Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Bistro 33

Best Burger in Davis Bistro 33
Bistro 33’s House Burger

You know you’ve lived in a place for too long when you start recalling places ‘new’ when they’ve been in operation for over a decade. Bistro 33 still seems like a ‘new’ place to me.  I remember their opening and I remember despite being in what is probably the best location in Davis, in one of the most beautiful buildings in Davis (listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, by the way,) the service and food being disappointing. That was a long time ago and even though I went in to this review with some bias, I can’t deny that the burger I had there last week was great.

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Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 9


The day dawns on Garcon’s fourth day in Mordavia! I was hoping a certain thing would happen today (it usually happens on the morning of the 4th or 5th day and it helps progress the story along…) But it didn’t, so we’ll take advantage of the extra day to learn some things and set up another part of the storyline! Our first stop the general store:

Quest for Glory


Quest for Glory

Quest for Glory


Quest for Glory

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