Maintanence and Thanksgiving

I added a new section to the blog it’s called What I Recommend  (Link is dead -Ed. 8/1/11) and in it you can find reviews of games, books, sites, etc… Stuff I’d like to share with you on more than just an occasion. Things that get more than just a passing mention up here. Check it out if you must there isn’t much there right now though.

With that out of the way I’ll wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving, you don’t have to be American to celebrate the holiday, anyone can. Yes, there is a story behind Thanksgiving, google it. For my family it never was about the Pilgrims/Puritans, it was about showing proper thanks for the things you have in your life. So, though we aren’t around a table laden with food and there isn’t any god for me to thank I’m going to share my gratitude with all of you here at my blog.  Firstly, I’m grateful for my life, for my parents who brought me into it and raised me as best they could. I feel they’ve done a remarkably good job, considering the materials given. Thanks Mom and Dad!. I’m thankful for my girl friend, the love of my life, Diana Burkart-Waco, for putting up with me, for looking past all my flaws and still loving me, for sharing her life with me. Thank you Diana! I’m thankful for all of my friends, for just being there, for talking with or sharing a moment, for being yourselves around me and letting me do the same. Thanks everybody! I’m grateful the opportunities I’ve had in my life, a college education, a job that pays for mostly everything, a chance to better myself, and brighter prospects around the bend. I’m thankful that it’s hasn’t been too cloudy recently and that I can still feel the heat of the sun on my skin, too soon I know I’ll be missing it. I’m thankful for a lot more, but I think that’s enough sharing. If any of you would like to share a little of what you’re thankful for please do! Just leave a comment!

Wanted Readership… I got this…

I’ve been writing in this thing for two odd years I think… I have no readership. I think I’d like to have a readership but I’m even conflicted about this, I don’t know how I’d feel about just anyone stumbling upon what I’ve written, and I definitely don’t need or want their random, illogical, poorly thought out comments. I pretty much know personally everyone who reads this blog… Until a few days ago. I wrote a small blurb on the latest book I had finished, in this case it was Zecharia Sitchins’ second book, if you scroll down you can read the post. Isn’t it minuscule? That post required no thought whatsoever to construct and put up, yet that happens to be the one that grabbed some strangers attention, grabbed it enough that they had to comment on it… Read their comment. Apparently, and this is just a guess, it took them even less thought to reply to my original post than I put into it, no easy feat. Anyone want to coach me on how I respond to it? What do I say? What can I say?

I wanted readers, I didn’t know that to get them I’d have to attack their pet delusions in an off hand manner…

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