The Ides of March: a Mafia Game

The Ides of March: a Mafia Game

“How many ages hence Shall this our lofty scene be acted o’er, In states unborn, and accents yet unknown!” -Cassius (Julius Caesar 3.1.111)

Ides of March is a Mafia (also known as Werewolf) game inspired by the Cult variant. The game can be played in-person or on-line, this ruleset assumes the game is being played on-line. The following general rules apply:

1. Post at least once per day.
2. No sharing role PMs, images of quicktopic chats, or anything else outside the thread.
3. Don’t tag threads.
4. Don’t post in the main Mafia: the Forum game thread.
5. No communicating outside of the thread about the game.
6. No gimmicks (acrostics, html coding, cryptography, etc.)
7. Roleplay is encouraged!


Each player is a member of one of two teams: Senators or Conspirators

Senators, excluding a few, have no special powers. They must post in the thread during the day and may vote to censure

Conspirators are the Mafia of this game, they can do everything Senators can do. In addition they talk in secret during the night. Once per night they choose one player to convert by vote, this player becomes a Conspirator. Converted players lose any powers they might have had. Any player converted in such a way is sent a PM before the start of the next day with the names of all current living Conspirators. Continue reading “The Ides of March: a Mafia Game”