Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 17

Are We There Yet?

We left Guybrush Threepwood passed out in the galley of his near derelict ship after doing some creative cooking. I guess we should check in on him…

You look awful. But that could just be the resolution… Guybrush heads up to the deck:

Yes, that does appear to be an island and seeing as the recipe we followed was for Monkey Island I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that’s it off our port.

Guybrush confirms it for us and then tries to get his crew excited:

Worst crew ever.

I try to get Guybrush to swim:

And there doesn’t appear to be a dingy anywhere abouts… How are we going to get Guybrush over to the island? Wait, wait, wait!

I think I’ve got an idea. First we need some gunpowder:

Then some fire:

(that’s the matchbook we got)

and now:

That’s perfect. Just perfect! Now we just need to get Guybrush a helmet!

Well, I hope Threepwood got into the cannon before it blew up in his face…

Coming ashore!

Oh boy, the look on Guybrush’s face!

That name sounds familiar… (see the journal entries in the previous update)

Everyone is so helpful on this island! Finally Threepwood gets his head out of the sand:

I think that means its ours and we can take it back to the ship if we ever find some oars…

“Cannibals? Cannibals!”

Cannibals, Guybrush.

We’ll figure out how to deal with all of that next week. Maybe even discover the Secret of Monkey Island? Don’t count on it though…

In the mean time let’s check out the To-do List, which just so happens to have new items on it!


– reform mutinous crew
– Talk to Toothrot
– Explore Monkey Island
– Find oars to get off island
– Avoid Cannibals
– Go to Monkey Island
– confront LeChuck
– Kiss the Governor.

Author: Jonathon

Would rather be out swimming, running, or camping. Works in state government. Spent a youth reading genre-fiction; today, he is making up for it by reading large quantities of non-fiction literature. The fact that truth, in every way, is more fascinating than fiction still tickles him.

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