Beer of the Week 41: Primator Maibock


Pivovar Náchod a.s brewery’s Primátor Maibock

From the bottle:

In 2008, prominent Beers of the World magazine awarded Primator Maibock as the World’s Best Lagar. Original gravity: 16 degrees Plato; alcohol by volume: 7.5%.

Golden amber color. Subtle fruit aroma. Crisp, medium-bodied palate. A blend of rich fruity malt and tangy hops produces this complex yet perfectly balanced maibock.

From my notes:

Cool amber color with large bubbled white head. Floral hints, yeast, and malts on the nose. Nice balance of spice, citrus, some nut, and toasty flavors on the tongue. Medium body with a clean feel on the tongue, creamy almost.

I know Maibocks aren’t served in a tulip glass, shut up!

Maibock’s like other robustly flavored beers need to be paired with similiarly robustly flavored foods. Spicy food works as does BBQ and fried foods (fried chicken!), would also work with more flavorful cheeses! If you’re having this beer with dessert I recommend a good strudel or cheesecake.