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I finished playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village look for my review over at Gamestooge soon. I enjoyed the game but you won’t find it sneaking onto my top 10 DS games. I’ve picked up Etrian Odyssey mostly on the recommendation of everyone at Toastyfrog. I haven’t gotten into it yet so I can’t tell you my thoughts on it, I know that when it came out there was no fanfare and that it still sold out of its initial run and can only be found at a high price on the second hand market, apparently its a sleeper hit.

Finished my two applications for the government fellowships and mailed them out just in the knick of time. I’m not getting my hopes up, if I get it fantastic if not I’ll live. I have heard back from the graduate programs I applied to sadly I did not get into any graduate school. I have my internship which starts in March it goes until August, what happens after that? I couldn’t tell you. I’m living for today, or for the next few months.

EDIT: The review is up now! Follow th HTML! Link

Finding Groove

What do I mean when I say that? I’m talking about getting into whatever it is you get into you. Groove is that weird place where things happen on almost a subconscious level, you’re in charge but everything is nearly automatic and without perturbing yourself. You can find groove in sports, writing, working, exercise, meditating, anything. So how do you find it, that’s the 1000 dollar question. Is it something you slip into naturally or do you have to work at it? Does it take repetition? For myself the only times I’ve been able to slip into groove is in water polo and swimming, during competitions or games, there were times where you’re body automates itself and you just knew where to go, what to do and when to do so. I imagine that this happened only because for 4 years of my life I did nothing but live, eat and sleep water polo.

When it comes to writing and finding groove it is much more difficult for me, I find that I have to spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours writing “junk” before I hit my groove, and then once I do I slip into the groove and writing comes much more easily. I sometimes suspect that if I spent as much time writing as I did practicing and playing water polo I’d find myself grooving much more easily…

So let me know, how do you find groove? What helps you slip into it and how do you sustain it?

Reading terrible books…

The Secret History of the World is a terrible book. A terrible 512 page book. I knew it was terrible by page 5, I continued to read it until I was 30 pages from the end. I really wanted to finish the book, despite how bad it was, when I pick up a book I intend to finish it. But I can only take so much, the mind can only handle so much garbage before it revolts and vomits into your brain pan…

So why would I pick up such a terrible book? Well, because the people who work at Borders don’t actually read the books they classify, yup they have no idea what the books are about when they decide what section of the store it belongs in. I imagine that¬† the people in charge of this just read over the promotional material and then make their best guess as to where it goes. I found it in the World History section, and if you just look at the cover that makes some sense, the words “world” and “history” are in the title of the book. But you just have to read the dust jacket and the 2 odd page introduction to know that this is not a book about the actual history of the world. No, no this book is about the author’s delusions… which means that the book belonged in General Metaphysics or Speculation, next to such gems as Zecharia Sitchin, Sylvia Browne, and J. Douglas Kenyon.

I thought the book was going to be about the history of various real secret societies and the mythologies of those socities and how it related to their contemporary environment.¬† But nope, that isn’t what you get instead Mr. Booth’s book just rambles on about things he doesn’t seem to know much about, pushing and cramming and jamming all sorts of mythologies and history together to make it fit his agenda. All using an obscure lingo and vocabulary that doesn’t make much sense. Oh, and he gets all sorts of history wrong… *sigh* He doesn’t seem to understand literature or art, but that doesn’t stop him from making things up to fit into any piece of art… *sigh*

I don’t even like talking about how bad this book is, so this is the end of the post.

P.S. Don’t read this book!

Thoughts on Atheism and being Alone.

I’m an Atheist and so I believe that the universe and this planet were not created especially for us humans, and that it moves on unaware of us and uncaring. Indeed it can’t do either as it isn’t a person and doesn’t have any intelligence. I was raised a Christian and I sometimes miss the wonderment and mystery that theology brought me, feelings I believe every faith brings to its followers. Let me explain:

I’m going to talk about Christianity first as it is the most popular religion in the USA, the modern Church doesn’t talk about it much, they like to play down the supernatural parts of their religion, for some reason they’re still trying to compete with Science which is a game you can’t win, but anyhow. There is all sorts of magic and mystery to the Christian faith. All types of angels, legions of demons, lesser gods, demi-gods, earth spirits, witches, the mystery of blood sacrifice, the mystery of communion, saints… On and on. A Christian world is one full of invisible and powerful forces working for and against you, forces that can be controlled or turned to your will! That’s pretty amazing! The same goes for the worlds that Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and every other theistic or supernatural inclined person lives in. The world I live in is empty, vast and completely indifferent to my struggles, furthermore it is indifferent to the struggles of everyone and everything. Humanity is alone in it. If we are not alone we are separated from anything else by such vast lengths that we will never know them and they will never hear from us. So yeah, a materialistic view of the universe can be full of wonder and mystery but it is a distant, uncaring one.

As a human I instinctively want the world and the universe to care about me. Narcissistic? Yeah, but that’s Humans for you. Religion answers that need, it makes you feel safe and cared for… I miss that sometimes…