2012 Completed Video Games

Video Games?!!?!

We’re pretty near the end of the year and I don’t see me making much more progress so I might as well reveal my list of beat video games for the year 2012. Most of these came from my enormous backlog of games.

January (6)
Dungeon Keeper
Dungeon Keeper 2
Dragon Warrior
Punch Out!!
Atom Zombie Smasher
Super Paper Mario

February (2)
The Lurking Horror

March (1)
Donkey Kong Country Returns

April (3)
Mass Effect 3
Quest for Glory 2

May (0)

June (2)
Rambo: Last Blood

July (2)

August (7)
Commander Keen 1
Commander Keen 2
Commander Keen 3
Commander Keen 4
Commander Keen 5
Donkey Kong Country
God of War: Chains of Olympus

September (6)
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War
Thief Gold
Thief II: The Metal Age
Bookworm Adventures Deluxe
FTL: Faster than Light

October (6)
Jade Empire
Alien Breed 2

November (3)
Diddy’s Kong Quest: Donkey Kong Country 2
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Kirby Canvas Curse

December (4)
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Titan Quest
Beyond Good and Evil
Super Mario Galaxy

2012 total:44

2011 total: 54
2010 total: 62

False’s Four – Creepy Stuff

Creepy Books:

  • Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows
  • Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger’s Malleus Maleficarum
  • Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves
  • Dan Simmons’ The Song of Kali

Creepy Music:

  • Bass Communion’s Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
  • Henryck Górecki’s Symphony No. 3
  • Leonard Cohen’s A Thousand Kisses Deep
  • Sujan Steven’s John Wayne Gacy

Creepy Art:

  • Edvard Munch’s The Scream of Nature
  • Hieronymus Bosch’s The Last Judgement
  • Francisco Goya’s Saturno devorando a su hijo
  • William Blake’s The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy

Creepy Cinema:

  • F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu
  • Satoshi Kon’s Paprika
  • David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive
  • Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s The City of Lost Children

Not Creepy Creepy:

  • Pete Doctor’s Monsters, Inc.
  • James Cameron’s Aliens
  • Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

False’s Four – Things about San Diego

Things I like:

  1. I appear to be only fifteen minutes away from everything in the entire city.
  2. It doesn’t get very cold.
  3. Harbor seals!
  4. the sunsets and sunrises.

Things I don’t like:

  1. It never rains (how am I going to justify sitting all day on the couch with just a cup of tea?)
  2. It doesn’t get very cold.
  3. Suburban and exurban hell.
  4. No decent forms of alternative transportation (cars required.)

Things that would be neat:

  1. If it snowed here just once.
  2. being able to see some of those million dollar home slide off the hills.
  3. I got a job.
  4. Seeing a Chargers game (hahahahhaahahahahah).

Things I don’t want to see:

  1. A Chargers game.
  2. The Stone Brewing Company.
  3. Carl DeMaio become mayor.
  4. What the I-5, I-15, or I-805 look like during rush hours.

False’s 4our – Android Apps I Can’t Live Without

Everyone likes lists! They’re the most popular things on the internet (and the laziest!) I got sick of feeling left out of all this list making so I decided to come up with my own! But, unlike all the other lists out there mine are only going to have only four (4our) items on them! Yup, I am the one, true, special snowflake on the ‘net. My other gimmick is that three of the items on the list will be good and one will be “bad”… You get to decide!

  1. K-9 Mail – The best muli-mail client I’ve found. K-9 l lets me check gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. All in a clean interface and easy to use search options!
  2. Instapaper – With Instapaper I can read article wherever and whenever I want to! Just click a bookmarklet in a browser or on my phone and the article gets sent to Instapaper where I can read it at my leisure.
  3. Shortyz – Crossword puzzles from all the best newspapers (even the NYT if you have a subscription) delivered to your phone every day. For those of you who aren’t ready for the full crossword experience Shortyz offers hints for letters, words, and the entire puzzle. I find myself doing crosswords whenever I have even a few spare minutes
  4. Smart Tools – Looks like a good idea but I’ve never managed to actually use it or get it to work. It let’s you use the accelerometer, speakers, light, and camera in your phone to find out things like length, angle, distance, etc.
If you have any recommendations for future 4ours let me know either below in the comments or through email.