OneWord: Urge

Pleading, I squirm and writh on the floor. Is there no end to what you will take from me… What is there left? You have everything even my dignity. Yet still you sit demanding more from me. Does blood come from stones? I am broken and you are everything.

OneWord: Linger

Just a little longer so that I may drink in you. Like a premium blend, it does no good to spend a quick glance on you. You have to be slowly drunk in and admired. A test , a hint at greater things. There is a bout you a subtlety that escapes me. I find it intoxicating…

OneWord: Flee

I run screaming down the twisting halls, why are all the angles wrong and what is this that chases me? I don’t know. All I know is the beating of my heart, it pounds, pounds, pounds, beating an impossoible rythm against my ribs. I clutch my chest worried that it might free itself from it’s fleshy prison