Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 12

Rehydration Formula

A short update this week. With hopefully a longer one coming next! After finding out that Bonehead wants to be one of the cool kids we head back to town and talk to Dr. Cranium. Why do I keep talking to this crazy guy? Well, everyday he will give us poison pills and a health potion so it’s good to stop in. But, if you recall, he also mentioned a rehydration formula he had been working on and that is something that Garcon most definitely wants!

Quest for Glory Quest for Glory Quest for Glory

This is the copyright protection schtick again…

Quest for Glory Quest for Glory

Of course you do. Nothing is free in this world, is it? Even though we just gave you some yesterday. We agree to the request anyway and head back out into the valley.

Quest for Glory

On the way to the slime pond, Perseii stops at the swamp right next to it for something else that might come in handy later:

Quest for Glory Quest for Glory Quest for Glory

You never know when the remains of a dead human will come in handy! We pick up the slime and return to Dr. Cranium:

Quest for Glory Quest for Glory

With this we can advance the Domovoi plot. What is that you say? I’ll remind you next time!

Atlas Bear – It Was Very Good

Atlas Bear
An artist’s interpretation of the Atlas Bear

Atlas Bear (Ursus arctos crowtheri)

The Atlas Bear  was the only bear species endemic to the African continent to exist into modern times. The bear’s native habitat was the Atlas range of mountains between Morocco and Libya.

This brown bear is described as being brownish black in color with a reddish belly. It could reach a length of nine feet and weigh up to 1000 pounds.

The expansion of the Roman empire is a likely contributor to the decline of the Atlas Bear with 1000s of them being killed in hunts and captured for killing in public games and executions. Their extinction occurred shortly after the invention of modern firearms.

The last recorded kill of the bear in the wild occurred in the Tetouan Mountains of northern Morocco in 1870.

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I Voted the Hell Out of this Election! Take that Democracy! Now You!

October 20, 2016 at 08:34PM
I voted already but this is just a reminder to all of you to make sure you get out there and vote if you haven’t already! Today is the day! Mail-in ballots can be dropped off at any voting center as well as counted as long as they postmark date on them is today!