Chiptunes that Bury Deep into Your Cranium and Stay There

Never figured it out, still awesome after all these years

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who spent countless hours on weeknights and weekends in front of their televisions as a kid playing Nintendo that to this day I find myself humming bits and pieces of game soundtracks.  Despite the limited ability of the old NES music designers managed to squeeze out of it, with the help of additional soundchips in cartridges, some astonishingly catchy music. Furthermore, despite all the technological advances these old catchy tunes remain the bedrock on which new music for old franchises are built upon. That tune that plays whenever Link gets a new item in the Legend of Zelda? There from the very beginning! Mario’s theme? Yup. Vampire Killer? Check! The music might be tweaked, reworked, remixed, and molded but behind it all you still find these iconic, simple ditties.

Ditties that have been firmly lodged in my head for over 20 years at this point! Here are the ones I find myself humming in elevators most often! Not all of these are from the NES but the majority are. (Click the images to listen to the songs.)  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of the tunes showcased here are from games that I go back to play over and over again. How else do you think they became automatic responses for me?

Wicked from Castlevania 1 Stage 3

Bubbleman's Theme from Megaman 2

Wily's Stage 1 from Megaman 2

Frog's theme from Chrono Trigger

Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2: Simon's Curse

Overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. 2

Opening Theme to Shadowgate

Stage 3 theme from Metal Storm

Kraid's Lair from Metroid

Act 4, Part 2 theme from Ninja Gaiden

There are some more quite a few more (like Terra’s theme from Final Fantasy VI, or the second stage music from Shinobi 3)… This is enough to get you started though! Youtube is a great resource as are quality fan sites (think The Castlevania Dungeon) If you want even more chiptunes and don’t care if they’re from video games check out 8-bit Peoples.

So, folks what are your favorites pieces of 8-bit and 16-bit music? Please let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for great tunes as well as great games that come with them!

Thanks to WordPress for Noticing Me!

Found at starting 5/19 til ?

Thursday morning I noticed one of my older posts (this one) was receiving comments… I figured someone, somewhere posted it on their own blog and people were following the link over here. Then my mailbox blew up as people started “liking” the same post, subscribing to the blog, and commenting… I had no idea what was going on until a friend on Twitter out to me that the post had been selected to be featured on WordPress’ frontpage!? Yup, my writing was featured on “Daily Press”!

What does that mean exactly? For one it means a lot of comments! That post now has over 120. It also means a lot of pages views. Before today my the most hits I’d had on my page was 180. In the last three days DiMortuiSunt has had 5,176 hits?!?

I'm still in shock!

This is just a quick post to thank everyone. Those of you who have been reading here for a while, those of you who showed up in the last few days, and WordPress for noticing me. I promise I won’t try to disappoint any of you!

Not What I Was Expecting In Spring

Who ever heard of "May Showers?"

So it hailed on Sunday, and Monday it rained. It wasn’t supposed to rain it was only supposed to be cloudy. But it rained and I was unprepared.

I only have to bike about a mile from my house to the train station… It was only sprinkling, but I got wet. I suppose I’ll need to pick up rain gear a little earlier than I expected this year.

Good thing I wasn't wearing "nice" clothes

Spring Garden 2011: Quick Update

No silverbells or cockleshells

One Month In...

A month ago D and tore out the winter garden and put in the one for spring/summer. The weather has been really odd this last month with some days it getting into the 9os (summer weather) and then the next day being overcast and rainy (winter weather).  Tomatoes and Zucchini are really enjoying the heat but the colder nights seem to be holding them back. Despite, the odd weather everything seems to be coming in quite nicely, and with generous doses of Sluggo, the plants seem to be mostly safe from the predations of slugs and snails.

Before we get to the spring garden there was one last holdover from winter:

It all went into the composter

About 3 feet of celery

Sadly, none of the celery was usable. We grew too much this year and just weren’t able to use it, or give it away fast enough. This last plant was blocking sunlight for one of our tomato plants… I was hoping to salvage it but I think when it gets this big it is just too bitter.




Green Beans



I’m hoping in another month I’ll have enough cucumbers and tomatoes to start my next project for the year: canning and pickling. I’m really excited about canning our own produce and then using it in the fall and winter. We had so many tomatoes last year that we gave bags away, or ate tomatoes with every meal. This year I want to save some of those for later.

I have two more tomato plants in the front of the house as well as a pepper plant, they seem to be doing fine as well.