Old Stuff: Necron Command

With the bill load at work hitting maximum this week and next I don’t have the time I’d like to write up a few of the things that are on the back burner…  I don’t even have time to get out of the office and record the goings on around the Capitol.  I’ll be going in this weekend in order to have everything I have to turn in done and ready for session Monday morning.

Since I’m not able to create content right now, please enjoy some additional older content.  My Necron HQ units…  I have two Necron Lords one with a Staff of Light and another with A War Scythe.  I also have both of the special characters for the Necron Army:  The Deceiver and the NightBringer.  I never use these two because my opponent either complain or just sink everything into killing them which makes for a boring game…  I’ve found that the most useful HQ unit in a Necron army (with a standard point value of 1500) is a Lord with Resurrection Orb and Veil of Darkness.  This set-up allows you to zap a squad around the table taking pot shots at units, the orb lets them stick around longer than they usually would.  if you’re going to use the Veil to get close combat units to the enemy closer, it might be worth it to pay the extra 10 points and get a Warscythe, though the staff of light is just as good (with one extra attack) if you’re just fighting troops.  Besides I’ve never been able to make Necron close combat units pay off…

Oh, look at that... the green bit is coming out...

Oh, look at that... the green bit is coming out...

If your opponent does let you use either of the C’tan units they can be a lot of fun.  The Nightbringer can chew through entire units, I’ve used him to take out an entire Tau army actually!  The Deceiver is a more subtle unit and using him successfully depends on how well you can exploit his special abilities…  I’ve head people talk about doing it but never seen him used in such a manner successfully… I’d have to dig up the rulebook to be more clear on this… and it’s in the other room… If you’ve had great success running either of them, I’d love to hear how you go about doing it.  The next Necron post will have my army list with it, so you can get an idea of how I play them.

Anyway enjoy the pictures!  New content coming next week…  The first post in this series is here.

Tuesday Share: June 2, 2009, Edition

A quick post as I haven’t had much time this week (due to Legislative deadlines) to enjoy news and/or learning about new things, so for what it’s worth here’s this week’s Tuesday Share items:

The big news in California last week (if you’re not talking about the budget) was of course the Supreme Court’s ruling on proposition 8.  If you haven’t read the ruling you should, it is always fascinating to see how case law, precedent, and statutes work, and come, together in deciding these cases.  If you’re too busy to read the ruling (you should make the time) here is a small analysis of it (from a biased source, but who isn’t on this issue?  Thankfully it’s mostly quotes).  This issue isn’t over by far and the discussion Californians will be having with each other should be interesting – Prop. 8 Decision:  What Did they Decide Exactly?

The Internet often explodes over unusual things, and often without any reflection or thoughtful analysis of what is being said.  In an increasingly complex world, it is important to understand where our information comes from and how it is compiled.  Dr. Myers calls bullshit on an article that is heavy on opinion and light on fact – O Brave New World! That has Such Baloney In’t

The CDC is now creating informational videos explaining why vaccinations are good for your children and the country.  These videos deal with the misinformation being peddled by anti-vaxers – Addressing Concerned Parents About Vaccines

Here’s a list of free alternative to the 25 top selling pieces of software on Amazon.com, If you had to pay money for all of these you’d be out 1,000s of dollars.  Opensource for the Win! @ The Simple Dollar

I know I’m becoming an adult because I find myself thinking of how I’ll fund my retirement, investment strategies, and such.  Problem is I don’t want to be bothered by all the data, I don’t want to be a day trader or active investor.  This is fine as there are index funds.  The link explores numerous lazy ways to invest wisely  – The Lazy Way to Investment Success

Play the violent video games of your childhood in your browser!  I don’t know if the in-browser experience also recreates the horrors of setting up LAN games – Doom, Heretic, and Hexen @ Newgrounds

The Art of Manliness is a web community for Men who feel like they’ve had the short end of the stick in our culture for too long, but want Men to be more than the caricature we find of him on television.  Think Teddy Roosevelt with respect for equal rights and a lack of jingoism.  They’re current project is 30 Days to a Better Man Project a plan to help Men implement they’re own self-improvement agenda – LINK,  check out their backlog great articles on dress, manners, sports, camping, etc., a great resource.

Another sign I’m maturing, I’m looking into spending discretionary money on buying land, gold, or other things that increase in value the longer you have them @ The Simple Dollar

Well, that was longer than I thought…

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s June 2, 2009, Address to Joint Legislature

Governor Schwarzenegger

Governor Schwarzenegger

I’ve compiled all this from my live blog of the event on Twitter here.  I generally comment on the dealings of California’s legislature if you want to follow me.

At some point the video will be available of the speech here.

9:15am – Governor was supposed to begin at 9am, but no one here yet, rounding up legislators is like herding cats.

9:30am – And we’re go with Speaker Bass presiding, calling the absent members

9:30am – Before the governor speaks they’re going to work the file? a change of plans… Governor speaks at 10 now, no one is here, can’t work file

Assembly works file, passes one bill before constitutional officers, etc.  start showing up.

10am – everyone is in the chambers, constitutional officers, the board of equalization, senators and assemblymen.

Speaker welcoming them all now.

Governors has just arrived, standing and polite applause…  Definitely not as loud as it was last time he was here, in January.

Speaker announces massive reform movement this summer…   I’m hopefully, yet doubtful.

10:10am – Speaker passes baton to President Pro-tem Steinberg, who’ll intro Governor, thanking the budget conference committee, trying to fix $23 billion deficit.

speaking about timely, responsible, action on current deficit…  Now welcoming the Governor.

10:12am – Arnold has taken the stand, wants to talk about crisis, patting people on the back on how they fixed budget, until it broke again at ballot.

“Greatest economic crisis since great depression,” “Outdated state revenue system.”

Showing off fancy charts, says State’s revenue back to what it was in the 1990s, 24 billion deficit.

Feels bad about cuts, but says state has no money, and no credit.

Talking spending cuts, and what services Sacramento can provide and how.

Budget can’t be just about cuts, wants structural reform, quotes Churchill about crises.

Talking prison reform, and state/local interaction reform, eliminate dozens of state boards and commissions, i.e. waste management, boating, etc.

no redundant boards, won’t cut from health, and ed, without getting rid of bloated govt.  agencies…  Wants to sell state property now…

…To pay off State’s massive debt and lower our debt payments, government shouldn’t be in real estate business.

“State has run out of time, people have run out of patience.”

10:20am – Wants more reliable state income…  Says he wants some reform before summer recess in July.  Won’t take anything to voters.

Arnold quoting Krugman in NY Times, article here

Says people talking about how California broken, have written the State off… Trying to inspire legislators to great things

Says can’t hand off these problems to future governor or legislators.

10:28am – and he’s done, applause, applause…  Senators and Assembly Members don’t look too happy, just being polite.

Speaker Bass controlling how people leave the chambers.

No break for the Assembly they’re going straight into working the file after everyone has left the chambers.

Old Stuff: Necron Warriors

Necron Warrior

Warrior HordeNecron’s are technically my second army.  I was still building up an Ultramarine force when I bought the old army box that Games Workshop released when the Necron’s were given a codex in 2002.

The nice thing about Necrons is that a very simple paint job can look really good on these guys.  I painted my entire army in a couple Necron Warrior of days because it took so little to make them look good.  These were base coated in chaos black, drybrushed with boltgun metal and then various parts were painted over with scab red.

These would be tournament worthy If I based them.  I left them black because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I feel, at this point, that trying to base the figures would require me to clean-up the actual models.  Also, there isn’t any kind of base I want to put on there that wouldn’t require extensive painting and/or modelling.  I don’t want flock grass or even sand/gravel.

Warrior Clos-upI apologize for the photo quality… If you have some tips on taking detailed pictures of tiny things with a simple digital camera, I’d love to hear from you!  I already know I need a stand, but what about diffusers and reflectors?