Winter Garden 2014, Planting

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Despite the finale for this year’s summer garden, I wanted to put in a winter one. And then attempt to keep it safe from dogs, rabbits, slugs, and all the other assorted pests that did the summer garden in.  Fingers crossed!

First I turned the soil over, put in some top soil and fertilizer, and then turned it over again. I’ve done this enough times that it is becoming old hat. Next came the soaking. I wanted to make sure the soil was moist at least three to four inches down. After this was complete D and I went to the local Ace and picked out from their selection of winter seedlings and seeds. We got arugula, broccoli, broccolini, celery, collared greens, kale, chard, bok choy and Chinese cabbage. The planting went quickly and soon all the seedlings were in.


The arugula and broccolini seeds were spread into the box or a pot and then everything was watered down again. Sadly, right after we put the garden in we had a heat spell and the broccolini in the pot all withered and died.

After the garden was put in I put in new stakes and new netting around the boxes to keep the rabbits and dogs out. During the summer this worked wonderfully. Sadly, the dogs quickly discovered that the netting was no real obstacle and trampled over it and my seedlings to lie in the beds and eat the recent compost. And my Chinese cabbage. And my broccoli. *sigh*

chard and kale
chard and kale

I didn’t put in slug traps either. And much of the collared greens at this point have been eaten. I’m going to have to get those in soon or there won’t be anything to show this winter. At least, the arugula is coming in quite nicely and none of the pests seem interested in the kale and chard.  *fingers crossed*

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Summer Garden 2014 – The End

2014-08-21 07.18.07
Empty now

That’s it. We’re done. The garden was limping on as it was but this week the dogs decided to deliver the death blow. While playing in the backyard one of them ran through the netting, the other followed and decided the best place to assault each other was on top of my zucchini plant… That lasted for about 10 seconds, until about the time the two of the realized they were right next to a tomato plant. At that point the two of them began plucking cherry tomatoes right off the vine.  Continue reading “Summer Garden 2014 – The End”

Summer Garden 2014 – August Report

2014-07-31 18.22.38
Not from our garden…

Oh, it’s August! I wonder how the garden is doing? Um, not well. I don’t know of it’s the ravaging rabbits, the overgrown shade trees, or our frolicking puppies but our backyard garden is not doing very well. In the last two months I think we’ve had maybe a dozen cherry tomatoes, five jalapenos, and a single zucchini:

This was what I picked this week from our garden
This was what I picked this week from our garden

One of our eggplants has been completely eaten, the other is a stunted little plant with a sad, stunted little piece of fruit on it. One of our jalapeno plants hasn’t even flowered yet. The zucchini plant flowers but has yet to produce anything but that single piece of fruit. Two cucumber plants are flowering, one is growing quite prolifically, but neither has produced any food.

sad eggplant
sad eggplant

Things are okay though! D switched labs recently and her new lab has a garden plot on campus! The plot has melons, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, corn, squash, and tomatoes growing in it. Anyone in the lab is welcome to pick as much as they want as often they want. That is where all the produce in the picture at the top is from!

D's Lab plot. Not very photogenic
D’s Lab plot. Not very photogenic
Still doesn't look that great
Still doesn’t look that great

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