Old Stuff: Necron Warriors

Necron Warrior

Warrior HordeNecron’s are technically my second army.  I was still building up an Ultramarine force when I bought the old army box that Games Workshop released when the Necron’s were given a codex in 2002.

The nice thing about Necrons is that a very simple paint job can look really good on these guys.  I painted my entire army in a couple Necron Warrior of days because it took so little to make them look good.  These were base coated in chaos black, drybrushed with boltgun metal and then various parts were painted over with scab red.

These would be tournament worthy If I based them.  I left them black because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I feel, at this point, that trying to base the figures would require me to clean-up the actual models.  Also, there isn’t any kind of base I want to put on there that wouldn’t require extensive painting and/or modelling.  I don’t want flock grass or even sand/gravel.

Warrior Clos-upI apologize for the photo quality… If you have some tips on taking detailed pictures of tiny things with a simple digital camera, I’d love to hear from you!  I already know I need a stand, but what about diffusers and reflectors?

Tuesday Share

I’ve done this once or twice but I want to institutionalize it, every Tuesday I’m going to share a list of links to the stories I’ve read over the last week that I found interesting, thoughtful, provoking, etc…  Whatever I feel is worth sharing, and what thoughts, if any, I had while reading them.

So for the first Tuesday Share:

1.  After fighting to get it for years the source code of a breathalyzerwere revealed by court order, and it turns out they were junk.  This is a basic right that I thought we were all afforded, the right to face our accuser, but this has hit a snag when talking about software and proprietary systems.  As we depend on computers and technology more and more for everything in life, including our judicial process it is of the highest importance that we understand how they work and if they’re actually doing the job their creators say they’re.

2.  This is one amazing picture of the sun, and the blotches on the picture are more amazing!  My hat is off to the photographer for capturing this moment.

3.  In the same vein of having open access to how the technology we use works, how about having open access to how our legislator’s act and vote on the floor, where they’re suppose to be representing their constituency?  It shouldn’t be a difficult task to look up your, or any, Senator’s voting record.

4.  I found this essay on how Jesus of Nazareth fits into an historical context and how that is shown in the gospels a fascinating read.  What he is getting at is that Jesus and his apostles make mistakes that were (and are) common for regular people, especially lay-people, but are inconsistent with the belief that Jesus was a perfect being.  For those of you who believe that Jesus was the Son of God and  Humanity’s savior prepare to be offended by the historical bent of the essay.  For believers looking for real challenges to their faith and the underpinnings of it I suggest his other essays as well.

5.  It wasn’t that long ago that popular culture here in the United States tended to extol the excesses of Americans, from the lower class all the way up to celebrities and the very wealthy.  Our culture seemed to revel in just how much money we could spend.  Television shows like cribs, lifestyle of the rich and famous, and reality shows based around the lives of the wealthy, all showed just what money could buy.  That trend has ended with the recession, and many of those who’s lives were built on easy credit are now facing a difficult adjustment.  This public message with Seth Green about financial responsibility is both educational, humorous, and biting.

6. California’s been in the news recently… For our state’s fine ability to balance its budget…  Here are some assorted stories on that.  I don’t think anyone is looking forward to solving the mess…  Sadly, much of the problem is institutional and requires more reform than I thinktil political leaders, or voters have the stomach for.  Speaking of California, more wasteful spending by the State as it tries to take a anti-videogame bill to the Supreme Court, where it’s sure to lose and force the State to pay out legal fees, etc… for creating an law that goes against the 1st Amendment.

7. Finally a nice video that explains the cap & trade proposal regarding carbon outputs.

Necron Fleet – Painting and Fleet Creation

Find the first post in this series here.

Partially painted Shroud Light Cruiser

Partially painted Shroud Light Cruiser

I’m pretty sure my Necron fleet is way too large…  I’m pushing 2500 points.  If I understood how fleets are made in the game I might be better able to determine just how and what to include in a fleet, besides throwing a little of everything in there like I have.  There aren’t that many, I can only think of one, other players of the game here to bounce ideas off of or ask questions about the game system.  If I just knew what is considered standard fleet size, I’d be okay.  While I don’t know what size fleet I’ll end up laying, luckily for me the Necron fleet doesn’t allow for much personal expression, so I don’t have to worry about weapons loadouts on my cruisers and destroyers.

I’ve been painting steadily, but once move up to the cruisers the detail bumps up significantly and thus progress has slowed.  I spent a good chunk of my free time last Saturday just base, first and second coating my three shroud class light cruisers.  I started putting in the detail work on one of them.  The goal this week is to complete the shrouds and move on to my two  Scythe class harvest ship.  I don’t expect to finish them this weekend, but I might, as they don’t seem to have much to them.  Next weekend will be reserved for my Tombship, clean-up, and then sealing of the entire fleet.

Now I just have to find some fellow players!

If you’re interested my fleet right now consists of :

1 Tombship

2 Scythe Harvesters

3 Shroud Light Cruisers

6 Jackal Raiders

8 Dirge Raiders

For more details and free resource on Battle Fleet Gothic click here.

The Capitol Celebrates Harvey Milk’s Birthday

A picture of a picture of Harvey Milk

A picture of a picture of Harvey Milk

Today would have been Harvey Milk’s, the first openly gay man elected to office, 79th birthday.  On the North Lawn of the Capitol Senators Mark Leno and Christine Kehoe, and Assemblymembers Tom Ammiano and John Perez celebrated the day with birthday cake and milk.

I’m sure words were said and for some there, memories recalled of Mr. Milk, who he was, how he was, and what he meant to so many people’s lives.  I would have liked to have been there for that but sadly I was stuck behind a desk working on bill analyzes.  The event started at 11:30am, I didn’t make it until after 12:30pm, missing all of the speeches, but coming upon a small crowd of 25-40 people sharing their thoughts on the man, and a two reporters covering the event.  I had a slice of cake and drank down a school cafeteria sized carton of milk and listened to people reminisce

I really don’t know much about Mr. Milk.  All I know is that he was killed while still in his prime. But, I admire the man for his bravery and acknowledge the place he holds for those in the LGBT rights movement.  Mr. Milk took big steps towards ending the stigma, prejudice, and that LGBTs have faced for years.  If you want to learn more about Harvey Milk a good place would be the Wikipedia page on him, here or you could rent the just released movie about him, literary types can check out his biography.

For more images from the event you can click here.