The thin line between Comedy and Crudity

It’s been a while since I’ve watched Family Guy. I saw it today. It wasn’t that funny. Mostly because clever jokes and situations had been replaced by scatilogical humor and crude language. This seems to be a trend in comedy. Comedians have run out of things to say or joke about so they simply yell and bitch covering up their lack of talent with a never ceasing flow of obscenities.

I loved Lewis Black, his angry satirical black humor is right up my alley. I’ve seen all of his specials on Comedy Central. When Last year when I found out he was performing locally I rushed over to and bought one. I spent the next month in eager anticipation for his show. You can not know my disappointment when not more than a minute into the show Mr. Black began to lace his commentary and comedy with 4 letter words. My complaint isn’t with language, I’m no saint. But in comedy it seems to be the end result of intellectual laziness.

Looking over the Rainbow

I fancy myself a writer. Well a potential writer. Actually I want to be a writer and I want to write.

That’s close enough to the truth. The problem has been inspiration. I haven’t felt very creative recently. Recently means in the last eight or nine months. Yup, it has been hard for me to get the old noggin’ producing anything more than short poems. That isn’t a good sign. This blog exist partially as a result of this dry spell. I needed a place to practice writing, even when I don’t have anything to say.

Working at Borders I see a lot of books, duh. My store has a section on writing. It includes books on plot, character names, finding an agent, getting publish, constructing story arches. All sorts of reference material. Just about anything you can name or guess that is related to the field of writing and publishing, a book exists on it and my store carries it or can have it for you in five to seven days. I’ve been tempted at times to buy some of these books, in the hopes that their authors have some how distilled the essence of best selling novel writing techniques and methods into 100 or 200 pages. But then I shake my head, laugh a little to myself and realize that there is no formula and that these people are writing these books to makes some money off of me and besides where are their New York Times best seller list novel? Half the authors of these books I’ve never heard of and searches on the database at work show that they’ve only ever written books for the “how to write” market.

So what do I do to get back into the groove? Does anyone out there have any ideas? Maybe I should post the question to Metafilter and see if I can get some answers… That’s a great idea and if I do I can post them here! Even better I can do a search of Ask Metafilter and find this! I could search for more but I should read this over first… It seems persistence is the key, damn no quick and easy here either, oh well I guess that makes it similar to everything else.

Insert title here

I finished the Tao of Pooh today. It’s a short book but it does a good job of introducing the basic beliefs and philosophy behind Taoism. I enjoyed reading more for the pooh part than the Tao… I’ve been a Winnie the Pooh fan since I was a little boy watching the daily show on Disney, not the cartoon but the live action one with grown men in ridiculous costumes. Yeah, I ate it up. I’ve never read the Pooh books but after seeing the excerpts in Huff’s books I think I might check them out from Borders. Yeah, that’s the great thing about being a Borders employee, it’s the only good thing about being one I get to check out two books at a time. The store is my own personal library! The only problem with that being all the space wasted on romance novels and manga. You know that Borders isn’t in the book business to spread good literature they are in it for the cash and we don’t stock what doesn’t sell. We have eleven or twelve full bookcases of manga and two for graphic novels. The entire history section gets about the same amount of space. For a bibliophile and lover of history that is a depressing thought.

But I digress. I think the point of this post was that I got my midterm back from my Religious Studies 140b class, “Gospel of John” and with a minimal amount of time and energy investment I got a B. Not bad, eh?

Losing out to Ennui

I’ve barely committed myself to doing a blog and I’m already skipping out on days? I admit I have a terrible work ethic. I don’t know where I got it from both of my parents work and they work hard. My mom consistently spends one to two hours at the office after she should have left, often it is four or five. My dad, a teacher, is the same. He signs himself up for every seminar or session that the school district might have. He never says no to the positions that his principal and other teachers volunteer him for. Before he taught he spent his days at the office and a great deal of his nights at home doing appraisals of agricultural land for a bank that could care less for him. His work was immaculate and often went into great depth, a depth that was unnecessary but which he did anyway.

But what have been the rewards for all my parents hard work? My dad, at the bank where he once worked was passed up time and time again for advancement, even though he was more qualified than other applicants and had a perfect performance record, For all this effort he was eventually layed off and his retirement fund cut to ribbons, leaving him at the age of 40, with a wife 3 children, a mortgage, no secure financial future and 20 years of his life wasted. My mom? She too has little to look forward to, her late unpaid hours at this point are expected of her. If she doesn’t put in the time pro bono someone else can be found who will.

On the other hand we have the fantastic example of our current President George W. Bush. A man who as far as I and anyone else can tell has never worked for anything in his life. He is the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, perhaps the most powerful in history. Is he doing a good job at it? Not particularly but that is beside the point really. The point is, that he didn’t work for it, and he certainly didn’t work hard at it. No, this man has been handed everything he has ever had and instead of working with it he has quickly destroyed it and moved on to the next “toy”

George W. Bush is just one example of the people who get ahead in life, not by labor or an ethic of any sort but by dumb luck and the avoidance of responsibility. So why should I commit myself to much to this blog? It’s not as if hard work at the craft of writing or dedication to a cause or ideal will bring me anything in life.

No, if I have learned anything here it is that, recognition will only be dispensed to me by powers completely beyond my control and that once I do receive it, I will have do nothing to continue to deserve it. In fact my best bet would be to trash it and hope for no expect new and better things to come my way.