Beer of the Week 34 Éphémeré

Unibroue's Éphémère Apple

From the label:

Ale brewed with apple juice, coriander, curacao peels and with natural flavor added. Éphémeré is a seasonal ale brewed with apples. It offers a fragrant green apple bouquet and a remarkably well-balanced mouthfeel. Truly, a refreshing summer delight in every sip.

From my notes:

Cloudy, straw colored, thin head that quickly dissipates. Green apples and yeast on the nose. Very clear, crisp taste (dry). Flavor delivers on the smell of granny smith apples with some spice as well. Fruity finish.

I think this is a beer that wants to be a cider

Éphémeré is another great spring or summer beer. Cool and crisp with a tart apple taste. This goes great with lighter fare: salads, fish, sushi, chicken; also would go great with fresh berries. This would also taste great after being out in the heat or just sitting on your porch watching the sun set. I get the feeling that Unibroue wanted to make a cider but couldn’t commit and so they created a beer that came as close to cider as you can.

Rating (out of five):

Author: Jonathon

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