It’s a Festivus Miracle! Internet Gift Exchange Loot

Talking Time (TT), the only on-line community worth being part of, has a winter gift exchange every year. Members of the forum sign-up and then we do a secret santa style exchange, though Festivus, as we call it, is full of in-jokes and TT only memes. I’ve been doing Festivus for two years now and both times it’s been a blast. This year my secret Santa (ninja Santa on TT) had some difficulties in getting everything together and missed the deadline for mailing things out. Then there were some communication problems and by the end of it I was sure I wouldn’t be having any Festivus cheer.

At the beginning of this month I went to a friend of mine’s birthday in the Bay area, a friend who also happens to be a member of TT and whose birthdays are giant events with people coming from as far away as Indiana! It turns out that my ninja Santa was also attending his birthday party and brought the first part of my gift. She tells me there is more coming, something to do with eBay and assembly…

Who cares though? Here is all the cool stuff Luana (Loo-aun-a) got me for Festivus:


for me?
Such nice handwriting
That's Percy... He's a thing we have over at Talking Time... It's convoluted.
I've only flipped through it so far but it looks interesting
Yum genre fiction

Of course it wouldn’t be Festivus (or Talking Time) without something horrifying:


a hideous amalgamation of Mario and Mickey Mouse?

Happy Festivus everyone! I can’t wait to see what the rest of my gift is.

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