Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Nine

Day 4 – Trouble Ignites

Garcon wakes on Day Four only to find that things in Shapier have been heating up

I’m sure it’s nothing but Perseii doesn’t want to ember-ass himself and goes out side to investigate:

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Spring Garden 2012: Summer Heat

It’s like my own patch of jungle

It’s getting hot and between the heat and the tomatoes and zucchinis vigor some of the other plants are being overwhelmed. The edamame plants are dead, having been overgrown by the zucchinis. The green beans and eggplant are in the process of being overwhelmed by the cucumbers and the tomatoes have encroached on the basil.

The sad remains of my last edamame plant…

D and I don’t use any pesticides, herbicides or anything else on the garden. This usually isn’t a problem the only pest we ever seem to have are slugs. But, this year this year we seem to have a lot of white flies and aphids. I’m not quite sure what, if anything, I need to do about this. As long as the plants produce do I care? I can just wash the bugs off…

a tiny zucchini covered in bugs…. YUCK

See how during the heat of the day all the leaves wilt? See how the cucumber is climbing the netting? See how there are a ton of flowers on this thing and yet I still don’t have a single cucumber?! Also you can’t even see the eggplant there, can you? it’s in the yellow cage, but the cucumbers have taken over!

Don’t worry during the hottest part of the summer the garden gets watered twice a day.


For size comparison purposes these are almost the length of my forearm.
These are cherry tomatoes



Zucchini: 10

Tomatoes: 12

Edamame: 0

Bush Beans: 16

Cucumbers: 0

Eggplant: 1

Basil: 6 leaves