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I finished the Tao of Pooh today. It’s a short book but it does a good job of introducing the basic beliefs and philosophy behind Taoism. I enjoyed reading more for the pooh part than the Tao… I’ve been a Winnie the Pooh fan since I was a little boy watching the daily show on Disney, not the cartoon but the live action one with grown men in ridiculous costumes. Yeah, I ate it up. I’ve never read the Pooh books but after seeing the excerpts in Huff’s books I think I might check them out from Borders. Yeah, that’s the great thing about being a Borders employee, it’s the only good thing about being one I get to check out two books at a time. The store is my own personal library! The only problem with that being all the space wasted on romance novels and manga. You know that Borders isn’t in the book business to spread good literature they are in it for the cash and we don’t stock what doesn’t sell. We have eleven or twelve full bookcases of manga and two for graphic novels. The entire history section gets about the same amount of space. For a bibliophile and lover of history that is a depressing thought.

But I digress. I think the point of this post was that I got my midterm back from my Religious Studies 140b class, “Gospel of John” and with a minimal amount of time and energy investment I got a B. Not bad, eh?

Author: Jonathon

Would rather be out swimming, running, or camping. Works in state government. Spent a youth reading genre-fiction; today, he is making up for it by reading large quantities of non-fiction literature. The fact that truth, in every way, is more fascinating than fiction still tickles him.

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