Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 3

Adventurers’ Guild Hall

Last week we explored a little of the town of Mordavia, met some of its colorful citizens and managed not to offend anyone too much! Last we saw Garcon he had just talked the Burgomeister out of the key to the town’s Guild Hall.

There were some other topics that we could talk about so let’s go ahead and clear those out as well:

Ask about the Castle:


Who is Dr. Cranium?

What about Nikolai?

With the conversation exhausted Danar returns to hall and using the key he just got opens it up:

Okay, we’ve done this enough times to know what to do here:

Curious, Perseii flips through the earlier pages of the book:

What else is in here? There’s that thing in the corner next to those cannonballs:

Seeing as we no longer have our magical one that we lost in Fricana, Jackson grabs the rope and grapnel and then explores the bookshelf:

Exploring the Guild Hall

Seepgood continues to peruse the Guild Hall’s small library:

Remember feelies everyone? Next is a brochure of some sort:

Remember in game advertising everyone? It’s older than you think! Next is a magical text and the last is something to do with eastern exotic arts or some such nonsense:

Garcon tries to move the bookshelf, just in case, but no dice:

He checks out the weird machine in the corner next:

Perseii is too tired to use it now. There’s got to be more going on here though… What about that ring in the ceiling? What’s that for?

Ah, I see I use the workout machine to increase my strength and stamina every day and then the rope and ring to increase my climbing skills. Really concentrating the stat grinding in this game! That’s nice of them! Danar scurries up the rope only to find:

Ah, more thief marks! What does it mean though? Some lines above an eye? Hrm. That could be a table? Look under table? Don’t you feel clever now?

Viola! Now that option is available to us when we click the eye on the little book stand!

What the hell does that mean?

I’ll save you the trouble! Those are hooks rotated in different ways, the numbers below them is the order the hooks have to be turned and once that’s down we can climb a ladder up to somewhere! Simple! Now where are there hooks?

Oh, right there next to the door… Danar rotates the hooks around until they look something like they did in the etching until:

Aha! It’s not a ladder it’s the bookshelf! I wonder where this all goes?

Don’t be too subtle there… Jackson looks closer at the poster. A poster I might add is trying to recruit thieves inside a place that only people who are already thieves can even find… Also, is anyone else disturbed here about the collusion that must be going on between the Adventurer’s Guild and the Thieves’ Guild?

Garcon grabs the card from the poster. Turns out its an actual guild membership card. I guess he’s in now?

Rush MTG (Mordavia Thieves Guild)

Okay, so we have a guild card… What now? This is a test isn’t it? Better start looking in all the most obscure off the wall places first! Like those two grills/drains in the bottom right:

Some more subtlety there… Closer looks reveal:

Okay. Let’s look closer into the other grill:

A door knob? I guess we should check out the only door in this room?

Nothing about a knob missing though… Right tool? Going over his inventory the only thing that could possibly open the door is the plastic guild card that we just picked up:

The room beyond the door has another bookshelf and a safe. Danar looks over the bookshelf first:

Finished with the shelves Garcon turns his attention to the safe:

Using the one we found in the water drain! Jackson tries the knob on the safe, it fits perfectly. Now he just needs to crack it!

No numbers? There’s no ear icon in this game either. How is Garcon supposed to get this FILCH safe open? The answer to that question is written right on the safe! If you assume that the dashes between the letters are also letters, then it is possible to spell the word FILCH:

You get the idea! That of course is the code to open the safe and inside:

Searching the base of the safe we find some more thief marks:

To this day I’m not sure what these marks mean… What I do know is that our next stop is the big oak desk at the bottom of the screen:

Always look for traps first. I repeat: always search for traps first! This means that you have to use the hand icon on a thing you wand to open before trying a lockpick or a thief kit on it. You’ll see why in a second!

With the trap disarmed now we can pick the drawer open:

Meeting the Master Thief

This game sure is giving us a lot of throwing daggers… I’m getting worried about what Seepgood is going to find out in the forests!

With a complete thieves kit on hand let’s look behind those paintings! (does anyone today hide safes behind paintings? Is that actually a thing?)

Notice my health go down there? That’s because I forgot to search the safe for traps. Well, I didn’t forget I just clicked on it with the kit thinking the option would come up. It didn’t. Garcon checks out the other painting:

(I didn’t forget this time.)

Not seen here is the trap disarm game. Which is a 3×3 square grid. The squares randomly flash different colors. To disarm the trap you have to get three of the squares to be the same color by clicking on them when they flash. It’s such a trivial task I wonder why the bothered implementing it at all… Inside the safe Perseii finds:

With nothing else to do we return to the Log book:

Sounds like someone is channeling a Lovecraft protagonist… that one entry was odd though, huh?

The only thing that Jackson hasn’t searched is the barrels around the room. We do that now. Not finding anything until we get to the one lying on its side at the center back of the screen:

Again, I missed a screenshot. It’s the same 3×3 square grid that the disarm trap minigame takes place on. This time though the tiles don’t flash colors. You click on them and each click cycles through the colors: blue, yellow, red, green, purple. What’s the pattern though? Remember that odd page in the Logbook? That’s the key to solving this puzzle. the first row is blue, blue, yellow. The second is green, green, green. And the last row is red, green, red. When the pattern is completely entered:

“Ah! Kill it! Kill it with fire! It’s Peter Lorre turned into a giant bug!”

Join me next week as we talk to disgusting bugmen and mad scientists!

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