Vermiculture, or still playing with worms

When D and I ordered the composter a year or so ago we had some trouble with the shipper not sending the the thing out for a month or so…  After numerous emails and a few calls to Amazon’s customer support people the composter finally arrived and with it, to make up for its delay, a worm composter or vermiculture box as well.

The Vermiculture box has been sitting in the garage in its shipping box since then.  Until today.  D had a pond to make and since she would be going to Ace and working out in the yard I figured now was a good time to finally get the thing put together and going.  Worm poo is fantastic apparently and I desperately wanted in on that action!

RANDOM FACT:  Worms can eat as much as their body weight in a 24 hour period!

So while D was picking up wife a wine barrel, some fish and a papyrus plant I got some worm take-out.  Once home I opened up the box and took at look at the box…  Everything looks the same here… and I only have half the instructions…

So what we have there is a water, or worm tea, collection tray, the bottom feeder tray, three additional feeder trays, a lid, two weed filters, and coconut coir.  Oh and a spigot for draining out the worm tea.  Once I found a complete set of instructions on the manufacturer’s website it wasn’t too difficult to assembly during which I soaked the coconut coir in some water.

RANDOM FACT: Worm poo is more commonly known as worm castings and worms can eat it too!  The more they eat it they better it is for whatever plants you decide to put it on.  Also, GROSS!

Now to add the damp coconut coir, mixed with some potting soil and food.  I put in some tomatoes, apple cores, leafy greens, and some figs.  Mix it all together and then add the worms!  I forgot to take a picture of everything mixed together with worms in it so you’ll have to use your imagination.

After I filled up the first feeding tray and added the worms I put on the second feeding tray and partially filled it with soil.  This vermiculture system works by slowly having the worms eat their way up through the boxes and then pulling out the lower ones and emptying them before placing them back on the top of the stack.  I’ve got to take care not to drown, cook, freeze, starve, or acid burn the poor beasties though so I’m sure micromanaging this all will be fun…

RANDOM FACT:  Worms will eat human hair?!

Finally, with all 3 feeder in I put in the last weed filter, which keeps the worms from getting out and other things from getting in and put the lid on it and placed it by the side of the house.  Where it should stay warm without getting too much direct sunlight.  I suppose during the winter if it gets too cold I can bring it into the garage.  The bins aren’t supposed to produce any odors.

Food. Delicious Food.

Between my self  and Mrs. Di over 400 pictures were taken of our New York City vacation.  The vast majority of those are of museum exhibits.  Really awesome museum exhibits but the reality is that they’re not the best taken pictures, and to anyone besides us they’re just not that interesting.  That doesn’t bother me, they perfect for what they are a chronicle of our vacation.  I’m not going to plaster pictures of every little thing at the Metropolitan Museum that I thought was great here, because chances are you’re not interested as interested in Roman Egypt as I am (but you should be!)  What you will find is something that everyone is interested in:  food

Despite all the food I ate in NYC I didn’t take as many pictures of it as I should have.  You’re not going to see the delicious spicy tofu soup I had in K Town, nor the incredible spread that accompanied it.  I don’t have any pictures of the delicious doughnuts we ate at Doughnut Plant; creme brulee, apple cinnamon, vanilla bean, etc.  Also missing is all the wonderful food bought and eaten of the streets.

“So what do you have to show us already?”

The thing that I was most envious of during my trip was the sheer variety of ethnic cuisines to be found in the city!  I’m sure that you could eat at a different restaurant featuring a different food style every day of the week for the entire year.  I feel lucky living where I do, in a college town with a racially diverse population that enjoys ethnic cuisine that’s close to two major metropolitan areas but it doesn’t hold a candle to New York City…

PS – I forgot to mention the bars… There are a lot of them.  They stay open ’til four in the morning.  I only went to this one:  McSorley’s.  They have good ale.

What happened?

I had just started posting again, excited to be returning to the blog with bi-weekly updates when it suddenly halted.  This seems to be a pattern in my life as soon as some normalcy, some measure of predictability *BAM* it goes all to hell.  This phenomenon probably isn’t restricted to my life…

Anyway, the videocard (one of those fancy ones made by Nvidia or GeForce) melted.  Plastering scratchy horizontal lines all across the screen when it was a good mood and when it wasn’t?  blank screens.  This is the exact same thing that happened to my last high-end laptop too.  Lesson learned:  don’t buy high performing laptops, they get too hot and immolate themselves.

I spent most of September sans computer and then once a new computer was purchased I went on a much needed vacation (don’t worry I’ll be boring you with all sorts of pictures from that later! Lucky you!)

The think the point of this post was to let you know that I’m back and articles that might interest you should be coming in the nearer rather than farther future.

PS – What kind of computer did I get?  A cheap little netbook, the Toshiba NB 305.  This is a picture of it: