Overheated Review, 2013 Summer Giveaway

You need to read this because these guys can’t

First, congratulations to Kayma for winning first pick of books in this year’s giveaway! Second, the giveaway continues this week, any comments on this post will be entered to win a book of their choice from the list. I thought it might be helpful to provide some context for a few of these books, below is a short review I wrote for the San Francisco and Sacramento Book Review.

Climate Change, once known as global warming, has been a hot political topic for almost two decades. Everyone seems to know what Climate Change is without being able to describe or convey their thoughts on the issue or what its effects might be. It remains ever present, yet mysterious, argued over vehemently without ever being elucidated. Overheated  is Andrew Guzman’s  attempt to describe what climate change is and what its most likely effects will be on humans in the next 100 years, while skirting the political obfuscations and arguments.

Guzman clearly outlines, without being alarmist or hyperbolic, what catastrophes humanity will likely face if we continue to ignore the threat. With complicated science explained through simple and effective metaphor and with a focus on mankind Overheated is a sobering look at what are future might hold: desertification, coastal flooding, the loss of vital cropland, water scarcity, mass immigration and emigration, and finally human lives. Once a disinterested academic, Guzman’s research has converted him into an advocate for change, research he shares in in this book. A great book for broaching the subject either for yourself or someone else in your life.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win a book from this list!

2013 False(B)logic Summer Book Giveaway!

The selection won’t be quite as vast as this picture suggests…

It’s that time of year when the sun doesn’t set until eight, children are out playing in yards, the air is filled with the sounds and smells of BBQ, and I give books away! If the book giveaway had corresponded with Fall the selection this year would have been massive. Alas, it didn’t and all the books D and I gave away in the two moves between this give away and the last are being enjoyed by strangers and the kinds of people who get their books from thrift stores.

What False(B)logic lacks in quantity we make up for in quality! This year I’m giving away, out of my personal collection, the following:

  • Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (signed)
  • Selected Poems of Robert Frost
  • Amphigorey Too by Edward Gorey
  • Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  • Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
  • The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss
  • Overheated by Andrew Guzman
  • Going Clear by Lawrence Wright

How does it work?

Simple! For the each post in the month of July a book will be given away. To enter your name in to the raffle for that book simply comment on the post! You may comment on multiple posts and win multiple books!

When does it start?

Right now! Just enter a comment below for a chance to win!

The Second Annual False(B)logic Book Giveaway, Final Round

Still plenty of books for everyone!
First, I want to extend congratulations to the winners of last round: Gahitsu, Elfir, Kalir, and Adam! Emails have been sent and as soon as I hear back from them books will be on their way in the mail! This will be the last week of The giveaway until the summer of 2013. The rules remain the same comment on this post or any of the following posts next week and you’ll be entered to win one of five books I’ll be giving away. I want to thank everyone who has participated so far and encourage the rest of you to leave a comment. Free is free, right?

Thanks again!

The False(B)logic Second Annual Book Giveaway, Round Three

All these, and more, could be yours!
Congratulations to PointZeroEight and Adam for winning in the second round of the book giveaway! Books are on the way to you now! This week we’ll have three winners who’ll receive random books in their mailboxes! To enter comment on any blog post this week!

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