What Secret Power Does this Lego Have?

I have a Pinterest account. I use it as a visual bookmark system for items I’d like to purchase, food I’d like to try, or as a reminder to do something. I only have about 217 pins though, so I’m not a power user.

Hands down the most repinned and liked item I’ve ever submitted to Pinterest is the custom LEGO set above. It’s very cool no doubt but what about is so compelling to people? This item has been repinned from my account over 300 times! What secret does it hold that I’m not seeing?

Seriously, though that’s a really neat build. The creator, David Hensel, creates angles and building that I wouldn’t think possible with Legos! They feel so cartooney and alive.

Author: Jonathon

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4 thoughts on “What Secret Power Does this Lego Have?”

  1. Yours is a fascinating observation and question. I think the structure’s secret has to do with its irregular lines comprised of normally squared components. Legos are typically angular, but the creator has craftily softened them, as though by age. This structure’s cottage-like, 16th C. British style is a perennial favorite with Americans, and young people favor residences that look easy/messy, cheap, but moderately functional and unique. Popular Potter might have used it because it’s a dream house any kid wants to live in. As the economic crisis deepens, having a comfortable home with any character is increasingly difficult to achieve.

    1. Yes, I think it is a mix of the artistry of turning, mostly, square blocks into such a dynamic structure coupled with the “charm” of 16th century cottages. Perhaps a misplace nostalgia for a time that not only one hasn’t experienced but probably also never existed… Thanks for the thoughts Patty!

  2. I don’t care that much for Legos anymore, but I kind of need that in my life. Really beautiful.

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