Second Anniversary

Together since 2006. Married since 2009

September fourth marked D and I’s second wedding anniversary. That is two whole years of awesome! Sadly, we planned our wedding to happen around the busiest time of the year for me and so we were unable to get away for our anniversary (this was complicated by the fact that D is in the midst of getting a paper published, drafting two more papers and apply for post-doctoral work right now). So, instead we spent the weekend relaxing and hanging out with each other. What did “hanging out” consist of? Working on her bicycle, going on walks, sitting in front of the television, etc. I know that doesn’t sound like an ideal way to spend an anniversary, BUT things have been so crazy around here that just being able to spend time together has been nice and we both needed a few days to relax and refuel before we have to dive back into work.

Oh! Yeah, and we went to our favorite restaurant in town a Nepalese/Indian place where I’ve had most of everything on the menu and now order the same thing every time chicken or lamb korma! (See, I fooled you into thinking this was a post about relationships but it’s really a post about food. I’m a glutton!)

From bottom, clockwise: Lamb Korma (mind blowingly delicious), raita, mystery Indian dish 1 (its pagan flavor makes it illegal in the South), naan and basmati rice, mystery Indian dish 2 (oh, Goddess I want more of it), mystery Indian dish 3 (why can't I make food this good?!)

I have close up pictures of the dishes, but I’ll spare you…

My eyes are closed because I'm experience Nirvana

D got the same large plate as me (they call it ‘thali” at the restaurant), instead of korma though she got a dish that is a mix of spinach and garbanzo beans. It too tastes amazing which is why it is not allowed in North Dakota, it’s pagan spiciness would cause conversions en masse (I’m already preparing to become a devotee of Shiva).

Looks like goop; tastes like heaven

After dinner, we went out to our favorite local pub and talked while having drinks and then walked around town for a little bit. It wasn’t anything fancy and it won’t win us any awards for creativity but I had a wonderful time and D did too (I think…)

In other news I beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’m going to sleep on it a few days and see if I can gather my thoughts on the subject. If I succeed in doing so you’ll see a post here.

This post is late because it’s Labor Day!




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