How I Saved Over $100 on Car Repairs

My truck has been busted up forever. About four years ago one of the tires blew out and took a mudflap with it. Three years ago someone inserted a screwdriver into the driver’s side keyhole and busted it as well as co-workers at a crappy retail job breaking the handle to my tailgate. The truck was still drivable, after replacing the tire with the spare, but I’d just been ignoring all the others problems… Entering the car through the passenger side, lifting objects into the bed, etc.

I wasn’t dealing with the car because it was still operable and fixing everything was going to cost money. I was quoted $125-to 150 to replace the lock on the driver’s side, $100 for a new tailgate from a junkyard more if I wanted someone to replace it for me and/or paint the junkyard find. $80 or so for a new tire (yes, the blown out tire has been in the wheel well for four years; I am a terrible person.) D and I have talked about selling the truck recently, in order to pay down some of my debt, and I couldn’t sell it in its current condition so something had to be done.

While I was despairing over the cost of repairs D took action. She called up a number of junkyards and located a tumbler for the car door ($25). With the help of the internet I was able to breakdown the side paneling on the door and install the new tumbler myself. Money saved? $100-125. I also broke down the tailgate as well, and was able to remove the handle. $5 got me some epoxy and that was used to reseal the plastic handle. Sadly, it didn’t work… I was able to use the item codes on the handle though to locate a replacement on the internet that cost (with shipping) only $17. Savings? $75.

Next weekend I’ll be vacuuming the interior and washing the exterior and next month I’ll be using my discretionary funds to pick up some new tires. So, by the end of May the truck is going to be looking great and ready to be sold. Except I’ll have put all this time and effort into the thing and not want to =P

Help from my readers

With me working at the Capitol from 9 to 5 weekdays now, I’m finding it hard at times to work on DMS (Di Mortui Sunt). That being the reason my once a day posting has dwindled to a once every 2 weeks or so, I’ve looked into Tumblr and Twitter as ways to post from my cell phone while at work, just small snippets maybe about what is going on at work or a grainy picture of a piece of Capitol history. Tumblr seemed perfect for this and I’ve set up a Tumblog (is that what they’re called?) My problem is that I don’t know enough about WordPress, CSS, HTML, or web design in general to get my Tumblr posts to appear here.

So I’m asking my readers if any of them happen to know anything about such things and if they’d be willing to help me tweak the back end of this site (which is the bare bones simple stuff WordPress gives you)? I just want to make it so that whatever I send to my Tumblr site via phone or IM gets put up here?

All replies appreciated!