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About Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero?

Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero (later re-released as Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero because of trademark issues involving the HeroQuest boardgame) is an adventure game/role-playing game hybrid, designed by Lori Ann Cole and published by Sierra On-line. It is the first game in the Quest for Glory series. Hero's Quest I has been credited for being a genre-inventing game, as no other game before it had tried to mix graphical adventure gaming with role-playing-like elements such as statistic building (strength, intelligence, health) that would actually have an impact on the ability to accomplish certain parts of the game. (Beyond Zork had done the same for text adventures two years earlier.) In the valley barony of Spielburg, the evil ogress Baba Yaga has cursed the land, and the baron who tried to drive her off. His children have disappeared, while the land is ravaged by monsters and brigands. The Valley of Spielburg is in need of a Hero able to solve these problems. The game follows the Hero (Devon Aidendale in the novelized Authorized strategy guide[1]), who in the game is a customized adventurer whose name and class is chosen by player, on his journey into the land; he must help people and become a proclaimed Hero. The adventurer battles monsters, solves side quests (such as finding lost items and spell ingredients) and helps fantasy creatures such as a dryad, a hermit and a colorful collection of furry creatures called Meeps. Fulfilling quests will grant him experience and money, which he may use to buy equipment and potions. The game is open ended, which means the player can explore all the game at once and solve the quests in what order seems convenient to them. During the quest, the character also meets recurring series characters such as the wizard Erasmus and his familiar Fenrus (or perhaps the other way around[2]), and first hears tales of the benevolent faery Erana. While the game can be completed without solving the secondary quests, in the optimal ending, which nets the player the maximum score and serves as canon for the remainder of the series, the player frees the baronet from a powerful curse and thwarts the plans of the witch Baba Yaga. Finally, the adventurer frees the baron's daughter, Elsa von Spielburg, from the curse which had transformed her into the brigand leader. By doing so, the adventurer fulfills a prophecy, restores Spielburg Valley to prosperity, and is awarded the title of Hero. After this, the Hero, along with the merchant Abdulla Doo and the innkeepers Shameen and Shema, leaves on a magic carpet for Shapeir, the homeland of the three, setting the plan for the sequel, Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. The game was the first by Sierra that (according to RPG customs) allowed the selection of a character out of three classes: Fighter, Magic User, and Thief. What class the hero assigns to a character largely determines how they can solve puzzles and what quests they will run into. However, the distinction between classes was not an absolute one; players could add skills to a character and allow them to complete quests related to other classes in this game and others in the series. Quest for Glory introduced a realism rarely found in RPGs and other adventure games even today. Day, night and the passage of time was a factor; the setting and scenery was different during day and night. The main character had to eat on a regular basis, he would become tired from running and fighting which required rest and sleep. Skills were not obtained by gaining levels through combat, but rather increased distinctly through the regular course of your adventuring. The more the player used magic, the more the Hero's Magic ability would increase (followed by Intelligence); likewise the more the player engaged in battle, training, or even cleaning the baron's stables, the more the Hero's Strength, Vitality and Agility would increase. Like some other games by Sierra, a VGA version using Sierra's "point and click" SCI1.1 interpreter was released in 1992. As a result of some limitations of this version, many die-hard fans of Quest for Glory resent the VGA rendition due to the lack of movement that was prevalent in the original, which used the text-parser–based SCI0. While the original game was based on dialogues and asking questions in order to obtain some background information, in the new interface the dialogues had a tree structure: a menu of question topics. By asking certain questions (e.g. "Ask about Potion"), the player will get new questions to ask (e.g. "Healing potion, Stamina potion, Dispel potion"). The backgrounds and characters were hand drawn and scanned, while the monster fights and character portraits were made using clay models and stop motion animation. Unlike other games, running out of stamina points here can kill the hero outright instead of starting to do health damage.

Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School: Adventuring 101, Quest for Glory

Welcome, Welcome to the first course in the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School! In Adventuring 101 we're going to cover the basic aspects of adventuring using one of our more successful graduates adventures in the town of Spielburg as template to covers such essential adventuring concepts as: monster fighting, outdoorsmanship, wilderness survival, and interacting with NPCs!

But first I have a couple of questions for the class:

1. Do you prefer the class to be taught in fancy new HD or do you prefer the use of original source materials?



My preference is for the original but I am, if anything, respectful of my student's wishes.

Second, there is some degree of dispute by adventuring experts just how the Spielburg hero saved the town, multiple contradicting sources exist on the subject. While I will make reference to all three of the major texts trough out the course which would the class prefer as our primary text?

Will we use the Fighter, Wizard, or Thief text?

(Talking Time choose to be a magic using thief, as you'll see... )

Chapter 1: An introduction to adventuring and Spielburg

First class watch this short introductory video on the class and all the people who worked hard to make Adventuring a reality for you and thousands of others:

For the curious these are the different starting statistics for the three different classes.


Magic User:


Brand new adventurers get 50 points to distribute (5 points at a time) amongst the various skills. The hero of Spielberg was a magic using thief and had studied extra hard in order to get magic (I sunk our hero's points into magic, stealth, lockpick, luck, intelligence and of course magic) Don't worry about not sinking points into a skill we can raise it at any point in the game by practicing it. Except for skills you have a zero in.

Oh? What was that? What was the hero of Spielberg's name? Uh, the stories aren't too clear on that but our oldest and most trusted sources say his name was:

Yup, his name was Garcon Perseii Jackson Danar Seepgood (this way almost everyone is happy, right? Right?) (Talking Time couldn't decide on a name so I used all of them)

Okay, okay now open your textbooks to page 1 we'll start with the heroes entry into Spielberg:

Next time, we explore the town of Spielburg and take the first steps on our path to being a hero!

The Adventurer's Tool bag

Okay, let's stop here and review a basic adventurer's tool kit, shall we? Before an adventurer even starts adventuring he has several skills and abilities that you'll want to get the hang of before you rush out there and get eaten by a cheetaur:

These right here will give you basic commands and information about the game

These are probably your most important tools. With these an adventurer can remember with perfect clarity his current state and then return to it if s/he ever needs to. Why is this important? Well because dummy if that saurus I mentioned gets ahold of you this is your only chance to not end up dino poop!

An adventurer can also slow and speed up time to some degree as well as control how acute his hearing is

These are the most basic of skills a hero can use, that third one being especially important!

Lastly, we have your sack of goods, your ability to see just how great a hero you are, your innate ability to tell what time it is, and some other useul tasks. Please be aware that you will not be able to pass this correspondence course and become a licensed adventurer without knowing this material backwards and forwards pupils! Okay, let's resume (quoted text are typed commands):

ask otto

With his introduction to the town of Spielburg and its Sheriff over the hero explored the rest of the town:

look building

Being a magic user himself our hero went right inside:

Shows what she knows!

ask about goods

Investigating Town

ask about scrolls

Well, that was nice of her to tell us! Let's buy one of those scrolls, but which one is the most useful? Or rather which one is the cheapest? How much money did the hero start off with anyway?

If I recall correctly there are 10 silvers to a gold, Garcon picked up the open spell:

After reading the scroll arcane images and symbols were seared into the hero's mind and the scroll crumbled.

Seeing as he was now too poor for anything else the hero continued searching Spielberg, his next stop? The Adventurers' Guild:

Now class do you know what the Hero of Spielberg did first? Of course you do! It's what all adventurer's do everytime they enter a new guild!

read book

Let's hope one day all of you have such nice penmanship... The hero took in all the sights the Guild Hall offered:

Next time? Garcon explores the rest of Spielburg and ventures out into the surrounding wilderness!

We left off exploring the Spielburg Adventurers Guild Hall:

The hero knowing that Guild Masters are a wealth of information inquired of the gentleman by the fire:

ask about guild hall
ask about dragon
look board
ask about curse
ask about brigands
ask about baba yaga
ask about baron
ask about missing girl
ask about missing boy

It certainly did look like Spielberg needed a hero, it had a ton of problems! Persii was up for the task though! But before he could embark he still had the rest of the town to discover:

talk centaur
ask about fruit
buy apples

Next, was the general store for basic goods!

ask about adventuring equipment
give silver
ask about night

Okay, only one place left in this part of town:

What will happen next?

look gamblers

I guess we know why the butchershop and bakery are closed. I'm going to guess that sad sack at the bar is the barber?

Friendly... The hero notes in his journal that the bar in Spielberg reminded him of a "Den of thieves" which of course gave him a brilliant idea, adventurers who wish to enter the burgle business pay attention!

show thief sign
show thief sign

He of course didn't know it at the time, but he did know he had located the local thieves guild. As he was walking out the door he noticed a small crumpled paper by one of the empty stools:

With that he left the bar and headed to the Inn next to the Sheriff station:

The hero took a few minutes to sit down, relax, meet the Katta's wife, eat some food and get to the know the two strange creatures and found out that one of their old friends was in town:

Good to know. With that though Jackson headed out into the country:

Into the Beautiful Spielbergian Countryside

With the entire valley at his disposal Danar decides to wander a bit, to get his bearings, eastward first:

That must be the path out of here that everyone was saying is impassable during the winter, which apparently started early in just this screen? Seepgood heads back to town and goes south this time:

Ah! Some sort of target practice ring... Sadly, these low lying bushes are completely impassable to even the best adventurers (a quick fix really you go south from this screen, then north and end up back here but in front of the target, don't ask...)

Knife throwing is an important skill to have but with only one knife it takes forever to build it up. Instead, Garcon picks up some rocks and tosses a few of them around

And that folks is how you get better in QFG. Your skills increase by using them, and the only thing that prevents you from using your skills are your stamina and health points which will slowly drain as you practice your various skills. Perseii throws a few more rocks before resuming his exploration, behind the town he finds:

There is some sort of plant here but Jackson is suspicious of its slimy, poisonous sheen and leaves it for now.

Next time: wilderness exploration continues!

Last we saw Garcon he was scouting out the environs around the town of Spielburg,

This must be the healer's hut, if you recall from the job's posting in the Guild Hall she needs someone to collect herbs for her and find her missing gold ring! This seemed to Jackson like the perfect place to start his adventuring!

look tree

Interesting... Seepgood headed inside to talk to the healer:

The hero also notices a creature in the house much like the one outside:

ask about ring
ask about potions

Please look at the sidenote in your books to learn more about these potions

POTIONS AND YOU Healing Potions - used to heal damage and keep wounds from getting worse. Magic Potions - restore the energy needed to cast spells Vigor Potions - used to revitalize yourself after vigorous exercise. It helps restore stamina Undead Unguent - used to drive off the minor undead such as zombies or floating spirits. Doesn't last long.

Danar heads outside fairly certain he knows where to find the healers ring:

climb tree

Good thing Garcon has all day!

Imagine you see this for about two or three minutes as I repeatedly have Perseii climb the tree. Imagine at the end of it he looks like this:

look nest
get ring

With the ring in his possession Danar returned it to the healer for the reward:

And the first job was complete.

Night so soon? Didn't that Katta at the Inn say something about his friend being there after dark? Seepgood headed back to town

Only to find the gates barred... What was a magic using thief to do?

climb wall

This might take awhile... practice makes perfect

Hrm, where else could Garcon spend the night? There was that castle by the healer's, maybe its walls are easier to climb?

Guess not... And that class is why Garcon and all of you need to learn how to use your memory properly and to perfectly remember past states. Or else you'll just end up a smear on the ground and not a hero! Perseii returned to the town gates and kept practicing. Eventually he made it over:

At the inn he found Abdulla and pumped him for information:

Abdulla is a font of info. He tells us how he was robbed by brigands and he and his katta friends are now impoverished and stuck in Spielberg. He fills us in on the Brigands: their leader (hooded and high pitched voice), their muscle (a minotaur), and their mage (giggling gnome). After we give him some food (rations or buy a meal from the katta) he also lets us in on the fact that amongst the cargo he was carrying was a mgic rug. He promises to take Garcon back to Shapier with him, Shameen, and Shema if he recover his treasure. Which is a nice gesture...

After talking to Abdulla, Jackson headed back out into the night to scout out the town while no one was watching... He found something strange in the alley by the bar:

And it was in that alley that he fell for one of the oldest thief tricks in the book, he only hoped these guys were Union and not scabs...

show thief sign

Okay, now Danar can meet with the local Thieves Guild master and start working!

Using the money he made off the healer Seepgood purchase his local use license

"1313 fo' lyfe!"

Now to work! That little old lady who lives next to the magic shop, her house looks to be the perfect way to ease a newly minted thief into the delicate art of burgling!

Next Week!



get candlesticks
open drawers
open purse
search couch
search basket

That cat just won't keep still!

uh oh!

pet cat

Working his way around the needy cat, Perseii finally managed to leave the house with no one the wiser!


look bird

But, Danar avoided doing any of that and tries to break into the Sheriff's Office:

So he practices for awhile (a minute, maybe?)

Every other place in town is barred/bolted shut but this one, so this one it is!

with a little practice, a little exhaustion, and finally with a little skill increase:

get candelabra
open desk
get box
take vase
move picture
pick safe


look in safe
get bag

After closing the safe and returning the picture Jackson leaves the house and heads to the Thieves guild to fence everything

A rough guide to fair fencing prices

Vases - 40 silvers

candlesticks - 50 silvers

music boxes - 30 silvers

pearls - 100 silvers

candelabras - 75 silvers

By the time he had fenced everything to Boris, Seepgood was sitting on a nice pile of cash:

Jackson leaves the tavern and heads back to the inn and hopefully a clean room with a nice, warm bad


Didn't the magic user say something about a magical place in the forest? Maybe Garcon can sleep there? Back over the wall!


double crap

Eventually, Perseii makes it over the wall without anyone seeing him (I had to leave the screen and come back and grind a few times)

But where exactly is he going? Garcon has been raising skills all day, even after exhausting all of his stamina, he is in no position to fight with anything he might find out here... The safest way is to go through screens that never have baddies on them. Erana's field (our goal) is north of town about five screens north of the healer's cottage, except the castle is in the way...

Jackson, from the gate's of Spielberg goes north, west, north, north, north, north, east, north

crap a goblin, run! run! (thank goddess for that agility stat!)

Perseii just barely made it to the clearing before being eviscerated by an angry blue goblin

Despite being exhausted Garcon has a few things to do before sleeping!

read stone
cast open

That will be helpful, maybe?

look tree

Danar grabs some of the fruit and eats it right before sinking into the oblivion of sleep:


Time to Be a Hero, Maybe...

Day 2 - Perseii wakes up the next morning refreshed and ready to resume his journey towards herodom

Jackson didn't meet every towns person yesterday and is so returns to town to finish making introductions. First stop, the farm where he interrogates the centaur farmer:

ask about farm
ask about brigands
ask about brigand leader

After talking to the farmer, Garcon wandered through the forest a bit until he stumbled upon a fox in a trap:

"Finally! Someone recognizes the magnitude of me Heroness!"

Okay, that is good to know, I guess. "be nice to people" and "talk to a dryad." The first person Danar is going to be nice to is that cute filly at the fruit stand!

ask about date

COCK BLOCKED! Being nice gets you no where! Frustrated at being rejected by even half a women, Jackson returns to wandering the wilderness.

Wilderness Wanderings

It doesn't take long before Seepgood finds a lovely waterfall:

climb cliff


knock door

Perseii takes a seat and pumps the crazy old man for information:

ask about cave
ask about brigands

(please to ignore score discrepancies, I jumped around a lot but wasn't going to present it that way)

More 'enry (and a Goblin!)

ask about warlock
ask about mirror
ask about erasmus

Danar can only stand the accent for so long before it starts to drive him crazy he gets up to leave(This is where I'm supposed to ask for a spell, but I forgot to and so will have to come back later):

Good to know, that's another place he can sleep if he needs to. Back into the woods, Jackson is heading for the castle. On his way he encounters a goblin!

This seems as good as any time to introduce the combat. HP = Hit points, SP = stamina points, and MP = magic points. The two we have to watch now are health and stamina. Helath gets lowered when baddies hit you and stamina drains as you attack, dodge, parry, etc. Perseii has one attack, can dodge to the left or right and can duck back. The dodging and ducking don't seem to have any connection to whether or not he takes damage. Combat is by far the worst part of QFG1. Okay so let's do this.

Imagine a succession of screens of the goblins being hit and me being hit. Something like this:

It isn't very exciting. Then this happens

And Seepgood continues on his way to the castle

Castle Spielburg: Gate

ask about son
ask about daughter
ask about baba yaga

Then I asked the nice man to let me in and he did!

Castle Spielburg: Work

Garcon first went to the westside:

Then he tried the castle proper:

Then the eastside:

sure, I guess... wha..

It's hardly with the money but the work does increase your strength and stamina. On the way back to the gate:

Bummers... With nothing else to do in the castle Danar returns to the Wilds


Seepgood wanders around some more, when he finds a fairy ring he picks some of the mushrooms, remembering that the healer pays cash-money for herbs:

Then he brings them to the healer, who pays handsomely:

(please to note the fifty apples Jacskon bought from the lady centuar. He was hoping she'd say yes to a date, but alas all he got was fifty fucking apples... If only he knew how to bake)

Wandering some more:

uh, that's a big guy. A REALLY big guy

What luck some dumb rube to dump all these apples on!

give apples

Nice! On the way into town Perseii runs into Bruno the town snitch(?) He's the guy who knows a little something about everything if you're willing to pay. He also offers bad advice:

You'll find out why some time... Let's do a stat check:

Not bad, but many of these are going to have to be higher if I'm going to save the valley.

Just for Fun - Easter Egg #2

Just down from the falls you find a lake.

And in that lake?

Trust me you would not rather be playing Codename: Iceman

Meeting Erasmus. Part One of Many

Remember when ol' 'enry the 'ermit mentioned a wizard named Erasmus who lived somewhere up north? Garcon did so he went looking for the guy.

Not who we're looking for! Run away!

Yes, even the lowly saurus can kill me, right now.

This question is really more trouble than you think it is! Why? Because for some reason I decided to put three spaces after the end of my name and so I got it wrong a bunch when I typed it in here multiple times (sending me back to the bottom of the mountain) until I figured it out. Why did I put three spaces after the name when entering it? As if I know!

Meeting Erasmus, Part Two

Eventually, I get it right:


black, blue, and red also work, I think...


After ascending the stairs the man in the picture and that little creature on the shelf in the upper-left disappear:

Garcon begins by asking about magic users, Zara, Erana, the Warlock, and Baba Yaga. Perseii gleans some information from the web of bad jokes and annoying talking rat comments...

What else did Garcon learn? You'll have to wait until next week to find out!

Meeting Erasmus, Part Three

On the Warlock


Baba Yaga:


The mirror:

The curse:


Come a hero from the East... Free the man from in the beast... Bring the child from out the band... Drive the Curser from the land."

Magic Game:

Jackson made a note of all the spells he'd need to play the game. If he can beat Erasmus he can get the "Dazzle" spell from him. After talking to the Wizard for some time Danar leaves.

Guess we better start on that Counter Curse

But how? Wandering in the forest is a good place to start! While wandering what does Seepgood find? A White deer (hind?, buck?)

Having watched all of the Harry Potter film's Garcon knows that this might very well be some powerful wizard's Patronus and so he follows it!

Ah, it's a stag...

Perseii being adept at lying:


Can't he just hug a tree or pet a kitten?

Okay, so Jackson goes off in search of the Spore Spitting Spirea... only to find it like 4 screens away from the Dryad, she must be really attached to that tree...

There's three ways to get this seed you can throw a rock at it til you knock it off it's trajectory, you can climb up and mangle the plant that has it, or use the "fetch" spell. Using the spell would be the easy way and so Danar got some good throwing practice in:

It takes awhile... But finally Garcon knocks it down, picks it up, and heads back to the Dryad:

Brew it up!

Once back at the Dryad's she asks for the seed and Jackson happily hands it over cause it was kind of slimy:

Then she gives us the low-down on the sitch in the valley:

The recipe:

Flower's from Erana's Peace, green fur, fairy dust, a magic acorn, and flying water

With that she retreats back into her tree and is never seen or heard from again by Seepgood. She was nice enough to give us that magic acorn though:

Okay, flower's we can get any ol' time since we know where Erana's is at, fairy dust probably won't be hard to find either seeing as we've already found a fairy ring, and flying water is a cinch too. So, all Danar has to do is find some green fur! Easy, right?

well, yes.

Cause the meeps live just north of the Dryad and there's probably a green one! Perseii starts talking to them and:

Score! One green meep, time to ask some questions, though I don't know how helpful furballs can be

ask about meeps
ask about home
ask about fur
ask for fur

Gathering Components

Fur and a magic spell, sweet! Jackson picks up the fur and what turns out to be the "detect magic" spell. As we leave the meeps night falls, which is okay cause fairies only play at fairy rings at night, I don't know why you'd have to ask a fairy.

Here are some screen shots of Garcon running away from night creatures on the way to get flying water:

(That would be a mantray and a cheetaur)

Get it? cause it's a waterfall? Oh, man these writers were clever!

While we're here we'll eat a fruit and check out stats:

Not bad but I'm going to want stealth and such in the 50s-60s before I rescue the Baron's children and expel Baba Yaga, that's some grinding ahead of us! Okay, let's go back to the fairy ring and get some dust:

I hope they mean fun in the nice sense and less in the steal you away to Fey sense... They argue for awhile and then ask,

Of course I do! What kind of adventurer doesn't know how to dance?

The parser didn't understand any of that though...


They then argue over whether humans can dance at all, but Danar shows them up!

After dancing for the wee ladies Seepgood asks them for some fairy dust, of course there is more arguing but eventually he get's some (the fairies didn't want to touch Perseii, he might have cooties...)

Finding a place to sleep

That's everything we need for the disenchantment spell! All we need is for the Healer to make it and someone to disenchant! It's too late for either of those things though... So guess we better find some place to sleep. Erana's is nice but 'enry does have something we want..

ask about spell
ask about scroll

Now off to sleep! We give 'enry some rations and he hit the hay, literally:

We go outside and use our new spell, "trigger": wonder it was so easy to climb...

To the Healers!

Garcon hands over everything:

So, Perseii walks out the door, turns around, and walks right back in:

Jackson also picked up some healing, vigor, and undead unguent and then skipped into town to pick up the rest of the spells Zara sells.

Here's where we stand right now:

Next? Meeting Baba Yaga and then grinding.

To come clean: I already went and saw Baba Yaga but I forgot about something there so I'm in trouble and have to load a previous save... I also tried to free one of the Baron's children too, but need to grind up more.

So, all that next week! (That partially explains any score discrepancies you might have noticed... Everything fine here! Don't look behind the curtain!)

Sidenote: Exploring Erasmus' Magic Fun House

Quite a bit nicer than the Wizard in King's Quest 3...

Bears?! Everything is Cooler with Bears

The first thing Garcon needed to do was get better at some of his skills, mostly stealth. How do you that? Easy you walk around the forest endlessly channeling some mysterious force from beyond time and space that makes your body endlessly cycle through walking and sneaking.

Seriously, that is how you level up stealth. Perseii also spent time cleaning out stables, cast magic at random objects, picking his nose, and climbing trees and walls. All in a full days work!

Once that was done though he wanted to start counter cursing! So, how did that counter curse go again?

Free the Man from in the Beast

That doesn't sound good! Problem is, Jackson hasn't seen any beasts around here! Besides that White stag, but he's pretty sure that belongs to the Dryad and you, as you'll learn in these correspondence courses you do not want to mess with a tree lady!

Some more looking around is in order! Into the forest!

Where Danar eventually locates: Evil Purple Ernie:

Who we will not be fighting now, yet, maybe even ever. Evil Purple Earnie is a monster folks! Some one took loveable Earnie and turned him into that! What would it take to make Earnie so evil and so purple?! I don't know. But that's because I want to sleep at night and whatever fucked ol' Ernie up must have been something nasty!

Anyway, if you can run past Ernie you find yourself in a cave:

I'm guessing that bear does not want to cuddle, I wouldn't either if I was chained up in some dank, nasty cave. This must be some miserable beas... Ah, hah! I know class it's easy to be adventurous when you're reading a text book, out in the field these things aren't so obvious...

How does Seepgood get by the bear though? He can't do anything if he can't get close to the bear... Ah, bears love the same things stereotypical men do. Food.

give rations

"well, that doesn't seem too charitable... All kobolds are miserly?"

There's also some toadstools on the table which Garcon grabs mixing them up with his mushrooms which turns out makes them all unsaleable. Thanks for nothing Kobold! You are a miser!

Anyway let's get the key off this bozo!

Those are Garcon's stats. Seeing as he's extremely low on health, stamina, and magic the only way he is going to get out of this cave alive is by remaining undetected...

steal key

Feeling cocky Perseii pokes around some more...

Free the Man from in the Beast

Being a thief, Jackson knows just how to handle invisible chests. Break in to them!

pick lock

Magical Doom? That's the name of Danar's next Metal band...

loot chest

(Magic Users can detect Magic this chest, then cast either trigger to make it explode or open to open it. Fighters are stuck strong arming the box and eating the resultant explosion... Unless the Kobold has another key on him, which he might that opens the chest if you kill the little guy)

Back to the bear...

free bear

Some people magically cursed do not deserve to be saved... But Danar will do just about anything for 50 gold! To the Castle!

Seepgood found the castle somewhat underwhelming...

Talk, Talk, Talk

The Baron has a lot to say so grab some popcorn and get comfortable:

It's a real shame these games never let you humble any of the stuck-up bastards you meet through out them...

Of coursee Garcon does! He whips out his notebook and:

ask about brigands
ask about brigand leader

Talk, Talk, Talk continues

ask about warlock
ask about baba yaga
ask about son
ask about magic

Like a fool Perseii forgot to ask the Baron about his daughter and the day she disappeared. Despite that he's got a hunch!

Sidenote: Tripping Balls

Seepgood's only a recreational user, folks!

Be responsible only consume enough drugs to take you right up to the edge of oblivion. Never go over. Mostly...

Next time: Meeting Baba Yaga and consorting with the Undead!

The Big Baddy

With the Brother saved there are only two more things for Garcon to do in order to fulfill the counter-curse and become the Hero of Spielburg! What's left to do again?

Drive the Curser from the Land?


Bring the Child from the Band?

Hrm... Perseii already has an idea on how to find the Baroness but he hasn't yet run into the Curser, Baba Yaga, yet. Jackson moves to remedy that situation! A good Hero knows that you can't beat 'em if you don't know 'em. Everyone says Baba's hut is somewhere on the western end of the valley so he goes looking there:

Yup, that must be it:

Definitely it... Danar thought about going over the fence, like any good thief wood, but:

Looks like whoever lives here thought of that... So, he approaches the gate:

A talking skull? You could do worse, I suppose... Seepgood hits him hard with his questions:

ask about Baba Yaga

That looks like an opening!

ask about deal
ask about hut
ask about rhyme

This guy(his name is Bonehead, btw) sucks at security...

Remember back when we bought all those apples for the Jolly Blue Giant? and he gave us a bright red gem? Me too! If not go ahead and look back. I'll wait...



Find it? Good!

That seems like the perfect thing to turn into someone's eyes! Right?

give skull gem

Dealing with Divas...

What was that ryhme again?

hut of brown now sit down

Garcon Perseii Jackson Danar Seepgood! Master of all Chicken-footed huts he surveys!

look spider

Perseii moves slowly into the hut, his eyes peeled for Baba, but she doesn't seem to be... AGH!

"Oh Goddess! She's a master of doggerel verse! We're DOOMED!"

"Oh no! She likes puns too! Kill me now!"

Out of the Pot into the...?

(Yes, I did have to type in Garcon's name with the three spaces at the end, again. I hope you people appreciate what I put myself through for your entertainment)

You might ask why the most powerful magic user in the valley can't get the mandrake root herself? Well, class that would violate the contract agreement the Adventurer's Guild has with the Duplicitious League of Malcontents which stipulates that all Level 5 and higher baddies must offer lower level adventurers a fetch quest before killing them. See? Those Union dues don't go to waste!

Cooking with Evil

Well, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? It's not even close to midnight... hrm... We could play knife throw with the head of the thieves guild?

But I suck at that game... We could clean out the stables again?

That only takes a couple hours... We could Play Mage's Maze with Erasmus?


He then goes on to ask Danar if he also knows Fetch, Flame Dart, and Trigger spells. Which he of course does!

If we win it even comes with a nice prize!

So what are you looking at here? This is the board on which you play Mage's Maze. The goal is to get your little wisp, not seen, from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, Erasmus' wisp starts in the right left. You'll use the open spell to move rocks, the fetch spell to move bridges and ladders, the trigger spell on your wisp to make it grow or shrink as needed (only small ones can go through caves and, only medium ones can climb down the ladders), the flame spell is used to attract your wisp but it doesn't seem to work very well...

If your wisp wanders its way down to the lower right before Erasmus' does you win. Again, you can't directly control the things you just have to open the path ahead of them while blocking the way behind. Oh, and the wisps will kill each other based on their size if they meet...

At this point Seepgood's wisp (the white thing half way down the right side of the screen is nearly there. I've cleared out the way to the end while also blocking Erasmus' wisp which is that purple thing near the center of the screen...

After a good while of my wisp flailing about and me wasting all my magic trying to get him to go where I wanted him to Garcon finally wins:

Woot! Hopefully that killed enough time?


Dammit... Let's just grab the damn thing now!

Dammit! Well, I'm sure he gets it right next time! Until then...

Grave Robbing

Danar decides to abuse both the "rest" and "wait" commands in order to get through the rest of the day. Those, and just practicing sneak everywhere...

Eventually though midnight comes around and Jackson makes a dash for the Graveyard; on his way he encounters:

So, that's a thing... In the graveyard Perseii grabs the mandrake and makes a run for it:

Hrm, Garcon must be missing something?

use undead unguent

That was it! Seepgood looks at his wrist to confirm the time:

and, this time, he enters the graveyard confident that he'll walk out of it alive and with the mandrake root:

"frolic? Is that what they call it when they kill poor, innocent, livies?"

look ghosts


look plant

Next week we return the mandrake root to Baba Yaga, get completely wasted, and more!

Running, Running, Fast as he Can

With the Mandrake and his life intact Garcon heads back to Baba Yaga's hut.

Jackson doesn't like the finality in Bonehead's "bye" He orders the hut to sit and enters the hut once more:

Not this again...

Do you think he'll make it?

What terrible magic will Baba Yaga create now that Danar has provided her with such a potent spell component? Is the Spielburg Valley doomed forever?!

... I guess the only thing Baba Yaga plans on doing to the inhabitants here is making their stomachs churn.

*hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Okay let's see how Garcon is doing here:

Perseii being unable to figure out what he was supposed to do next to counter the curse heads back to town, maybe a drink woould help him?

At the bar he finds a note:

A lead! Jackson knows this is going to break this curse wide open! He can feel it! He's going to head right over to the range at noon, tomorrow

yeah, tomorrow. Today? Today, he's going to get trashed.

Let's Try those Drinks

Ale?! What am I some sort of sissy? Ale is for children and the elderly! Not virile young heroes! What else ya got?


Best! But as my mom always said, "Breath befor Sweat you'll regret!" So Troll Sweat first!

Maybe it was "Breath before Sweat you'll never regret?"

And ever since then Garcon has been a teetotaller... Anyway, didn't that note say to meet up around noon at the old range? Perseii heads there now:

the Low-down

Bruno and Brutus continue their clandestine conspiracy:

Long winded gits, aren't they?

Blah, blah, blah

There's nothing I dislike more than a dishonest thief! These two are in mind to make the criminal element in this valley their own private monopoly! No one cuts out the Guild! No one! All that talk about a backdoor is interesting too! Let's go see if we can find one!

It bounces, could this thing be guarding the hidden back door to the Bandit's Hideout?

we shoo the Antwerp off and investigate the rocks:

Okay, that seems like something we can handle. Didn't the Thieves Guild sell a Thief kit? Let's go pick one up and head back here!

Open Sesame!

After picking up the thieves kit Jackson returns to the door and pick the lock:

But! Danar doesn't appear to be strong enough to move the massive rock door aside...

Welp, this is a problem that can be dealt with through a grinding montage:

After slaying countless goblins and brigands as well as sweeping out the Baron's stables once more Seepgood thinks he is strong enough to move the stone door. He is also exhuasted, so before he busts this curse wide open he gets a good night's rest:

What was that important phrase Bruno kept insisting Brutus not forget?

hiden goseke

Next time we leave the troll alone...

look minotaur

We're so close to the end I can taste it! It's creamy like the center of a milky way bar! Next week we wrap QFG1 up!

Greatest Heist Yet

Garcon tries to scale the wall while the poor visioned minotaur has his back turned, to no avail:

If the right, and the middle are out that only leaves the left!

"Shit on a shingle!" Now is not the time to be practicing your climbing skills, Perseii! Eventually many tries and a vigor potion later:

The key to this area is to not step on the carpet and take the path to the left by the barricades then to go over the bridge on your right and finally to step over that thin black line you see there between the barrels and the assorted sacks. After that you slide through the door

This is a timed event where you have to stop all the brigands from flooding into the room, mess up and you'll be forced to reload. Eventually we're going to want to get Danar to the door in the upper left against the back wall.

close door

Once the brigands move away from the bottom door you need to:

Next some familiar looking brigands come in through the upper left door on the left wall.

move candelabra
nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

Brought to you by Errol Flynn and the Three Stooges

jump on table

With the knochelkopfs out of the way we enter the door into...

Seepgood wants to ask the weird looking fellow about Elsa and Yorick but the little guy doesn't seem to shut up

Warlock Wonderland

ask about Elsa
ask about Yorick

So close Garcon can taste it! All he's got to do is figure out this funhouse maze...

pull chain

Girl out the Band

open door

This is a fun little puzzle. If you mess up you find yourself kicked out of the door in the upper right sliding off of the bridges and into a restore game. Once through it though after dodging that fake door you enter the real one behind it to behold:

I suppose fighters can duel the enchanted Elsa before dispeling the curse upon her theives don't have that luxury though

use dispel potion on Elsa

They Make a Cute Couple, Don't You Think?

I thought they'd never leave!

get mirror
get potions
look bird

Remember that. It will come up later...

Drive the Curser from the Land

We use Yorick's secret passage and find ourselves back with the Antwerp... Only one thing to do now!

Check out stats!

Nice! Okay, let's go take care of Baba Yaga

Click the image to watch the ending!

And with that this let's play comes to an end! Thank you for reading along. Next week I'll be starting the sequel to QFG1, Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire. A fabulous game that expands on the the base QFG1 provided and expanding it with some wonderful storytelling, a fantastic setting, and a great sense of humor!