About Jonathon Howard

doesn’t mix well with polite company; his two favorite topics being politics and religion. When he isn’t out cycling, swimming, running, or camping he can often be found behind his computer working on some creative project or in his garden trying to coax out a few more vegetables. Mr. Howard misspent his youth reading genre-fiction; today, he is making up for it by consuming and reviewing large quantities of non-fiction literature. The fact that truth, in every way, is more fascinating than fiction still tickles him. His ramblings can be found at falselogic.net; his own work at fictivefunk.wordpress.com. He works for the state of California as a legislative consultant. The job is even more glamorous than it sounds…

Now I’m a PAID Writer

Big money

Big money

Did I forget to mention here that I had a poem put into a digital published collection of fantasy stories? It looks like I did. Anyway, I have a poem in a fantasy collection that you can buy here. The collection is only $2.99 so you should probably buy one or five copies.

I just got my first share of the profits from the book today. So, I’m not just a writer anymore. I’m a paid writer! Here is to hoping I can increase the figures behind that dollar sign…