Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 18

Monkey Island

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? But, I think now things are back enough to “normal” that I can finish this Let’s Play. *knocks on wood*

So, last time, we left Guybrush Threepwood, intrepid soon-to-be-pirate, on Monkey Island where he had just arrived via cannon and met Herman Toothrot whose name he recognized from the journal he found on his ship the Sea Monkey. Why is Guybrush here? To find the love of his life, and Governor of Melee Island, Elaine Marley who has been kidnapped by the notorious ghost pirate, LeChuck.

All caught up? Good! let’s do this Threepwood! Into the jungle! (sorry about the windowed border. But yeah, getting back into things here.)

Secret of Monkey Island Secret of Monkey Island

Here we see the lower expanse of the island, there happens to be a monkey here and a chasm, both of which we will be seeing more of later! But, for now North!

Secret of Monkey Island Secret of Monkey Island

This is the middle of the island. Guybrush can’t walk over the mountains or through the pass created by the river. If we go west:

Secret of Monkey Island

Seems to be an extinct volcano, here. I know I’m supposed to find Herman… But, I can’t seem to remember where he is. Back to the center of the island:

Secret of Monkey Island Secret of Monkey Island Secret of Monkey Island

Okay, now we know where LeChuck is and, more importantly, where Elaine is. Also, note the dam of rocks on the right bank of the river here. We’re going to have to do something about that. Back to the west:

Another note:

Does no one TALK to each other on this island? Just passive aggressive notes left willy-nilly about the place?

Exploring Monkey Island

While reading LeChuck’s note on the beach, Herman walks up:

“um, okay…?”

Herman does this a lot, makes cryptic comments to the player, “us,” and then mugs it up on screen… After he leaves Guybrush goes and explores the volcano rim where he finds:

I think calling this a “fort” is being pretty generous!

Anyway, the fort has a spyglass, some rope, and a cannon. Guybrush grabs both the rope and the spyglass and when he tries to pick up the cannon:

Not this guy again…

With Herman gone Guybrush picks up the cannonball and the gunpowder that fell out of the cannon when he grabbed it. With no more of Herman’s possessions to steal he leaves.

Back at the dam:

The noteworthy rock was a piece of flint… The explosion blew a rock out of the dam and this happened next:

All About Herman

With the water now restored to its outlet we head over to the pond it created:

First things first! Let’s read that note:

Does this guy just follow Guybrush around all day?

He hams it up a little more for the “camera” and then leaves us. So, what are we doing here and why is it important? Well, I forgot to show this place before we blew the dam up. I remembered I needed to blow up the dam but I forgot why. The reason is that log in the pond there. Before the water was here it was at the bottom of the pond and our dead friend there was out of reach. With the water though, the corpse is on the ground and we can pull some extra rope off of him. I suppose if you show up here first. Herman will tell you where he lives and that’ll lead you to the fort and the stuff necessary to destroy the dam…

At least now you know how it’s “supposed” to be done, right? Threepwood grabs the rope and heads back to the fork in the river.

Post Modern Art Installation

Back at the river fork:

“looks like a primitive catapult to me….”

Guybrush pushes the art piece around a little and then heads higher up the mountain:

That rock right on the edge their looks suspicious, but before we can investigate:

This guy never shuts up…

All About Herman, Part 2

Get comfortable, Herman has A LOT to say this time…

The Secret of Monkey Island

Guybrush is finally able to shoo Herman away after this!

Actionable Art

With Herman gone Guybrush returns his attention to that rock… Something about it… But what? He gives it a small shove:

“uh-oh, I think I just hit my ship…”

Let’s try and aim for that banana tree on the beach! It takes a few adjustments, and the Cannibals don’t seem happy about all the rocks flying out of the sky:

But, Guybrush finally does it:

Guybrush seems to be doing a lot on Monkey Island, I just don’t know if it’s getting him, or us, any closer to rescuing Governor Marley and defeating the ghost pirate LeChuck. Tune in next week when hopefully we see some progress on the rescue front!


– reform mutinous crew
– Talk to Toothrot
– Explore Monkey Island (half striked out)
– Find oars to get off island
– [strike]Avoid[/strike] meet Cannibals
– Get banana picker
– get Monkey head statue key
– confront LeChuck
– Kiss the Governor.

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