Steampunk and assorted other things.

I’m planning on writing more on Faxanadu. If I make any more progress on the game that is… Like I said in the previous post I’m stuck looking for some rock next to a fountain. Problem being I already found 3 fountains and none of them had a rock next to them.

Other news: I watched for the first time in a very long time Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Diana. Still a great film and the first ever steampunk movie as well, one might be able to say. Not because it is punkish or even that steamy, more so because it looks back on that era, Victorian times with some nostalgia, with a sense of losing something that was, and is, important. Not quite knowing what it is. Disney’s visuals were spot on. Rivets, curved brass, the whole design was marvelous and stands up today. I should re-read Verne’s book and see where and how the two are different, see what Disney changed. I know that the normal viewer is suppose to disagree with Nemo, we are suppose to find him inhuman and crazy, yet feel sorry for him. He is quite the effective Anti-hero. I though do not find myself finding him a monster. Much more monstrous to me is the character of Ned played by Kirk Douglas. This brash materialistic, selfish, shallow, stupid, “independent” man is the hero. I cannot find myself rooting for him though…

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