Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Burgers and Brew

Best Burger in Davis Burgers and Brew
Burgers and Brew’s Cheeseburger

Burgers and Brew is a order at the counter and have food brought out to you style of restaurant that is popular with the college crowd. The day I went it also seemed popular with the Davis crowd. The line for the counter was going out the door and all the seating was taken. I had to stand around for awhile before grabbing a table as soon as the people sitting there left. The noise was deafening. I had hopes for this burger. It looked good on the plate. It smelled good. Sadly, the it didn’t perform as well as on the taste test. Results below!

Best Burger in Davis Burgers and Brew

The Review

Patty (20/35) – Medium rare! Just like I ordered! Thick patty. Seasoning leans a little too heavily on salt. Very, very greasy. Soaked through the bun in no time. Got everywhere.

Cheese (6/25) – Another single, thin slice of mild cheddar.

Bun (10/15) – Toasted sesame bun. Airy with a little crunch. Bottom soaked through with grease.

Toppings (13/15) – Fresh romaine lettuce, thick tomato and red onion slices. All fresh and crisp. Pickle spear on the side (would have been more points if the pickle was in the burger.)

Condiments (3/10) – Just a giant glob of mayonnaise. Ketchup and mustard were at other tables but not mine.

Ambiance (5/*) – Nice outdoor sitting. Overcrowded and loud. So noisy.

Total (57/100) – B&B cheeseburger is close to being a good burger. It’s on the cusp of it. It definitely isn’t a bad burger. If I had eaten it faster perhaps the bun wouldn’t have been so wet? If my table had been stocked maybe the mustard I added would have cut through the mayo? Maybe if it had come ‘medium’ or ‘done’ it wouldn’t have been a giant grease sponge? This burger rides that line right between bad and good. The bun is fine and the toppings are top notch. $8.95 for burger and fries. $0.85 cents more to have onion rings instead.

Best Burger in Davis Burgers and Brew
At least the Onion rings were really good.

Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 8

In Darkest Dreams

We last saw Garcon in the sanctum sanctorum of some creepy cult being destroyed by the Necrophilicon, which isn’t a corpse loving convention in Philadelphia, despite what you might think! No, it was an evil body of text used for nefarious purposes unknown! A quick reload and our intrepid hero is back! There’s only one other thing he hasn’t looked at yet. In a tiny niche to the right of the big gold idol is a small little statue:

Quest for Glory

Except that useless giant roach didn’t! Oh well! This is the thing that turned the Chief Thief into a bug! Why he couldn’t make his way back down here in the dead of night is beyond me… So, I guess Perseii will have to take it back to him:

Quest for Glory Continue reading “Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 8”

Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Krush Burger

Best Burger in Davis Krush Burger
Krush Burger’s Original Mini Burger

I’d never been to Krush Burger before. The chain is local to Sacramento and only opened in Davis in the last couple years. I thought it was going to be an American Burger joint but after visiting it seems I was wrong. It’s closer to a fast food place, though one that is trying to look modern and upscale. Lots of exposed concrete, dark wood, and brushed metal. If I had known beforehand I wouldn’t have included it on the list. Too late now!

Best Burger in Davis Krush Burger

The Review

Patty (15/35) – So small! I somehow missed the whole “mini” part of Krush Burger’s deal until I got my plate. Still, the patty is outsized by the bun and toppings. Medium instead of medium rare, this is becoming a trend. Dry and a little too salty. I think. It was hard to tell see ‘Condiments’ below.

Cheese (6/25) – Just sitting there on the bun. No flavor.

Bun (7/15) – Dry. Has a nice crunchy exterior. Bigger than the patty. No flavor, no moisture.

Toppings (8/15) – Lettuce and tomato were fine. No pickles or onion. A small spot of grilled onions. Those were good but there were hardly any.

Condiments (5/10) – Large dollop of 1000 Islands or Fry Sauce. I think most of those burger’s flavor came from the sauce. No mustard on burger or in the restaurant as far as I could tell?!

Ambiance (5/*) – Sparse, industrial, modern look with overtures to extreme sports & alt culture (skateboards, neon signs, etc.) If you look that look. I thought it was pretty sterile.

Total (46/100) – For less than $10 this isn’t bad. I think I was just disappointed in it not being an actual burger. I got sweet potato tots to go with it and those were good (picture below). For the price it’s a good deal. But, In n’ Out is right there…

Best Burger in Davis Krush Burger
Krush Burger’s Sweet Potato Tots

Karuna – A Neologism



  1. the universal compassion of a Bodhisattva.
  2. any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others.
  3. active sympathy or a willingness to bear the pain of others.

We ask a lot of the word “sorry.”  We use it when we are distressed, when we are feeling regret, to apologize, to ask someone to repeat something, to express sympathy, and to describe someone or something in a pitiful condition.  We’ve saddle the word with so much that at this point I think use of the word fails at the primary purpose of words – to convey information from one person to another. Instead of informing the word ‘sorry’ instead confuses and requires further explanation and explication.

We have other words we could use to convey some of the information that “sorry” is now used for. Today, I just want to focus on that fifth definition above, “to express sympathy.” Instead of using ‘sorry’ one could say, “I sympathise with you/you’re situation.” Or you could say, “I’m empathetic.” Or you could try and use the word ‘compassion’ not sound clunky in a sentence. All of these words though sound paternalist and patronizing. They all convey a strong felt emotion but they also come off as distant and intellectual. ‘Sorry’ conveys very little of the emotion of compassion but does feel close and personal when it conveys the correct message at all!

Enter ‘karuna.’ The word is found in both Sanskrit and Pali and is often simply translated into English as ‘compassion.’ This loses some of the subtlety found in those original languages though where the word is not just describing an emotional state but an emotional state that moves one to action on behalf of the one suffering. When a family member or friend shares a pain or hurt with us and we are moved to take that pain or hurt on ourselves and act to reduce that pain or hurt we are experiencing karuna. But, what we say is ‘sorry’ a word that conveys none of that depth of emotion and may leave the listener saying, “you didn’t do anything wrong.”

So, I suggest that we stop using ‘sorry’ to express sympathy and instead say ‘karuna.’ This both solves the confusion use of the word ‘sorry’ sometimes creates and better conveys our actual thoughts and feelings in a concise, clear manner.

  1. The Wikipedia article on ‘karuna’ is here.
  2. Brahmaviharas – the four Buddhist virtues, karuna is the second.