Anniversary Gift

Safety Razor!

Is what D got me on the fifth anniversary of our first date.

Stripped down
Itchy beard is more at fault that the razor is...

I’ve only cut myself a little using it so far! Besides a few knicks and scratches is worth the money I’m going to be save not having to buy disposable razors all the time.

Birthday Celebration

Eat, drink, and be merry
Good Friends, Good Food, Good Drink

I turned thirty on April 17. To be honest I never thought I’d make it this far. But, here I am. I didn’t want to do anything big for my birthday. D insisted that something had to be done to mark the occasion. If only going out and socializing with friends. So, that is what we did and it was great.

Thanks to everyone who came out and everyone else who wished my a happy birthday! I’m lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!

Thanks Teeples for the gift!

You already know about the present D got me. My friends the Teeples picked up this board game (I got cards and free drinks too!) I can’t wait to have everyone over (or 2 to 6 of you) to give it a go.

You Want to Eat This Sandwich

All the deliciousness. All of it.

Devere’s Irish Pub has these delicious BLTs that I tell everyone about.  They use their own housemade Irish bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, just like any other BLT. But, then you can have a fried egg put on your BLT too. I looked at that option many a time before actually trying it. I wish I hadn’t wasted all those opportunities! I am the last person who’d have thought that a fried egg on any sandwich, let alone a minimalist masterpiece like the BLT, was a good idea. I was wrong and so are you. The egg adds so much flavor and depth!

Stop whatever it is you are doing right now, go home, make yourself a BLT, fry an egg, combine them, and eat it. I’ll be waiting here when you want to thank me for giving you the idea.

For something even more decadent try the grilled cheese and egg sandwiches in this month’s (April ’11) Bon Appetit. That is the sandwich seen in the picture above: pancetta, provolone, arugula, green onions, and a fried egg on sourdough bread. Truly, to die for.

Giving up Today for Tomorrow

Living like every moment counts and as if you can change the world is exhausting. Which is why it rarely ever is.

Care of Diana

This is a difficult topic to talk about because so much of it is tied up with powerful emotions… Not just my own but almost everyone on the planet… Anyone who holds out for tomorrow in the belief that when this life is over there will be another one to go to, a better one, regardless of your religious tradition the afterlife you imagine for yourself is one of beauty and light, paradisaical.

I used to believe this, at times I still wish I did.  What a comfort it is to think that despite all the wrongs of this world, despite the pain and suffering, despite all the inequality there will be a time when all wrongs are righted, where justice will be served and peace will reign and that we will be there in the presence of God.  I know the power of that comforting thought, it was one that I clinged to for most of my life.  I know longer feel that way, worse I think that it is a lie, a terrible lie!  It blinds us with a beauty we can do nothing to create while we waste the time we have here now.  It tells us that we are fallen, rejected beings living

on a fallen rejected planet.  It denies the glory of our existence and our ability to change the world today, now.  It excuses us from acting on the injustices we see around us today, it absolves us of the horrors we create here and shifts all the blame and responsibility for correcting it on an invisible, unknowable deity, who at some point in the future, always very near but never quite here, to correct.  This is a madness and a sickness.  If today we vowed to live like there was no heaven and hell to absolve us, this world would be a paradise and the need for one far removed would fade into oblivion.  Man is not fallen, nor is Nature corrupted, beauty and justice are obtainable now.  I wish is was as easy as abandoning the lie and moving forward.  But I don’t believe as seductive as it is and yet I’m no better than the faithful.  Knowing something and acting on it are not analogous to each other.

Acting is always the hardest part.  Daily living is just so much habit and change is overcoming a terrible amount of inertia.  Living like every moment counts and as if you can change the world is exhausting.  Which is why it rarely ever is.   I’m just as guilty as everyone else.  I go through each day in a haze aware of but unsympathetic to the injustice that surrounds me,  inured to it from daily exposure.  How do you overcome this?  How do you do so without losing yourself in it?  I don’t know.  I hope to stumble upon a way.

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