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STAR**** **OOP**S: A Surreal Space Poetry Project – Page 38

Star Oops space poetry

The emotional
Relationship between
Man and man
Is great and

A mercy, slowly
Put together.
Made at risk,
So consider[ed].

Then realized
That every
Was [a] miss,
A casualty [to]
Other work.

Too late now.

[He] thinks well
Of you.

He does? Surprised.
What did he say?

Smile; high praise!


You like [him]?


Star Oops space poetry

source text

Apologies for not updating the poem recently. Though, I have to say I think these posts are my least read. I don’t think anyone has ever commented on them (besides Patty, thank you Patty!) I’m determined to get through all 263 pages of the book. Regardless of how long that takes. Trying to make even nonsensical space poetry out of some pages is a difficult task! Especially the ones where Heinlein drones on about neo dogs, or space ship design, or tactics…

I’m glad now that this page took so long to get to now. It’s not the greatest memorialization of the Supreme Court’s ruling on marraige, or Pride. But, then I’m not the greatest poet working with the greatest source! #Lovewins