The Simpsons Movie

I just came back from seeing it. There is nor need for me to review this movie. If you are now or have ever been a Simpsons fan you are going to like this movie. If you’ve never watched the show (WHO ARE YOU?!?!) the movie isn’t going to do anything for you, you’ll laugh but that’s it. Fan or not a fan its funny. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you’re never going to.

There are plenty of little easter bunnies in the film for long time fans, things that will make you laugh, only if you’re well versed in lore, but they’re not intrusive. You don’t need to know the Simpsons to appreciate Groening’s humor. Oh, yeah Groening wrote the script, which is good. I think for the television show he’s only a consultant anymore. I sometimes wonder if this move by him and the other creators wasn’t an attempt to end it all, like in the Producers… The movie isn’t as edgy as the Simpsons used to be, though Groening is spot on with some of the social commentary. I don’t see how any show in it’s 15th season can stay edgy anyhow. The people who used to complain about the show and what it was doing to culture are no where to be found anymore and the show has become an icon, a stay of television. How different it was in the early 90’s…

can he swing from a web? No he can’t, he’s a pig

Author: Jonathon

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