Memorial Day

I thought of including a picture for this post but all of them seem to be plastered with American flags. But, Memorial Day isn’t about America it’s not about flag waving, it’s not about feeling good. It’s about loss and remembering that loss.

Thanks to my father and my grandfather, for giving up of themselves to something greater, for the loss of their youth and innocence to war. Thanks to all the other young men and women who did and do the same. Thanks to those who gave everything to a country that rarely deserves the sacrifices it asks of its soldiers.

Thank you. Thank you.

Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Four

Day 2 – Reaping what you sow

Garcon wakes up pretty early and seeing how late he was getting to bed it doesn’t appear as if the poor guy got much sleep at all. First things first he rushes to the Money Changers office to sell his hot goods, only to find that she sleeps in late. Well he does have some money still from the exchange so he might as well spend it. He heads to Laffin’s Magic Shop and asks hims what spells he is carrying:

Perseii already has three of those spells (he bought Detect in Spielburg, ‘Enry gave him trigger, and he won Dazzle by defeating Erasmus at the Mage game, remember?) Force Bolt and Levitate are new though! He picks them up:

Hopefully that burned enough time cause it certainly burned through our Jackson’s wallet! Back to the Money Changers:

After we hand over the Tea set she wanted so badly she let’s us in on another job, well more like an opportunity:

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Spring Garden 2012: First Fruits

It’s only been two weeks since the last update and most of the plants have doubled in size the zucchini might have tripled (they aren’t done either, zucchini gets big!) The zucchini and the tomato plants have started bearing fruit as well! It’s not edible yet, but it by this time next week I imagine we’ll be eating homegrown zucchini and our salads will have cherry our very own cherry tomatoes in them!

Zucchini blossoming
Our first two cherry tomatoes, still green

The beans, cucumbers, eggplant, and basil aren’t as energetic in their growth as the tomatoes and zucchinis have been but they’re coming along as well. the bush beans have flowered and the cucumbers have found the netting we put up that they’ll eventually climb up and over. I’m hoping by this time next month they’ll both be as productive as the rest of the garden. I don’t know about the eggplant though, it is only my second year growing it but it just doesn’t seem to like the Davis summers.

Bush beans and cucumbers

Beer of the Week 33 Weissbier Dunkel

Franizskaner's Weissbier Dunkel

From their website:

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel wins supporters with its refreshing yet aromatic and full-bodied flavour. This dark, cloudy specialty is a special treat for weiss beer connoisseurs and bock beer aficionados

From my notes:

cloudy, nearly opaque, coppery brown color. Fluffy, tan head w/ good retention, some banana and clove in the smell, big yeasty bread scent. Tastes of nuts, some, banana, and stone fruit. Smooth, so smooth very light carbonation, tiny hints of sour.

Cloudy, dark, and mysterious!

Dunkel’s are a relatively low alcohol, hearty beer and they can be enjoyed with other hearty foods: barbecue, sausages, roasted meats. Don’t be afraid of adding a little spice to the meal either it works well with dunkels.

Rating (out of five):