STAR*** **OOP**S: A Surreal Space Poetry Project

Thanks to Teg for helping with the image!

I got this crazy idea for a poetry project. I was going to take one of the numerous books I have lying around and use it to create poetry! Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein wasn’t the only book lying around but I figured it’s be the most interesting book to try this with. How does it work? I use each page to write a poem striking out the words I don’t want to use, whatever is left is the poem. Each page is it’s own poem and the entire book is one really long weird poem. Starship Troopers is 263 pages long so I’ll have plenty of fodder! Here is the first installment:

Page One of Star**** **oop**s

I always had hypnotic brainwaves
trembling in the drop

like coconuts while they fell
wasn’t bad

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