Welcome to the updated Di Mortui Sunt

I’m still reorganizing, tweaking, and adjusting but you’re (mostly) looking at the new Di Mortui Sunt. I’ve cut out a lot of the extraneous tabs, consolidated the remaining, and added one more.  I still need to add my own art up the header, a small paragraph to the right describing the blog, as well as a find focal point that has been lacking (alternatively, I could always create another blog to be focused and this one can remain my own musing grounds.)

I believe the best way to make this work for me would be to create a new site to explore and promote more fully my work  in the “Creativity” section.  If you’re interested in that I’ll make sure to put a link to it here when it is ready.

So, things are happening.  I’m starting new projects and continuing with old ones.  I hope you enjoy the changes.  Here is to new beginnings.

New Things at Di Mortui Sunt

I’ve added a ‘Let’s Play’ tab at the top there with ‘What I Am’ and ‘What I Like’ etc. That page has links and short descriptions of the LPs I’ve done over at the Gamespite forum: Talking Time. I will most likely be changing the theme soon as too, seeing as the current one bores me. This is probably the first step in a process-design the site.

Why the re-design? I have some extra time right now and I feel that the sight needs to be better organized in order to serve me, and incidentally you, better. With a new more focused design I’m hoping that the purpose and role of the site can be focused to.

No entries this week, I’m taking the time off to enjoy the holiday with my wife and family. See you on the 30th.

Baby Steps

Salt Lake City Temple

If you look back in the archives of the site you’ll find a heated discussion on several posts regarding the California Proposition 8.  While I opposed Prop. 8, and still do, and the LDS church’s involvement in it is what ultimately convinced me to have my name taken off their records I still held out the hope that the Church would come around on their LGBT stance, as they did with Blacks in the Church.

It seems that a small step toward fully accepting LGBT into the Church has been taken.  The Mormon church still thinks homosexual relationships and acting on homosexual thoughts is still a sin, but they no longer consider thoughts of such activities a matter for confession and therapy.  This seems like a tiny, inconsequential step, and in many ways it is.  But, it’s also a big shift from what has been standard church policy and not what I expected from a Church run by conservative, old, white men.

I’m hopeful that this is a first step and that as LGBT’s rights are recognized in the United States and across the world the LDS Church will continue to revise its procedures and statements until one day one of their prophets has the revelation that God loves LGBTs just as much as he loves the rest of us.  If it doesn’t then the hope and nostalgia I still carry for what was a very large part of my life will die as will my respect for an organization that does a great deal of good work in this world.

I’m hopeful it won’t come to that though.  They have taken this step and they’ll eventually take the others and the hateful bigots who hide amongst the many good people in the LDS church will have to find a new way to cover their hate.

You can call me a dreamer, that’s okay I’m in good company.

Contra Vs. Probotector Part 3


Hard Corps. Edition


Comparing the two NES games to each other was an easy task.  The Contra game released on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive is a much more difficult task.  Called Contra Hard Corps. here in the States it was simple referred to as Probotector on the Megadrive in Europe.  What makes comparing these two games more difficult than the last two is the fact that the Megadrive version is relatively rare, making getting a hold of a manual difficult.  Second, the game has four different playable characters ans seven different endings!  Ending in which the character your playing as has a prominent place.  In order to get screenshots of each ending with each character in both version of the game I’d have to play through it 56 times!  That is not going to be happening anytime soon.

I heartily recommend playing Hard Corps. though!  The game has an excellent soundtrack, a branching storyline, and furiously, difficult gameplay.  The western versions are exceptionally difficult as the health system that was put in the Japanese version of the game has been removed.

Covering Hard Corps is going to take more than one post.  In this one I’m just going to compare the various playable characters:


Hard Corps on the left, Probotector on the right


These are the mug shots you see at the character select screen, except for the last one.  That guy down at the bottom is the military officer/robot who gives the orders at the beginning of each level.  There is another playable character not included in the comparison, it’s the little robot that looks identical in both games. In-game the characters look  like this:

So far there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the enemies you are facing.  But, I haven’t played through the all seven routes in both of the games.  The next post, will reveal changes in enemies and will compare at least two of the endings from the game!