Cocktail of the Week: Margarita Fizz

Summer’s here, isn’t it? Well, it sure has hell felt like summer yesterday out at the Cosumnes River Preserve. Or maybe it’s just the drought? With the coming of the long, hot dog days of summer my mind turns to margaritas. Delicious, delicious margaritas. But, I’ve already covered those, many, many times. So what to … Continue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Margarita Fizz”

Cocktail of the Week: Honeydew Margarita

Have you noticed anything different at your local grocery store? Specifically, in the produce aisle? Most of the stone fruit is gone, as is the citrus, and there are now a lot of apples and pears and if you were lucky for about a two-three week span the place was overrun with melons. So many … Continue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Honeydew Margarita”

Cocktail of the Week: Cucumber Jalapeno Margaritas

This probably would have been more appropriate last week. But, I’m not really big on Cinco de Mayo and margaritas are a great cocktail for any time of the year. D found this recipe and has been begging me to try it for a while now. I have to admit the mix of jalapenos and … Continue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Cucumber Jalapeno Margaritas”

Cocktail of the Week: Elderflower Margarita

Spring is here! Spring is here! To celebrate the warm days and cool nights I decided to make Margaritas! But, I’d already made margaritas for this here project. So, what was I to do? No, a Daiquiri is not the correct answer! I made a different type of Margarita, one with St. Germain in it! … Continue reading “Cocktail of the Week: Elderflower Margarita”

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