What Secret Power Does this Lego Have?

I have a Pinterest account. I use it as a visual bookmark system for items I’d like to purchase, food I’d like to try, or as a reminder to do something. I only have about 217 pins though, so I’m not a power user.

Hands down the most repinned and liked item I’ve ever submitted to Pinterest is the custom LEGO set above. It’s very cool no doubt but what about is so compelling to people? This item has been repinned from my account over 300 times! What secret does it hold that I’m not seeing?

Seriously, though that’s a really neat build. The creator, David Hensel, creates angles and building that I wouldn’t think possible with Legos! They feel so cartooney and alive.

LEGO Millennium Falcon!

2014-03-01 11.40.57

I loved LEGO as a kid. I had several castle sets, a Robin Hood set, a pirate ship and lair sets, and buckets and buckets of random pieces that my brother and I would play with endlessly on Sunday afternoons after church. Some of my fondest memories are tied up with the little plastic bricks and the hours I spent with nothing but them and my imagination.


Childhood doesn’t last forever. And I didn’t go into architecture or design. AND I don’t have whole afternoons and evenings to dedicate to building castles in the clouds… I also don’t have any of those LEGOs anymore. They’re still at my parents. Where, I have been told they will remain, for the grandchildren (when they come) to play with when they are at grandma and grandpa’s. I still love them though. I still love putting them together, flipping through the build guide, imagining what other ways the pieces could be combined (and they can be combined in some really fascinating ways). It’s all just so much fun!

Occasionally to scratch that building itch, to re-experience the feeling of building, I’ll head into a store and pick up a small set to fiddle with. Over the weekend I was in Target picking up some odds and ends and I saw this tiny LEGO set of the Millennium Falcon:

2014-03-01 10.58.01

There were seven other tiny little Star Wars related sets as well and I was sorely tempted to pick up the Star Destroyer or the TIE Interceptor as well… I didn’t but I thought about it. I just picked up this one and then I put it together:

The pieces and instructions
The pieces and instructions

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