Spring Garden 2012: Bumping!

As always the zucchini and tomatoes are out of control...

As you can see from the picture above things are really starting to happen! Everything except the eggplant is flowering and we’ve already begun harvesting zucchinis and bush beans (a tally can be found below.) I’m somewhat surprised how many beans we’ve taken from our three plants so far considering how small they are. I’m hoping they grow a little more before they make anymore fruit or else, despite their productivity as tiny plants, we won’t be getting very many beans this year. The edamame plants are super tiny but have begun producing as well, they have the same problem as the bush beans though compounded by the fact that one of the zucchini plants has overgrown them and is robbing them of sunlight. The tomato plants have lots of fruit on them and I’m hoping they starting turning red soon! Cucumbers have begun ascending their net and our flowring quite profusely as well.

A tiny zucchini, only 24-48 hours or so away from being a big one!
Bush beans!
Cucumber flowering
Edamame struggling under the shade of our zucchini plants
Edamame struggling under the shade of our zucchini plantsBunch of green cherry tomatoes




Zucchini: 5

Tomatoes: 0

Edamame: 0

Bush Beans: 12

Cucumbers: 0

Eggplant: 0

Author: Jonathon

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2 thoughts on “Spring Garden 2012: Bumping!”

  1. Nice produce! It’s hilarious that you’re keeping a tally. That’s the true scientific spirit at your core, I guess: research life’s experiment. Can you trim a zuke leaf shading something else? I have no idea.

    1. I was a little curious as to just what we were getting out of the garden and keeping track of produce seemed like the best way to do so.

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