Best Cheeseburger in Davis: The Project

A pretty good cheeseburger

Last week I brought Cocktail of the Week to an end. If you want to browse through all of the cocktails I made over the last two years the full list is here. I also hinted in that last post about a new project I was looking forward to kicking off. Well, may I Welcome you to my new project: The Best Cheeseburger in Davis, California! I’m going to eat and rank every cheeseburger in town (and try not to gain 60 pounds.)

I’m not a food critic. I’ve never been trained as a cook. I have learned, am learning, how to cook and it is an activity I enjoy. I enjoy sharing food with friends and I’d fallen in love with this “tiny” town in Northern California. This seems like a good fit for the me and the blog, it’s a┬ánatural extension of previous projects and my own interests.

But, and this is important, I don’t consider myself a ‘foodie.’ Foodies have become irredeemably tainted with tones of hipsterism, elitism, and smug pretension. Did I just say the same thing three times in a row? This project isn’t about putting restaurants down or looking for the burger with the the weirdest ingredients or most overblown menu description. Arugula, aioli, and words like ‘artisanal,’ ‘farm to fork, or ‘free range’ aren’t going to win me over. I’m an eater and I’m looking for the best eats.

I’m excited about this project and I hope you’re excited to read about it! I’ll try to take plenty of pictures though I’m sorry I can’t share the delicious aromas I’ll be experiencing with you (unless you want to come out and have a cheeseburger with me!)

Before the project starts I’m going to have to lay out a few things first:

  • I need to devise some criteria for ranking cheeseburgers; and,
  • Compile a list of all the restaurants in town that serve burgers.

The latter should be relatively easy, the city of Davis has its own wiki. I just need to go through it, look at the menus, and pull out all the restaurants that have a cheeseburger. I’m a little more worried about creating my criteria for judging these things. I want the criteria to be helpful but I want to avoid sounding like snobby foodie asshole (don’t expect to find ‘mouthfeel’ in the list…) I’ll be creating a post for both of those and once everything is line up the eating can begin!

Please look forward to it!


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