Let’s Play the Secret of Monkey Island, Part 19

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

LOOK! A three headed monkey! I swear it was right behind you. Anyway, we left Guybrush on a mesa launching rocks at the beach, remember? We had just hit the banana tree. Threepwood heads that way to inspect the damage, but on the way stops at the chasm:

With those oars we’d be able to use the row boat and get back to our ship. Not that getting to the ship would do us any good… It would also allow us to explore the rest of Monkey Island. How do we get down there?


Guybrush climbs back out of of the chasm and resumes his trek back to the beach:

That’s the plan, Guybrush!

With the row boat we can finally see the northern part of the island! From this view it appears to only have a village of some sort and a beach on the eastern side, we head to the beach:

Okay, so it seems Herman has some sort of key that the cannibals want and the cannibals have Herman’s banana picker. I’mn fairly certain it’s going to be up to us to sort this all out… Let’s go the village:

Places seems empty. Looks like there are some bananas in that bowl, Threepwood can always use more bananas:

“I’m just happy to see you?”

A for REAL three headed monkey?!

“I was kinda hoping…”

The pirate who cried three headed monkey

Guybrush tries to give them back their banana, and several other items he has on him, but the Cannibals are uninterested.

On the Menu

Ten to one that big contraption is the banana picker… Another note! Ten to one it’s super passive aggressive complaining about another tenant of this island.

Okay, let’s recap this series of notes too. The Cannibals don’t like LeChuck and his crew living inside their totem. LeChuck doesn’t like them worshipping their totem while he is living in it. LeChuck stole some sort of root that could harm him and his crew from the cannibals. Got all that?

Guybrush grabs the banana picker and the skull and then investigates the floor:

I guess we’re leaving the banana picker behind for now.

And like that Guybrush slips away from the health conscious cannibals. What now? We need to explore the eastern end of the island. We haven’t done that yet. But we’re going to need some help first. How do I know? Because I’ve played this game before!

That’s the eastern end of the island. That brown dot in the middle is the Cannibals totem and the thing LeChuck is living in/under.

We head back to the beach and then look for this little wandering grey pixel that wanders in the forest between the beach and the chasm:

This little monkey is why we needed all those bananas. He’s also what’s going to help us on the eastern end of the island. But first we have to gain his friendship, so eat up little guy:

Once the monkey has eaten all four bananas he’ll start following you around, but not onto the row boat, so you’re going to have to hoof it to the Giant Monkey Head totem

Monkey with the Monkey head

Not a very friendly looking place… But what now? Guybrush can’t get past the fence. We do some pixel hunting and discover that the nose on on of the totem poles opens the gate:

But, as soon as Guybrush lets go the gate closes again. If only we had someone to hold the nose down while we enter? Oh, wait we do!

“Thanks little buddy!”

(Yes, I know this is a stupid puzzle. It might be one of the worst puzzles in this game. Besides collecting bananas there is nothing to tip the player off that the monkey is useful, will follow Guybrush, or will help in anyway with keeping the gate open…)

Once inside the compound Guybrush sees numerous little idols or fetishes planted in the sand before the giant monkey head (you might even recognize someone in there…)

Guybrush grabs the closest, and smallest, one:

Maybe this is the sort of thing the cannibals are interested in trading my life for? Back to the cannibal village:

Threepwood hands over the idol:

Secret of Monkey Island

What could possibly go wrong here?

Idol Musings

Secret of Monkey Island

Secret of Monkey Island

“What an amazing coincidence!”

Secret of Monkey Island

“Yeah, sure, whatever. Now I need to get back to stealing anything that isn’t nailed down.”

Secret of Monkey Island

With the banana picker in hand we just need to find Herman to make the exchange:

How convenient. He’s right outside the hut now…

Secret of Monkey Island

“blah, blah, blah. Here take it and never speak to me again.”

Secret of Monkey Island Secret of Monkey Island

Now I just need to find that root, then LeChuck, and then save the Governor! Seems simple enough? What could go wrong?

Find out next week.


– reform mutinous crew
– Explore Monkey Island
– Find oars to get off island
– meet Cannibals
– Get banana picker
– get Monkey head statue key
– Get the voodoo root
– Enter the Giant Monkey Head
– Confront LeChuck
– Kiss the Governor.

Author: Jonathon

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