Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 3

To be a Pirate!

After a quick exploration of the Melee island Guybrush finds the head pirates in the back of the SCUMM bar. Guess he should talk to them:

After a few false starts Guybrush get’s it right:

“Oooohhhh, Tell me more!”

“Seems easy enough. Master the sword, mastery thievery, and some sort of quest? What kind of quest A King’s Quest? A Space Quest?”

How to be a Pirate in Three Easy Steps

“I guess that makes more sense than what I was saying.”

These guys really seem to like their grog! Those goals seem pretty vague, Guybrush should follow-up on them:

How to be a Pirate in Three Easy Step, contd

Now to just ask annoying questions!

(Actually, Grog was a mix of water, small beer, and rum. Modern recipes of the stuff are more like alcoholic punch than anything else. AND Pirates apparently didn’t even drink the stuff! Preferring a mixed drink known as “bumbo” instead!

Introducing the Dread Pirate Ghost Le-Chuck!

Now that we know everything we need to become a pirate, let’s insult them:



I bet he has plans, nefarious ones!

Look out Guybrush Threepwood! A Ghost pirate has taken an unwholesome interest in you! Maybe next week we’ll be able to DO something?

Things to do:

– Go to the SCUMM Bar
– Talk to the Head Pirates
– Get a map
– Explore that alley
– Find a way past those poodles
– find a way past that troll
– Get a helmet
– Find a way to visit Hook Island
– Master the Sword
– Master Thievery
– Master Treasure Huntery
– Explore the town
– Avoid Le Chuck

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