Spring Garden 2012: Wrapping Up?

Zucchini has peaked and now the tomatoes are on the rise!

As you can see one of the zucchini plants has grown too far outside of the box and has fallen over. This happened last year as well but when it did I had to pull the plant up as the fall destroyed most of it. That didn’t happen this time and the zucchini plant still has blooms on it. I’ll keep watering it as long as it keeps producing.  The other big change you can see in this picture is the tomato plants. They keep getting bigger and bigger. I thought about cutting them back or weaning them off of water in the hopes that they’d spend more energy making fruit and less energy growing. But D says we have plenty of tomatoes as it is, if we had more we wouldn’t know what to do with them!

Lemon cucumber grows up the plant guard
The lemon cucumbers seem happy

The cucumbers are doing really well. We’ve harvested fifteen of them so far, thirteen of those have been lemon cucumbers! The English cukes are just starting to come in I seen three or four tiny ones on the vine right now.

This is about 1/3 of what we are getting out of the garden every week.

D and I only have another month at this location, which means we’ll be giving up our tiny garden box. I’ve learned a lot from the whole experiment and had a lot of fun. I’m going to miss it, but here it to hoping that once everything is settled in our new home, and I find a job, we can start up a new garden!

2012 Harvest to date:

Zucchini: 18
Tomatoes: 53
Bush Beans:
Cucumbers: 15
Eggplant: 3
Basil: 40+ leaves

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  1. Your garden was only a rock pile three years ago, so I’m sure you’ll make a ‘desert’ bloom wherever you go.

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