Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Tommy J’s at Froggy’s

Best Burger in Davis Tommy J's
Tommy J’s The Cheeseburger

It was my birthday this Sunday and I couldn’t think of a better thing to do on my special day than to eat another cheeseburger, this time at Tommy J’s, in pursuit of the best cheeseburger in town! But, since it was my birthday I wanted to invite all of my friends to eat burgers with me. So that is what I did!

Tommy J’s is the restaurant part of the bar Froggy’s in downtown Davis. It’s a little confusing, I know. But it is worth figuring out. Tommy J’s has a good cheeseburger and a wide selection of specialty burgers like the Cajun Burger, Blue Buffalo, and Swiss ‘n’ Shroomer. I’ve had a couple of these before and they’re also quite good. If I wasn’t on a mission to find the best cheeseburger in town I’d have order the Cajun for sure, it is a wonderful blend of spicy and savory.

Anyway, down to brass tacks let’s rate this cheeseburger!

Best Burger in Davis Tommy J's
Tommy J’s The Cheeseburger with the house fries

The Review

Patty (25/35) – Ordered medium rare, burger was medium rare. Good mix of fat and meat. Good seasoning. Moist. Not too greasy, but also not dry.

Cheese (6/25) – One thin slice. Unable to taste. Overwhelmed by the burger, bun, and condiments

Bun (15/15) – Fantastic bun! Thick bottom absorbs grease and liquids without getting soggy or falling apart. Fresh. Does not seem mass produced. Not mostly air.

Toppings (7/15) – Lettuce is crisp, onion is fresh but sparse, pickles are only okay, tomato is mealy and tasteless, only one slice.

Condiments (6/10) – Only mayo lightly added to the top bun. Added mustard from the table. Menu mentioned a 1000 Island house dressing but I did not see any or taste any on the burger.

Ambiance (10/*) – Friendly pub atmosphere. The birthday party took over the entire space but the service remained very friendly and helpful. Fries were very good.

Total (79/100) – This is a good $9.49 cheeseburger brought down by a weak cheese and a lack of top condiments.

Best Burger in Davis Tommy J's
The review in action!

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