OneWord: Flee

I run screaming down the twisting halls, why are all the angles wrong and what is this that chases me? I don’t know. All I know is the beating of my heart, it pounds, pounds, pounds, beating an impossoible rythm against my ribs. I clutch my chest worried that it might free itself from it’s fleshy prison

OneWord: Hail

Hail to thee! Shining spears and glimmering armor. A fortress of rock behind them as firm and eternal as the earth itself. I cannot imagine the force that could bring this man to bow against is will, nor the power needed to humble the castle beyond…

A new way to write

As if I had that sort of potential! No, I fancy myself a writer but not a creator. In the hopes of finding things to write about here… I am going to start playing an older video game and as I play through it, I’m going to post here my feelings and responses to the experience. These will not be reviews of the game, you can go anywhere on the internet to find those, playboy and stuff are including them these days. No, this is going to be a much more emotional journey. My visceral reactions and struggles will be what you read about. I’ll even post pictures. We’ll see how this goes for one game and If I feel it’s helping my writing and makes for good reading then it’ll continue. Oh, this won’t be replacing OneWord as long as they update it, I’ll use it.

So what game should be first? I think it’s going to be Earthbound Zero, an unreleased Nintendo RPG that takes place in contemporary USA. More about the game when I start it. Heres to new beginnings!