Things I found at my parent’s house: TMNT part 1

I spent the winter holidays at my parent’s house.  This is the house I grew up in and it still has quite a few of my things lying around; stowed away in boxes piled up in closets and the garage.

Every time I visit I go through a little more of it.  In 2009 I went through about ten boxes of books and ended up giving away more than half of them.  Last year I finished going through the books and “culled the herd” down to about a box of them.  (Which will be highlighted in future post, maybe?)  I also went through some of the toys from my youth that had managed to stick around this long and I found quite a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I believe all of these are first runs of the toys, though I’m not sure.  I never was too concerned about the collectibility or resale value of my toys.  I got them to play with them!  Beyond these figures I’m pretty sure there is still a box or so out in my parents garage that has the Blimp and the Party wagon in it.

Wow, you can really notice the dust with the flash on.  These things have been in boxes for over 15 years or so, I think.  They’re all in remarkably good condition though!  All the limbs are movable and the accessories still seem to be in good condition.  I thought with the heat int he desert they would have dried out and crumbled a little more.  Strangest thing I’ve noticed so far?  Several of the toys have a sticky residue from when they were covered in ooze?!

Next time:  Vidja Games!

Well the Dogs were proud of themselves…

The look so sweet and harmless...

We spent Christmas at my parent’s house in southern California.  D at the last minute decided she needed to get me more presents and had Amazon ship out a package to their house that was set to arrive the day after we arrived.

The package had yet to arrive at 6 PM which considering it was the holiday wasn’t that big of a surprise.  Neither D nor I gave it much thought and went out with the family.  Later that night when we get back and I’m walking into the yard after opening the gate I notice more than the usual assortment of gutted toys and old clothing…  After catching a glimpse of a shred of manilla envelope it hits D and I, “The Package!”  We yell together.

After rooting around the yard in the dark I was able to collect what was left of my christmas gift… It wasn’t much:

I don't think it's watchable...

Thankfully Amazon is awesome and sent out a new copy right away; a copy that is now sitting whole and happy on my DVD shelf.

I still don’t know why the UPS guy thought it was a good idea to throw a tiny package over my parent’s wall into yapping jaws of three puppies…  Isn’t this the exact situation they get our phone numbers for?

2011 Goals

I didn’t put this up immediately for two reasons: first, everyone is doing new year’s resolution posts right now and I insist on being “different.”  Second, I wanted to put everything down on “paper,” let it sit awhile and then come back and take a another look at it before finalizing the list.

My goals for the year 2011:

1. Submit writing every month to a publicaton – with the implication being that someone somewhere will publish me

2. Develop, outline, draft and write two short stories

3. Participate in NaNoWriMo

4. Review Latin – Poetry and plays might be the best way to do this

5. Learn algebra – I knew this at one point I need to brush up on my math skills

6. Do the Lake Berryessa two mile swim

7. Bike a century

8. Buy as few new things as possible – this is an attempt to reduce, re-use, recycle, and repair more.

9. Do more with my hobbies (besides gaming) – I have a lot of cool stuff lying around that I could be doing things with, this is what this is here for.

10. Jump out of a plane – I needed something to round out the list!

There you have it folks!  How will I do?  Only 362 days until you find out!

EDIT – I forgot what the real number ten was supposed to be until just now.  I suppose it can be number eleven:

11.  Meditate everyday – I’m specifically thinking of Zazen.