OneWord: Own

Why am I lost here? What is it about today that is different from all mof my yesterdays? Do I own this moment or does it own me? And in the end does it even matter as it is gone before I even realized it was here.

OneWord: Emergency

The call was short, but she wanted to make sure I was ok. She didn’t hang up until they arrived and when they did they came in force. 4 policeman and the fire dept. All for me, all over a cut finger.

Out of Commission

My computer’s dvd/cd drive died on me last week. Tech support told me it was faulty or corrupted drivers. They were wrong, their fix required a HD wipe that did me no good, especially since the disc drive was broken. Had to borrow some money from Dad to order a new one.

I’m just glad it was a simple fix and that my computer is all better now. So with that we will resume our normal scheduled broadcasts!