New Bicycle

2010 Marin Hamilton 29er
2010 Marin Hamilton 29er

Last week my bicycle was stolen from my workplace’s parking lot. It was locked to a bike rack with four or five other bicycles. The other bicycles had u-locks mine had a combination cable lock on it. At the end of the day their bikes were still there and mine was gone. Luckily, the bike that was stolen my wife picked up for $20 at a garage sale in Santa Cruz so, it wasn’t a large financial loss. It was a nice bike though and its theft meant I’d have to find a replacement, during my work’s busiest time of the year, because I use the bike to commute to and from work.

I did some looking on Craigslist and made some calls but nothing really clicked. So, last weekend I went to a local bike shop that had some sales. The bicycle pictured above, aMarin Hamiltion 29er, was on sale and I didn’t want to spend all day or weekend looking for other/better deals so I sprang and made the purchase. While there I also picked up a new lock:

square chainlink wrapped in kevlar

I’m told bolt cutters will not work on this at all. I’m hoping this is a big enough deterrent to keep opportunistic criminals from the bike. I’m not taking any chances though when it comes to leaving the bike out for multiple hours with no eyes on it. So, for now I’ll be taking the bike up to the office with me until I can get a spot in the bike cage over at the Capitol that has camera monitoring (there’s a waiting list…) Hopefully, this way the bike won’t be stolen for many years to come after I’ve wrung all the value out of it.

Now, for some more gratuitous shots of my new bicycle (GO, GO, Go Consumerism!)

Single gear, not a "fixie" (though I do have that option...)



This picture offers contributes nothing. I took it though, and by God I'm going to use it in this post

Maybe, I’ll have time over the coming weekend to write (I really want to tell you about my upcoming Let’s Play and other stuff.)