Best Cheeseburger in Davis: Plainfield Station

Best Burger in Davis Plainfield Station
Plainfield Station’s Plainfield Burger with Cheese and a side of Onion Rings

I’m not going to argue with anyone about whether or not Plainfield Station is in Davis or not. The bar/grill is known by most people in Davis and has its own special relationship with the town, being treasured by graduate students, townies, and politicos as a place to get away from the student crowded streets of Davis.

It doesn’t hurt that Plainfield Station serves decent pub food and has a spectacular back porch and yard.

Best Burger in Davis Plainfield Station
Look at that patty! Look at that tomato slice!

The Review – Plainfield Station

Patty (30/35) – Look at the size of that patty?! It’s so thick and so juicy. Nicely seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt and some other seasonings. I am seriously impressed with this thing.

Cheese (8/25) – What cheese? I can see it yes. But despite having a slice of real cheddar on the burger it is completely overwhelmed by the patty.

Bun (8/15) – Standard supermarket sesame seed buns. Lightly toasted. It’s not up to the task of handling this much patty.

Toppings (14/15) – Fresh. Crisp lettuce, nice red onion, pickles, thick tomato slice, no slab. Everything was tasty.

Condiments (6/10) – Only mayo. Mustard and ketchup at the table. Didn’t add much to the burger but glad it was there.

Ambiance (10/*) – Loved the outdoor space. Park benches, shading trellis, horseshoes, and an outdoor stage (no one was playing when I was there.) The beautiful weather helped.

Total (76/100) – This is a really good burger. But, as with many other burgers I’ve been reviewing the cheese is its Achilles Heel. Loved sitting outside with friends and a pitcher of cold beer eating this burger. The burger and side were $9.50 which this burger is definitely worth!

Best Burger in Davis Plainfield Station
Plainfield Station’s Onion Rings


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