the Master thief here in Mordavia. Who happens to be a giant bug. I guess we should talk to him?

Quest for Glory

Ask about the castle:

Quest for Glory

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Best Cheeseburger in Davis: The Project

A pretty good cheeseburger

Last week I brought Cocktail of the Week to an end. If you want to browse through all of the cocktails I made over the last two years the full list is here. I also hinted in that last post about a new project I was looking forward to kicking off. Well, may I Welcome you to my new project: The Best Cheeseburger in Davis, California! I’m going to eat and rank every cheeseburger in town (and try not to gain 60 pounds.)

I’m not a food critic. I’ve never been trained as a cook. I have learned, am learning, how to cook and it is an activity I enjoy. I enjoy sharing food with friends and I’d fallen in love with this “tiny” town in Northern California. This seems like a good fit for the me and the blog, it’s a natural extension of previous projects and my own interests. Continue reading “Best Cheeseburger in Davis: The Project”