Let’s Play Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Part Nine

Day 4 – Trouble Ignites

Garcon wakes on Day Four only to find that things in Shapier have been heating up

I’m sure it’s nothing but Perseii doesn’t want to ember-ass himself and goes out side to investigate:

If you’ve been playing along or plan to play in the future let me enlighten you now. This is the last time you’ll be able to buy items from Alichica. So, if you haven’t picked up the map or compass by day four you’re going to need to do it now or do without them.

ask about fire

ask about fire elemental

Always the joker! Even his stand being burnt down can’t stop him from wise-cracking.

Remember what Aziza said about Fire Elementals? If not go back and refresh yourself… In the meantime Jackson is going to be filling up his waterskins and prepare for the inevitable encounter with the hot tempered foe:

ask about fire

bargain for incense

And Garcon gets the incense for free! And people say heroics never pay!

Putting out Flames

While he’s here he might as well pick up some pills too (he also picks up vigor and health pills):

bargain for mana pills

Perseii has two of the items he’ll need to defeat the fire elemental: water and incense. Aziza said we’d need something to contain the firebug and we can find such an item right outside Harik’s door:

bargain for lamp

That’s everything he needs to defeat the elemental so now he’s just got to kill some time, he heads out into the desert to raise his magic skill (attempt three at WIT is coming up)


While he’s out in the desert some of the local fauna decides to interact with him:

(As I said before when I explained combat, I’m essentialy crippled during fights because I don’t have a numpad and that is how combat is set up in QFG2… So, Perseii takes quite a beating everytime he does this…

Searching the body is fruitless. Though if you type out ‘get stinger’ that works, an odd quirk I thought.

Not much else Jackson can do in that state, so he heads back to the inn to rest and wait till nightfall:

Day Five

That is as far as he got before having to make a run for it…

He is showing marked improvement, though! With nothing more to do he hits the hay

The next morning:

I’d say Shapier has a problem and so will Garcon if he doesn’t do something about it. He has until Day Seven to deal with the Fire Elemental or it will destory the city and it’ll be game over for Perseii. As I said before everything is time based in this game…

Even Shema seems worried:

Confident he has everything he nees he heads out into the city to confront the Flamer:

How convenient it’s right here! Jackson and bump up against the elemental a few times before he is toast but it is best to keep yoour distance

Left to its own devices the elemental will burn things, as you can plainly see here.

Controlled Burn

Once we use the incense to draw the elemental into the corridors we have to quickly neuralize and capture it:

put lamp down

use water on elemental

As you can see from our stat sheet defeating the elemental has raise our honor score. When we return to the city’s entranceway the katta’s have already set up shop again:

Hakir and others also have something to say about the matter:

I believe Aziza does too but I forgot to check in on her… Basking in the glow of victory and after grinding some more magic, Garcon returns to WIT, next week.

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