Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 2

Friendly Neighborhood…

Last week Garcon made his way out of a creepy cave, met a mysterious lady, and made his way to the town of Mordavia. Where he was grumpily greeted by the town’s Burgomeister, he’s like a combination mayor and sheriff, who didn’t believe a word we said about who he was or how he ended up in their quaint, quiet valley… Despite his unfriendly manner Perseii attempts to engage the Burgomeister in conversation:

See? Super friendly. A small, xenophobic town in a valley full of killer monsters

The Burgomeister doesn’t have anything more to say for the moment so Jackson takes his leave and starts to explore the town:

(just like I said!)

Just like Dmitri said! Danar heads into the Shop first:

“I literally just got here. How could you possibly know that? Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Prince…”

As you can see the shopkeeper has a lot to say…

Checking Inn

Small aside here. I hope some of you have noticed the parallels between the set-up for QfG4 and QfG1? Already we note that both begin with our hero being trapped in a valley with a small town and a castle. As we explore the game more I’ll try to point out additional similarities… If I miss any please feel free to point them out.

I like to think that the current realities in the valley of Mordavia are what would have happened in Spielburg if the hero hadn’t shown up. That’s it! Maybe try to keep this in mind as we go through the game.

After talking with the shopkeeper Seepgood goes next door to the Inn:

Oh, great another friendly face…

“But the sign outside said it was an ‘inn?'”

This all happens automatically. We don’t have a choice in whether or not we stay at the end. If you walk into it you’re going to be paying for it.

Garcon looks over at the villagers sitting in the inn’s common room:

Village Idiots

The voice actors for these guys go way off script and are impersonating some famous Hollywood actors. Seriously, the voice work for these three is the only thing that made me want to do this as a video LP. For a sampling of their work I put a link in below:

Town Folk Talk

Despite the stares and whispers Perseii approaches the the villagers and introduces himself:

See, what you’re missing here with a screencap LP is that the voice actors added stinky as a description to the people. So in the end the last statement is “Ya. Many stinky people.”


I’m beginning to see why the people here are so unfriendly. The whole place is starting to seem like a downer…

Northern section of Town

The townsfolk don’t have much more to say really. So, Jackson says goodbye and leaves the inn and heads to the northern part of town:

That must be the creepy monastary people have mentioned. It and the castle outside of town seem to be the two place people say to keep away from. Besides the swamp and the cave of the dark god, and anyplace at night generally…

Danar looks at the building on the left:

This is actually the Adventurer’s Guild Hall, but yeah, it doesn’t look like it’s been open in quite awhile…

And the one on the right:

“Six legged cephalopod, huh? Those seem to keep turning up…”

Next, we look a the tiny man hunched over by the closed building:

Seepgood talks to the fellow and runs down the list of conversation points:

Next, he checks the door on the guild hall but finds its locked. Normally, Garcon would just pick the lock but he lost his tools in the journey to Mordavia. He could also just cast open. But, with the little guy sitting right there and the aversion everyone here seems to have to magic that probably isn’t a good idea. Instead he heads back to the Burgomeister:

Score! Next week we check out the Guild Hall, explore the rest of town and then probably get into trouble!

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