Video Games Completed – Wrapping up 2016

Video Games Completed 2016

Since I began tracking this the number of video games completed has gone down year after year, except for the outlier year of 2014 (what was going on that year?) I only played 36 games in all of 2016. That number isn’t very large but the quality of game I played this year was very high. The Uncharted Series, Dark Souls 2 and 3, the new Kirby, Dragon Quest Builders (my Game of the Year). I may not have the time I once did to pursue this hobby but the time I can dedicate to it is being taken up with some really phenomenal work.

I may not have the time I once did to pursue this hobby but the time I can dedicate to it is being taken up with some really phenomenal work. Browsing through this list I’m hard pressed to find a game that I was disappointed in or found objectively bad.

With that here is the list of video games completed in 2016:

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Video Games Completed – Wrapping up 2015

Video Games Completed

Video games complete is another number I’ve been tracking for quite some time, all the way back to 2010. The average so far has been 55 games per year. Despite that I seem to always have a never ending pile of unplayed, and unbeaten video games to play. Despite the tumultuous events of the year I’m only slightly down from my average with 47 games completed in 2015.

PC games got the lion’s share of attention in 2015 totaling 26 of the 47 completed. Of those 26 games Dark Souls consumed the majority of the time I spent playing PC games. After attempting the game multiple times both on the Xbox 360 and PC it finally clicked. I know when it came out I had nothing but bad things to say about Dark Souls and some of my criticisms then still hold true. The manual is woefully inadequate for complexities found in the game and the messages left by other players and wiki sites are a poor substitute for proper documentation. If I was to do a game of the year for 2015 it would be Dark Souls, I haven’t spent that much time with a video game since I was in high school…

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Video Games Played in 2013

I own too many video games. I need to stop buying them. Then I should stop playing them. And read more…

January (4):
Shadow of the Colossus

February (4):
Knights of the Old Republic II
Aquanox 2: Revelations
Police Quest 1
Frog Fractions

March (5):
System Shock 2
Syndicate (2012)
Donkey Kong Country 3
Dracula X

April (7):
And Yet it Moves
Cthulhu Saves the World
Rayman Origins
Donkey Kong
Super Mario Bros
New Super Mario Bros Wii
The Walking Dead Episode I

May (2):
Bioshock Infinite

June (1):
Tomb Raider

July (5):
Candy Box
The Walking Dead Episode 1
The Walking Dead Episode 2
The Walking Dead Episode 3
The Walking Dead Episode 4

August (4):
The Walking Dead Episode 5
Noitu Love 2 Devolution

September (5):
Breath of Death VII
Persona 3 Portable
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Cookie Clicker

October (0):

November (3):
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar
Hotline Miami
Diablo 3

December (10):
Shadowrun Returns
Police Quest 2: The Vengeance
Puzzle Agent
Puzzle Agent 2
Organ Trail
Back to the Future: It’s about Time
Back to the Future: Get Tannen!
Back to the Future: Citizen Brown
Back to the Future: Double Visions
Back to the Future: Outatime

Total: 52

For 2014, I’m just going to play the games I already own as opposed to buying any new ones. *fingers crossed*

Not a Review: Etrian Odyssey 3: The Drowned City

I’ve been playing EO3 off and on now for the better part of a year (Editor: now two years…) and I’m only at  the 10th floor of what I believe are twenty five floors in the game. This might convey in some small way just what type of game EO3 is. Atlus games don’t get a lot of press here in the states (or they didn’t before this summer and Nintendo’s big push of Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 3DS), it seems they rely on the internet and their fans to spread the word about their games. That’s how I heard about the EO franchise, and EO3, which at the time was considered the best. I believe EO4 on the 3DS is now has the title of best game in the franchise, a rare feat as most games this far along begin to degrade in quality

The people at Talking Time are huge fans of the series and have been talking about the games since the first one came out in 2007 (Editor: has it been that long?! I’m getting old). I picked up the first one spent maybe an hour or two with the game before I set it down. It sat in its case for half a year and then I sold it.  I believe the difficulty curve of the game and the potential for making poor choices at the beginning of the game that would virtually lock you out of completing it many hours later was what originally turned me off. But, it’s been six years. I avoided the second game completely, despite all the encouragement from critics and friends. My complaints with the original stood and nothing I saw or read dissuaded me.

Screenshots of Etrian Odyssey 3 via Destructoid
Screenshots of Etrian Odyssey 3 via Destructoid

Then EO3 came out. Again, the critics praised the game and all of my friends were busy guiding teams of adventurers through dungeons. I asked if the game’s difficulty curve was fixed. Did it now resemble something more like a hill and less like a sheer cliff face? I asked if they’d balanced out the adventurers, the enemies,  the bosses, and the skill trees to insure that early game mistakes wouldn’t bar players from end-game content. ‘Yes’ and ‘yes’ I was told this game is perfect! I believed them, and I bought it. And, at first things were okay. No, things were good! I made a party of adventurers and then I delved into the dungeons. The game was challenging but also fair. When I died it felt like I was still learning, that difficulty curve seemed to be more the curve I was looking for! Everything was going great!

Then I got to the 10th level, or in the game’s lingo tenth floor basement in the third stratum, there is a boss battle on this floor. I’ve reached the boss now innumerable times., I’ve tried dozens of different strategies from intricate and complicated to sheer brute force. Nothing I have tried has worked. I’ve asked friends for help, I’ve read game guides. Nothing I see seems to apply to me. The advice I’m most often given? “Make a new team with different skills!” BUT WAIT! This was the problem I had with earlier versions of this game! This was the issue I was told had been dealt with!

I guess it hasn’t. It’s a shame too because up until the 10th level I was having a lot of fun, the game’s art and music is charming and the world I’m exploring is unique. I want to spend more time here. But, I don’t want it to feel like I’m smashing my head against a wall.

Occasionally, I put the EO3 cartridge in my DS and I play through level 10, like I always do. I get to the boss and I die. I reload my game, I grind a little, and try again. I die. I turn my DS off and I go watch some TV. And that kind of says it all, doesn’t it?