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Wages of War is the third game in the Quest for Glory series. It is set in the Africa-like world of Tarna, where the hero travels with paladin Rakeesh, his new Liontaur friend he has met in the previous game. Shortly after his arrival, the hero learns about the conflict between the human Simbani tribe and the seemingly malevolent neighboring Leopardmen. It is now time for our hero to become a skillful diplomat and prevent an upcoming war between the two nations. The basic gameplay system is similar to that of the two preceding games. The game has an adventure-like structure and gameplay elements, including puzzles to solve, inventory items to use, and characters to talk to, as well as a role-playing system with combat and character development. As in the predecessors, the player character can be either a fighter, a thief, or a mage; in this installment, the paladin class is selectable from the beginning of the game (unlike the previous game, where the hero could only earn the title of a paladin during the course of the story). Saved characters from the previous game can be imported. Like in the earlier Quest for Glory games, the main character's parameters increase directly after battles or by repeatedly performing various actions. New to the series is an overworld map on which the hero travels between locations. Hostile encounters may occur randomly while traversing the map. Combat system is similar to the predecessors, with real-time battles where the player selects various offensive and defensive options. Graphics engine and interface in this instalment are the same as in the remake of the first game: it has 256-color graphics and an icon-based interface which was used by Sierra for their contemporary adventure games.


Just like the previous installments, this one offers three 'standard' character classes: Warrior, Magic User and Thief. However a 'hidden' class can be opened: a Paladin. In the finale of the previous game a Warrior character who has proved honorable enough is named 'Paladin' by Rakeesh, and can be imported to Quest for Glory III as such. However, any saved character of any other class can be imported as a Paladin as well, preserving all of his skills acquired in the previous games. Such system allows to create a cross-class characters, so that Paladin for instance can use his own specific abilities along with the spells intended for Magic User without any penalties. The Magic User character is given the opportunity to create a magical staff. While it is summoned, the player can't move and retain the staff, but the spells don't cost mana points (yet their skills don't raise either). As for Thieves, the game's reliance on combat and tests of physical strength leave this character underdeveloped in this sequel. Furthermore, Quest for Glory III is the only game in the series to feature neither a single place to steal from anywhere nor a Thieves' Guild to fence stolen goods, upgrade skills and equipment. In a departure from the first two games, Quest for Glory III features an "overworld" screen where all important cities and landmarks are represented in miniature. While traveling from one landmark to another, time passes rapidly, and the player is prone to random encounters, most of which are hostile. The stealthy Thief character is less prone to these encounters. Some random encounters are not hostile, and others are downright silly yet nevertheless helpful in one way or another, such as the Awful Waffle Walker (meant to save the Hero from starvation), and Arne the Aardvark (possible to question for hints). Each Quest For Glory title usually had a cameo by a comedian or a comedy team: the designers put Sanford and Son in this game, as merchants (i.e. junk dealers) in the Tarna marketplace. It is also possible to randomly meet Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the savannah, as French Foreign Legion soldiers.


The developers originally intended to continue the Quest for Glory series with "Shadows of Darkness", which would've taken place in the Translyvania-esque village of Mordavia. They put these plans on hold though, with the release of "Wages of War". (Apparently the Coles once again ran into copyright issues, and had planned to re-release the game under the subtitle "Seekers of the Lost City".) This time, our hero visits the land of Tarna, the homeland of Uhura and Rakeesh, the residents of the Adventurer's Guild in Quest for Glory II. Tarna is much like Africa, although it is ruled primarily by lion-like creatures Liontaurs. As you and Rakeesh return, you learn of a mounting war between the human Simbani tribe and the apparently evil Leopardman. Obviously, things aren't as they seem, and it's to you, as the hero, to find a way to avoid a bloody and unnecessary conflict.

Hardcore Gaming 101

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

As always the best play to start is usually at the beginning!

I was hoping I could make a video of the introduction of QfG3 but for whatever reason DOSBox doesn't like how Sierra's SCI engine deals with music stuff and so it refuses to record any of it when you make a video. I know there are other ways to capture video but I'm lazy. So, this Let's Play is going to be all pictures (You're welcome Shivam.) The introduction of the game goes over the ending of QfG2 and then quickly transitions into the new setting for QfG3: Tarna. First, let's make sure we can get Garçon in to the game:


So, if you wanted to play as a Paladin but couldn't manage to figure it out in QfG2 you're covered...

Since I didn't use performance enhancing drugs in the last game Perseii doesn't have maxed out stats. QfG3 gives us 50 points to play around with in order to bring Jackson up to a level that makes the puzzles and monsters in the game not impossible. I throw most of the points into agility and intelligence with a few spread around in climbing and stealth. In the end Garçon looks like this:

Now for the re-cap:

How QfG2 Ended

"Remember when he went screaming to his death? That was hilarious! ah haha ha, yeah... I hope dingoes ate it!"

Big Trouble in Little Fricana

"Such talents with rope! That's a nice way of saying your adopted son is a thief, pops! I'll miss you and the harem! Bye, Dad!"

To Tarna!

And with that the game starts! Garçon doesn't even have much to go on. All he knows is that there is talk of war and someone suspects a demon... Before we do any adventuring though let's go over Sierra's SCI engine's fancy mouse based interface! The cursor reperesents various different actions such as: look, take, walk, interact you click on items to interact with them and you change the cursor by selecting a new one from a drop down bar activated by moving the cursor to the top of the screen. It's fairly intuitive, QFG has some special icons though:

The icons represent from left to right: walk; look; touch; talk; special; magic; inventory item; inventory; options; and help.

The magic menu with all of Perseii's spells reduced to icon form.

The special actions menu: run; sneak; sleep; character sheet; wait; and help.

Jackson's inventory: gold (200 dinars); combat dagger; magic grapnel; thieves kit; throwing daggers (5); poison cure pills (1); health pills (20); magic pills (15); rations (10); waterskin; katta pin; introductory letter from Shapier's kattas to Tarna's kattas

Tarna-HO!!!! (It’s a Thundercats joke, get it?)

I ended last time with our hero, Garcon, popping into Tarna in Fricana. There is something about a war and leapardmen, but who knows? What does Garcon care? He just wants to steal shit, right? Before he does that though he has to talk to everyone. Starting with Rakeesh:

Oh, yeah that’s the new chat screen. No longer do you have to figure out what is or isn’t important in a character’s response to you. Now, you just click on a series of nested conversations until you’ve heard everything the character has to say.

Council of Judgement?

Rakeesh is totes trying to get into Kreesha’s “pants,” fur, whatever (gross!) Next Perseii interrogates Kreesha:


“These Liontaurs sound like racists pricks... I mean, not you two! you two are great!”

The Questions Never End

Magic Portal?
Magic ritual?

“Uh, huh, sure he is...”


That is about all the info these two have as Jackson leaves Kreesha let’s him know she’s reserved a room for him at the local inn. That’s one less thing we have to worry about (or pay for!) Rakeesh also tells us we’ll be leaving in two days for the Simbani village and to come to him any time if we have any questions

*boom chicka chicka bow wow* Tarna appears to be less a city and more a giant ziggurat ()

Across from Kreesha’s is the Apothecary (we’ll check it out later) and south from it is the Inn we’re staying at. Going further up the ziggurat:

We find the Hall of Judgement and the King’s quarters and at the very pinnacle the temple to these liontaur’s idolatrous goddess, Sekhmet. Garcon questions the gaurd a little but all he does is tell us where these doors go to. So, we head down from the upper and middle plateaus of the city to mingle with hoi polloi down at the bottom:

Oh look it’s some sort of open air market, a bazaar or something. The first thing Perseii notices is:

And the is all of the Adventurer’s Guild we’re going to see in this game, folks! I know, I know, it is terrible. As you walk around in the market the seller’s randomly yell/plead/beg you to look at and buy their wares. Before that though we needs moneys. Well, to exchange our moneys at least. The Moneychanger is north of here:

The Hall of Judgement

“That scoundrel! Quick we must away before he absconds with that fellow’s goods” (thus ends the portion of this LP where I pretend to know how 19th century gentlemen spoke. ) Jackson pursues the thief, but before he can catch him one of those lion guys does it:

Looks like the thief got off pretty easy. After the council has finished with him they call Garcon up:

Okay, so off we go to the King’s chambers:

There’s a correct way to interact with the King and an incorrect way. I think as long as you are polite and then defend your friend you will be fine. I’m not quite sure though or if there is any penalty for being a dick to the King. I think the correct order is: Great, Answer, Defend, Talk about Rakeesh, Goodbye.

Royal Treatment

“First, I’ll start by not sitting on my fat lion ass doing nothing... also why does one of your lioness wenches look like she has a snake’s body? I mean...”

You defend your friend and then after that the King dismisses you from his presence while he talks to his brother in private. I’m guessing its not going to be as enjoyable for Rakeesh as his reunion with Kreesha was (or will it be?! You pervert!)


Now that we’ve been introduced to the Aristoi it’s back to the Polloi (you’re learning Greek too!) Now to find that Moneychanger:

Okay, now let’s shop ‘til we drop! We buy some fruit:

Above you see the Purchasing screen. Notice that button labelled ‘Bargain?’ We’re going to be using it a lot!

This goes back and forth until an agreed upon price is met. I think I got the fruit for 46 commons. Next we go to the Leather merchant across the way and pick up some hides:

then to the weaponsmith:


We bargain for a fine spear, fine dagger, and 5 throwing daggers. Then we buy some oil from this disreputable looking fellow:

Then we meet Sanford and Son:

We want both of those items so we bargain them from the family establishment:

Then it’s some honey:

and some beads:

It's like a thieves guild... BUT NOT

After picking up some beads, Garcon makes his way over to the rope merchant

Perseii bargains for some rope, he needs something to attach to his magic grapnels. After haggling for a while he and the merchant come to a suitable arrangement, Jackson buys the rope and attaches it to the grapnel:

There's more we can learn from this merchant, though:

Seeing as this is nearly the extant of thief specific content in the game we pony up for the training:

Continuing further into the open market we find:

Oh, look a katta! Didn't we have something to give a katta? Stupid Dogs...

We do!

Seeing as Garcon is such good friends with his relatives he decides to buy one of the Katta's doodads:

"Well, thanks I guess!" Moving further into the market we find a dogman:

"Okay, how much you selling it for?"

"How about instead I buy it from you for a single cent?"

"Really?! Well then time to stock up!"

"Welp, looks like I won't have to worry about provisions for the rest of my time here... Sorry about you not being able to clothe your kids though, huh? Tough break dogman!" Next up is the cloth merchant, from whom we buy a robe:


The last thing we do in the market is give the drummer some change:

And then it is back to the mid tier of the city and the Apothecary's shop:

We talk for awhile... about pills:

mana pills:

healing pills:

The ingredients he needs to make healing pills:

The honey bird:

antivenom pills:


Dispel potions:

Hippies and their drug induced dreams

Perseii continues pumping the hippie for information, on plants:

His dreams (this is getting weird):



Thinking about it Jackson has the sinking feeling that he knows just who this patchouli stinking hippie has been dreaming of, Julanar:

That's about all Garcon can do with the Apothecary for now... And there's only two places he hasn't been yet in Tarna: the hotel and the very top of the city pyramid. Welp, time to rectify the latter:


"But, I just wanted t..."

"to ask why you're such a bitch... Geez, if your the head priest I can't image the Goddess is worth knowing about"

Sekhmet Speaks

"Well, seeing as your people all seem to be stuck up dicks, I can't really see the bad in that"

"Wait, can't you just judge me without it? Aren't you a god?"

Down from the pyramid entrance Jackson finds the entrance to the city and beyond it the jungle:

Exploring the wilderness in Wages of War isn't that fun at all. It's just this map screen some areas of which will drop you into small areas to explore as normal but the rest is just empty and you'll have random encounters on it. Seeing as we only have a day here before we have to accompany Rakeesh to the Simbani village I don't do much exploring and I didn't even get a random encounter Back in the city Garcon heads for the inn:

The Not Jobs Board

There's no Adventurer's Guild in Tarna, which doesn't make any sense at all, so all the jobs are posted here in the inn:

"I hope there are some jobs on this job board instead of just advertisments..."

"So it isn't a jobs board... Well, okay I guess..." With nothing else to do Perseii sits down to eat some food:

After eating Jackson checks his clock:

Looks like bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting than today was. Next time, the Simbani Village and the Jungle!

Goofing off for a Day

We left Garcon last time in the inn about to end his first day in Tarna after chasing a petty thief, meeting the local leadership, and then going on one hell of a shopping spree. Now, it's time for bed:

That chest against the wall can be used to store stuff we don't need right now, I don't think I've ever used it in any of my playthroughs...

We watch a tiny animation of the moon rising in the sky and then Day 2 begins:

I get the feeling the writers of this game had never had any experience with African food and so the "tasty but strange" is kind of a cop-out, especially when you remember how detailed the descriptions of food were in the first two games. We don't have anything to do today and Rakeesh doesn't drag us out to the Simbani village 'til tomorrow so Perseii will be goofing off in the savanna today:

Jackson heads towards the rock formation in the southern half of the map, where he finds:

Jackson takes a closer look at the flying beasts:

There are a number of ways to get this fruit. Garcon could just go in chopping, he could use his magic grapnel and rope, or he can use magic. Magic seems like the easiest way:

I think the hippie wanted one of these fruits?

Wanderin' with Purpose!

Still plenty of time in the day, so let's go a wanderin'

Well, crap! Guess our free day is over back to Tarna

Prepare for boring narrative, insufferably honorable people, and being talked down to!

Damn these liontaurs do nothing but TALK

"Sure, why not?

"Oh, yay! This guy again..."

"Are you doing that thing where you ask me a question and then when I try to answer it you tell me to shut up, again? Cause I love playing that game!"

Can we just leave now?

"Ahahaha, you did it again! You giant furball, you!"

"Hug it out, you guys! Hug it out!"

"Why do I keep doing this to myself?"

Are you guys going to kiss and make up now? Cuz if you are I'm out of here. I'm no furry."

Finally we leave!

"You are! You don't have to ask me to leave!"

I bet you think all the narrative and talking down to is done, don't you? Wrong! We get to watch Rakeesh tell us how useless being a thief is in this game! Also how great being a Paladin is! feel free to take a nap for this part!

Eventually, we make it into the next section of Fricana:

"Wait a second. Are you afraid of the dark Rakeesh? We'd have been there already if you and your liontaur friends didn't waste so much time talking about your honor and how to filthy humans are!"

Are we there yet?

"Finally! We're here!"

"Geez, you people speak a lot of gibber jabber!"

Now that we're here you might think we can start playing the game and having fun, right? Wrong! More narrative! Yay!

Simbani Village

"You know Uhura I think you looked better in 16-colors..."

"They're different from us! And they say 'hi' instead of 'hello.' Is that not reason enough to kill them all?" I might prefer the demons to all the terrible people living here now...

"I doubt that! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to drag all of you, kicking and screaming, into the late 19th century... And be grateful I got you that far."

Oh, it's a Macguffin

Garcon asks Uhura about the magic spear (weird that these people hate magic but revere a magical spear, hypocrites...)

Her son:

The Laibon:


We then ask Rakeesh about the spear:

Unable to handle any more info dumps, Garcon says goodbye:

"Good, cause you, and everyone I've met here so far, is cramping my style..."

Perseii just can't get away from the endless stream of words! He hopes sleep will shut the liontaur up:

Will something happen this week?!

Garcon rises late in the day, intending to talk to the village chief again:

...or not. Instead, Perseii explores the rest of the city, north of the three huts he finds:

Jackson asks Yesufu what he is doing:

Playing Awari

Before we play Yesufu and I share our backstories:

Then we get down to playing! I'm not going to show the game, it won't make a lot of sense. If you are really curious about the game you can check the wiki article. At the end:

We play another game and this time Yesufu wins:

That is enough for now, I promised you something was going to happen in this update! Anyway, playing Awari with Yesufu raises your intelligence stat. West of the huts is a practice range. Garcon practices a little here.

"You're not my real mom!" Despite that Perseii chucks some spears:

We do some more spear throwing and get progressively worse, for some reason. Helpfully, Uhuru is here to make us feel worse about ourself. So, we leave and head east.

Walk the Line

"Don't you have a job to do or something? Instead of harass me all morning?

"Curses!" Knowing that Uhura will make fun of him if he fails, Jackson mounts the beam:

Garcon crosses the beam a couple of times and in so doing raises his dexterity. If we were a fighter practicing the spear throwing and beam crossing would be more important because the fighter's class mission requires him to become a Simbani warrior and excel in those areas. Being a thief though all the do for Perseii is raise stats. Having fully explored the village Jackson moves out into the Jungle. Our first stop? The pond south of the village:

Jungle Times!

At the spring Garcon fills his waterskins:

We then cast detect magic:


"An 'E?' What does tha... Oh, Erana! You get around don't you?" Nothing else to do here! back into the wilderness! I'm looking for a honeybird feather! Remember we need one of those for the Apothecarist! Honeybirds are a random encounter that usually occurs near the left edge of the first screen or the right edge of the second so we wander around there for awhile:

We follow the bird:

So the bird is playing with the bees and we're not going to be able to get any where near it. Remember, we can't kill it either or else the feather is no good. What to do?

"Yeah, this makes sense! I'll just pour this honey all over the ground here!" Then he leaves.

and comes back:

As we get close to the bird it flies off; leaving a feather in the honey:

*YOINK* After spending an entire day wandering the wilderness Jackson finally has a combat encounter:

So... Combat... Yeah...

This is the combat screen. As you can see the game hints at the monsters rather than show them. Fighting consists of clicking on one of the four corner buttons on that square in the bottom-right corner. Starting from the upper-left going clockwise you have slash, stab, dodge left, and dodge right. Clicking on the pentagram brings up your spells.

The magic menu consists of (again starting in the upper-left moving clockwise) lightning, ball, dazzle, force bolt, and flame dart. The three in the center are zap, combat menu, and run away.

The dinosaur was hardly a challenge.

After spending the day out, Garcon heads back to the village, exhuasted, before he goes to sleep though he stops by to take to Yesufu. Except he's not there, instead:

Story Time!

Still Story Time!

So Talking Time! What do these stories mean? What have Garcon and you learned from the Simbani storyteller? After finishing with the storyteller, Perseii leaves the village and heads eastward into the thick jungles of Fricana:

Jungle Explorer!

While wandering the jungle Jackson encounters some more of the local fauna:

Garcon heads towards the grossly exaggerated tree:

up, up, and up

Perseii is attacked by glowbugs!

Big Tree

I guess I missed a pic of me picking up a gem, but you can see the ones that were left lying on the ground there... Further into the tree:

Alright! We got what we need to have our future told by the Lion Goddess! I told you something would happen this update! Intrepid explorer that he is Perseii keeps heading east:

Deep Jungle

While wandering near the falls we find:

Jackson opens the trap and the little monkey goes running into the jungle. Only to return:

"I'm sure we'll never see Manu again and this vignette served no purpose what so ever!" Garcon runs into a Crocodile Man on his way back to the more civilized parts of Fricana:

"Well, at least this one paid me for wasting my time!" (combat in this game is a joke! I didn't even power level in QfG2!)

Oh, the Main Story is Happening?!

The Simbani village guard has some big news to share with us when we arrive:

"No way?! I best go talk to the Laibon!"

We ask him about the spear McGuffin

We then ask him about the drum McGuffin sitting next to him:

"Is that so! Wow! But,um, how did you get it?"

"Why do you think it was the Leapordmen, again?"

"Look, I don't know how much you know about a long con, I'm an expert, but I think you're being set up here..." Of course, no one listens to the white devil who is only here to steal their natural resources and enslave them... Perseii goes out back to check out this "prisoner."

"If you are all so smart how'd the spear get stolen in the first place?" *crickets* Jackson tries to talk to the Leopardman but it all it does is:

Doing What Thieves do Best

The next morning after hearing the Stroyteller's tale we check in on the Leopardwoman prisoner. The Laibon's son seems to have a lot to say on the topic of her:

"That's because he's racist and doesn't want you to marry this filthy jungle dweller"

"She speaks!"

"Who are you calling stringy?!"

"I'm the picture of physical fitness! Look at these stats!" Garcon leaves the Simbani village and heads back to Tarna to let Rakeesh and his wife know what happened:

The land of Fricana does not seem to be much of a bastion of liberal enlightenment... Perseii heads back to the Simbani village, he already has all the stuff he needs to purchase the Leopardwoman. Remember? All those things I bought at the beginning of the game? The zebra skins, the robes, the spears? Yeah, those things. Before, he does buy himself a wife he has one thing to do: STEAL Back at the village, Jackson waits 'til nightfall and then sneaks over to the Laibon's hut:

Buying Waifu!

I don't know how he didn't hear me tearing a hole in the wall right next to his head, let alone pieces of his house not falling on him, and let's ignore how Garcon managed to step over his bed and into the hut... Somehow he did though and we're now in the Simbani Chief's hut!

The drum is mine! Next, we open this chest over here:

"Excellent!" Now to make his escape Perseii makes the hole even wider, leaves, and goes to bed:

The next morning we visit our victim, his hut seems fine but he's a little upset about the drum having gone missing:

"YES! It must have been their evil magic! What? No, I've always had this huge bulge on my back! Anyway, here is all the stuff you wanted for the bride price."

"Welp, best go say 'hi' to the new missus!"

"You're probably right, Uhura. She does look especially feral..."

give beads
give fine dagger

"I love you too, Honey."

give carved wooden leopard

"I'm just going to open this cage now and then we can live in marital bliss, alright?"


Finding Waifu

It doesn't take a Wizard to figure out where Garcon's wife headed. She most likely headed straight for the jungle and here home therein, Perseii follows:

It doesn't take long until:

"I just came out here to invite you to the gun show" *Jackson flexes mightily*

"By Erana! Make up your mind already woman!"

Garcon attempts to steer the conversation to safer ground:

Ask about peace mission

Jackson asks a few more questions but then Johari gets upset with us and leaves. We stumble around the jungle for a few more ours until she deigns to speak to us again:

The Leopardman Village

"You sure talk a lot about Yesufu..."

"Well, while we wait..."

"Au contraire me ami!"

They wait:

Leopardman magic appears to consists of really bad dancing:

Getting the Spear of Death

Garcon uses his grapples to create a tight rope between the fence and the Johari's dad's hut:

Next, he tosses some meat down to the leopard:

Then he walks across and sneaks into the tree hut:

Inside he finds the spear, a caged monkey, a sleeping Leopardman Chieftain, and a chest

First things first we got to keep this monkey quiet:

Then Perseii frees him:

Next is the spear:

Finally, we oil the chest, pick the lock, and open it to find:

"Ewhh, gross!" Time to go! back the way we came in:

I found your Drum

The next day at the Leopardmen's village Johari introduces Garcon to his new father-in-law:

"Just you try it buddy! I'll be wearing you as a coat before you know it... I mean I come in peace!"

Next stop, the Simbani village:

"Boy, does that sound peaceful!"

Peace Summit

"Way to get things off to a good start Laibon!"

"You think?! Listen to this guy! I thought he was hear to negotiate a peace treaty not take a dump on the Leopardmen." Just then the Leopardman chieftain shot a magic fireball at the Simbani Laibon at the same time Yesufu, over there in the corner, chucked his spear right into the Leopardman's chest:

As the Leopardman dies a black smoke rises from him:

"Thanks, Captain Obvious!"

I guess we've got to find the Demon City now and try to fix this before things get even worse!

Bonus! The Weird Thing We Met on the Savannah

That first night as Garcon fled the Tarna and began his quest for the Demon City a strange thing happened to him. He had just settled down to sleep when:

"What Purple Giraffe?"

Besides being a poorly conceived and drawn character Arne serves as the in-game encyclopaedia about the various monsters and places one can find in Fricana. I always assumed he was a character from another Sierra On-line game that I just never found. But, it turns out he's just an info dump named after the fictional alchemist in Jules Verne's A Journey to the Center of the Earth. Who knew?

Wilderness Wanderings

We left off with Garcon fleeing into the Fricana wilderness as the Simbani and Leopardmen Chiefs were killed and the King of Tarna was about to go all "let slip the liontuars of war!" on everyone. Perseii's first stop is the Simbani village, maybe Uhura can help him:

or not... Where else is there to go? There's Erana's Pool, and the World Tree but that is about it. With no where else to go Jackson heads deeper into the jungle:

Remember Manu? We saved him from that cage we randomly found last time we were exploring the jungles of Tarna? Well, it seems now its his time to return the favor:

"A Monkey village, huh? What's that like?"

"Sure! It's not as if I have any other idea as to what I'm supposed to be doing"

It takes Garcon and Manu a day or so to get there, on the way Manu blathers on:

"Just what I've always wanted... To be a happy monkey!"


Perseii uses his magical hooks and rope to ascend into the Monkey Village:

Bullying Simians

Here comes the sales pitch:

"Did you say bad things?"

"I'm guessing that is why you call them 'bad' things... Hey isn't there a lost city somewhere around here? I mean it's clearly shown on my map..."

"Not those cities the 'Lost City' the one full of demons"

"You mean past the waterfall?"

"Yeah, you guys sure are smart! Now show me how to cross the waterfall"

"Oh, I get it, tell me about the 'Bad City'"

"Do you think you could take me to the bad city?"

"No, I don't think George of the Jungle is that fun of a game..."

"But thou must!"

"But thou must!"

After endless pleading and prodding Jackson convinces Manu to show him the way to the Lost City and they set out:


When we get to the Waterfall:

I'm sure Garcon will figure it out later...

To the Lost City!

With all the other monkeys across its time for Garcon. But how? Well, the same way he's crossed every other problem in this game:

use magic grapnel

Once across Manu resumes his telling of the horrors of the Lost City, but he's soon interrupted:

Against some sort of demonic worm, I gather!

For a thief, Perseii is pretty hardy and his strategy here is to just stab and magic away at the worm until it collapses:

Of course, it soon does:

Manu's praise doesn't last long:

Eventually we arrive at the lost city:

Into the Lost City

Jackson tries to explain to Manu why he can't just leave:

We ask Manu about that secret door he said he wasn't going to tell us about:

That seems simple enough, we thank Manu for all his help ask him a few more questions about the city and its tenants and then say goodbye:

After leaving Manu, Garcon descends into the ruins:

How convenient! There is the jackal statue right there and just below it the wall panel! Garcon waits for the caveman to pass and then:

As we climbed down a cave man showed up and quickly dispatched:

Next to the mural:

We use the opal on the door and:

viola! Perseii is in!

Demons, Demons, Demons

As soon as he enters the building he overhears a conversation between to monstrosities:

Where to go?

Not that way... Guess that itThe only way to go appears to be through the door on the back wall:

Inside the room Jackson finds a female liontaur he can only assume is Rakeesh's and Kreesha's daughter:

"correct. I'm Garcon Perseii Jackson the III and I'm here to save you, Tarna, and all of Fricana!"

"I gathered as much..."

"I'm on my way..."

"Oh, that can't be good..."

Fighting Demons

Remember all the way back when we had the apothecarist make us a dispel potion? Remember how he made us two of them? This is the time to use the spare:

After hitting her with the dispel potion Rakeesha collapses, and then?!


"What took so long?!"

"That's great but we're kind of stuck in here. As out this door is an army of demons and apemen."

"I can respect that being a thief myself!"

"Oh, I'm sure something wiill turn up! These prophecies have a way of sorting themselves out!"

Doppelgängers and Demon Wizards

"Wait! Who's this?!"

"I'd hug you Manu if you weren't covered in ticks, fleas, and Sekhmet knows what else!"

"Great! Prophecy fulfilled but we still have that problem of being trapped in this room?"

"how do you know that?"

As Uhura and Rakeesh hold the door against the demon hordes the hero and his four friends go deeper into the Lost City, where they find:

"Are we just supposed to stare at our reflectio.. Oh Erana! They're hideous!"

As you can see by Garcon's foe's messed up HP bar this guy has a lot of health, and Perseii forgot to eat any of his pills after the demon worm and apeman fights... whoops! Anyway time to slowly, very slowly whittle this ugly doppelgänger's health down!

As you work down the demon's life his bar slowly becomes normalish and when you get it about an eighth down look who shows up!

"How do you know anything about demon doppelgängers?"


Hrm, how to get across that chasm? First let's climb that pillar over there:

Then we'll grapple across and make our way across the rope:

Uh oh, we've been spotted! At least he isn't powering up the orb!

Then grapple once more to the far pillar:

Better make it quick!

What now Jackson? You're all out of pillars and all out of rope!

(yes, Garcon has chucked his magic grapnel hook at the demon wizard)

A Hero is You!

Curses! Looks like I captured this picture a little too early! Basically the magic grapnel sunk itself into the demon wizard's forehead. The demon didn't seem to happy about that and while flailing about knocked both the orb and himself into the portal:

I won't ask how get he got to them...

That can't be good!


"That's my name! Now save me!"

Final stats

Final score

As you can see I failed to get a perfect score in this game. I said earlier that QfG3 is my least favorite game and the one I've replayed the least amount of times. I'm not as familiar with it as I am with the other three games in the series. I'm sure I did all the unique thief content. I think my missing points come from not exhausting all the dialog trees fully. I make a save of our character to import into the next game and the credits roll! Thanks for watching!