STAR**** **OOP**S: Surreal Space Poetry – Page 44

surreal space poetry

Bitter work
Short silence[s]
Doubt whip[ped]

Out here, at
Least, you
Pick your
Own [death].

No rules,
And over.

I think [and]
I feel

surreal space poetry
Small talk makes this so much harder. Time to think. Time to be…

Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Burgers and Brew

Best Burger in Davis Burgers and Brew
Burgers and Brew’s Cheeseburger

Burgers and Brew is a order at the counter and have food brought out to you style of restaurant that is popular with the college crowd. The day I went it also seemed popular with the Davis crowd. The line for the counter was going out the door and all the seating was taken. I had to stand around for awhile before grabbing a table as soon as the people sitting there left. The noise was deafening. I had hopes for this burger. It looked good on the plate. It smelled good. Sadly, the it didn’t perform as well as on the taste test. Results below!

Best Burger in Davis Burgers and Brew

The Review

Patty (20/35) – Medium rare! Just like I ordered! Thick patty. Seasoning leans a little too heavily on salt. Very, very greasy. Soaked through the bun in no time. Got everywhere.

Cheese (6/25) – Another single, thin slice of mild cheddar.

Bun (10/15) – Toasted sesame bun. Airy with a little crunch. Bottom soaked through with grease.

Toppings (13/15) – Fresh romaine lettuce, thick tomato and red onion slices. All fresh and crisp. Pickle spear on the side (would have been more points if the pickle was in the burger.)

Condiments (3/10) – Just a giant glob of mayonnaise. Ketchup and mustard were at other tables but not mine.

Ambiance (5/*) – Nice outdoor sitting. Overcrowded and loud. So noisy.

Total (57/100) – B&B cheeseburger is close to being a good burger. It’s on the cusp of it. It definitely isn’t a bad burger. If I had eaten it faster perhaps the bun wouldn’t have been so wet? If my table had been stocked maybe the mustard I added would have cut through the mayo? Maybe if it had come ‘medium’ or ‘done’ it wouldn’t have been a giant grease sponge? This burger rides that line right between bad and good. The bun is fine and the toppings are top notch. $8.95 for burger and fries. $0.85 cents more to have onion rings instead.

Best Burger in Davis Burgers and Brew
At least the Onion rings were really good.

Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 8

In Darkest Dreams

We last saw Garcon in the sanctum sanctorum of some creepy cult being destroyed by the Necrophilicon, which isn’t a corpse loving convention in Philadelphia, despite what you might think! No, it was an evil body of text used for nefarious purposes unknown! A quick reload and our intrepid hero is back! There’s only one other thing he hasn’t looked at yet. In a tiny niche to the right of the big gold idol is a small little statue:

Quest for Glory

Except that useless giant roach didn’t! Oh well! This is the thing that turned the Chief Thief into a bug! Why he couldn’t make his way back down here in the dead of night is beyond me… So, I guess Perseii will have to take it back to him:

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