Opening my First Birchbox

Birchbox for December 2012

During this Thanksgiving D started watching re-runs of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I had watched the show when it first came out over a decade ago and had enjoyed the show for its mix of fashion, interior re-decorating, and reality television surrealism. Looking at it as a person in my thirties though I noticed how much they focused on skincare. I then looked in the mirror and noticed that I had not been taking care of my skin. I don’t know if I had ever spent more than a minute in my entire life thinking about my skin. It was beginning to show. Most prevalent were the dark marks under my eyes. So, I started looking for skincare products.

What a minefield I had entered. Weird names, absurd claims, and no where clear answers to well-defined problems. I don’t know what I had expected. Something more like a hardware store, I suppose. Looking for a screwdriver? Aisle 6. Looking for nails? Aisle 3. Looking for eye cream? Aisle 7. Instead I got aisle after aisle of odd shaped jars and tubes full of all sorts of creams, saturated with all sorts of chemicals. What I needed was clarity and all I was finding was more confusion. I was going to need some help…

D recommend Birchbox, it’s a subscription service that sends samples of beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products to subscribers every month. With this, hopefully, I’d be able to find some skincare and grooming products that worked for me. And maybe I could get rid of these dark bags under my eyes.

I signed up at the end of November and this last weekend my first box came!

The contents

The Contents


Tall Drink Body Hydrator by Guythority

Face Scrub, Face Moisturizer, and Lip Balm by Lucky Tiger

Shave Oil by Toro

Wool Knit Tie by the Knottery

I’m really liking the Lucky Tiger line of products but the Toro shaving oil is terrible.  I don’t know what to do about the tie, maybe I’ll wear it to my next job interview. I don’t know if any of these boxes will have an eye cream, but at least now when I go to buy some sort of grooming product I won’t be doing it completely in the dark!

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  1. Check “Hints from Heloise” for eye treatments. The classics are cold tea bags resting on closed eyes or cucumber slices. Also, a bowl of steaming hot water under the head, with a towel thrown over your head and the bowl to keep the steam on the face. D likes this one.

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