My First Pickling

I'm going to call them gourmet pickled cucumbers

I don’t know what it is about hot weather that makes me think about pickles. Maybe it’s all the barbequing or the desire for food that doesn’t have to be cooked over the food or the need for a chilled snack? Maybe all of these. Whatever it is when the temperature starts climbing into the high 80s, low 90s my mind turns to pickles. The local food co-op sells these locally made New York deli pickles that are wonderful and I’ve been hitting them all summer to satisfy my craving… Until a few weeks back when I decided that I should make my own pickles. The internet is full of recipes, easy ones, an pickling by itself is not difficult at all. Also, pickling cucumbers had just started showing up on grocery shelves. I mentioned this to D and last weekend she came back from the store with two pounds of pickling cucumbers and a bag full of spices. She even found a recipe that looked promising…

So, I made some pickles!

First, you need to find some pickles these are kirbys
half or quarter them...
Cram them vertically into a sanitized jar of some sort
Add your spice/pickling mix
Get your brine boiling
Pour the boiling brine into the jar with the cucumbers

Seal the jar, let it cool until it’s room temperature and then throw into the fridge for 24 hours.

This is the part where you eat them!
It's generally at this point I wish I had a better camera and some photography skills...

Thanks to Punk Domestics for providing the recipe it worked perfectly! I did change it by omitting the garlic, onions, and dill (in the future I’ll put those back in.) Though, in the future I think I will use white vinegar instead of apple cider which is a little too strong for my tastes…


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