Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 2

Friendly Neighborhood…

Last week Garcon made his way out of a creepy cave, met a mysterious lady, and made his way to the town of Mordavia. Where he was grumpily greeted by the town’s Burgomeister, he’s like a combination mayor and sheriff, who didn’t believe a word we said about who he was or how he ended up in their quaint, quiet valley… Despite his unfriendly manner Perseii attempts to engage the Burgomeister in conversation:

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Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 1

In a Cave Darkly

Imagine that being read to you in the husky, seductive voice of Gimli the Dwarf.

Ahh, that’s nice right?

Not the nicest looking place Garcon’s ever been… Is this what BEAT’s house looks like? Is that BEAT right there? Perseii checks the skeleton:

Then his neighbor:

Next, Jackson violates the remains on the bottom left of the screen:

With all skeletons looted, Garcon checks out the rock he picked up and the rest of his inventory: Continue reading “Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Part 1”

Let’s Play Quest for Glory 4 – Introduction

The Doom that Came to Mordavia: Let’s Play Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness

Shadows of Darkness is the fourth Quest for Glory game. It is a journey into the land of Mordavia – a setting influenced by Eastern Europe, particularly its Slavic areal. The hero had just begun to enjoy his victory in Tarna, when a spell zapped him into parts unknown, without a weapon, items, or even a source of light. Shortly after finding his way out of the dark cave, the hero meets a mysterious woman named Katrina. He traverses the swamps in the dark forest and finally reaches the town. However, the town is also engulfed by a foreboding atmosphere, and the hero cannot allow himself to relax. He must find out what is going on, why the town inhabitants are so hesitant and reluctant to help him, and what horrors are lurking outside of its walls. Life has never been quite so dangerous for our hero. He’ll discover his quest soon enough – that is, if he lives. ~Mobygames

Quest for Glory IV features far darker themes while maintaining the humor of previous games through such methods as incorporating Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre parodies. Revolving around a dark cult summoning an unfathomably large evil, the game was a far cry from earlier villains such as Baba Yaga. Additionally, the undead and Lovecraftian monsters differed significantly from the lighter monsters of earlier games (there were, however, vampiric rabbits reminiscent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail). Moreover, to fight the new monsters, Quest for Glory IV implemented an entirely new fighting system. While sometimes criticized as clunky, the new system was undeniably different.

The CD-ROM version of Quest for Glory IV is the first game in the series to feature voice actors and an audible narrator, John Rhys-Davies. Additionally, the game featured a largely original sound track by Aubrey Hodges – although it did feature a reprise of the Hero’s Theme from previous games and a rendition of “Anitra’s Dance” by Edvard Grieg which played as background music in the Hotel Mordavia.

According to an InterAction magazine article, John Rhys-Davies’ part took more than three weeks to record, causing him to refer to the game as the “CD-ROM from Hell”.

The dub of a trio of local farmers is conspicuous for its emphasis on quips and banter, and its indifference to what actually reads on their text boxes. ~Wikipedia

Much of the humor shines through the voice acting on the CD version. Several characters are parodies of famous actors – other than Boris Karloff, the thief guild leader looks like Peter Lorre, and the townspeople all have voices and speech patterns based off Rodney Dangerfield and Jack Nicholson. The narrator’s voice is provided by John Rhys Davis – famous for his role as Sallah in the Indiana Jones movies, and Ghimli in the Lord of the Rings films – and while he has some fun with certain lines, it’s a bit on the dry side.

The music in the Quest for Glory games has usually been pretty decent, but there’s been little outside of the title themes or battle songs that really stood out. In contrast, Shadow of Darkness’ soundtrack is particularly spectacular, especially with its battle themes and beautiful rock ballads. Although it could’ve benefitted from real guitar instrumentation, the MIDI music – even on the weak Adlib synth – is pretty damn good, and easily up next to Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, as the best Sierra soundtrack. ~Hardcore Gaming 101

This is my favorite game of all time. Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger can suck on eggs. I love this thing. ~Me

Box Front

Box Back

If you’ve forgotten who are hero is you can catch his adventures here:

Quest For Glory: So You Want to be A Hero
Quest For Glory 2: Trials by Fire
Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

Sadly, I’ve had quite a bit of computer trouble between now and the last LP and the saved file for our dear Garcon Perseii Jackson Danar Seepgood, Magister Esoterica of the Third Eye, Lord of Keys, Hero of Spielburg, Prince of Shapier, Savior of Raseir, and the Glory of Tarna has been lost.

This is what he looked like last we saw him:

Are you ready to enter the dark lands?

Some Background

For those of you who don’t remember or can’t be bothered to go through my previous Let’s Plays in the Quest for Glory series, here is Garcon’s story so far:

In the beginning, Perseii a no account wandering hero of no reputation showed up in Spielburg, a valley that had been cursed for many years. The Baron of the valley tried to drive away the Ogress, Baba Yaga, he failed and she cursed him. The curse robbed the baron of his his son and daughter. The realm was overrun with brigands and monsters, and the Baron locked himself away in his castle. That’s when Jackson showed up. He became friends with the innkeepers, Kattas names Shameen and Shema. He also got to know their merchant friend, Abdulla Doo. He also met such people as Zara, the owner of the Magic Shop,the Wizard Erasmus and his rat-like familiar Fenrus. He traveled to many interesting places, encountering many new forms of flora and fauna which he promptly killed. It was in Spielburg that Danar first learned of the great Archmage Erana,and even found her meadow, believed to be her final resting place…

He freed an enchanted bear, who turned out to be the Baron of Spielburg’s lost son, Barnard. By spying
on brigand’s int he valley he learned of a plot to overthrow their leader and then found a way into their forest fortress snuck his way to the leader’s room, and dispelled the enchantment on her. The leader was, in reality, the Baron’s daughter, Elsa. After leaving the fortress, the Hero made a visit to, Baba Yaga and drove her from the land.

After freeing Spielburg of the Ogress’ curse, our hero, Seepgood, travelled to the desert realm of Shapeir, with the Kattas and Abdulla Doo. The Emir of Raseir had disappeared a year ago, and a portent of evil hung over the entire realm. Garcon made new friends in this desert realm, including the Liontaur Paladin, Rakeesh, the warrior woman, Uhura, and the Enchantress Aziza. Using his wits and some magic Perseii saved the city from the ravages of four Elementals, and freed the spirit of the tree healer, Julanar.

After saving the city of Shapeir, he traveled to Raseir, where he made himself known to the city’s criminal underbelly before eventually being captured and hypnotized by the evil Wizard, Ad Avis, and taken to the Forbidden City, to obtain the Statue of Iblis, which Ad Avis intended to use to take over the world. After escaping the tomb with the help of a genie, Danar assaulted the Palace and knocked Ad Avis off the balcony of the Ritual Chamber. For his actions, in Shapeir and Raseir, Jackson was adopted by the Sultan Harun al-Rashid, and became the Prince of Shapeir.

Shortly after this victory, Rakeesh’s wife, Kreesha, called him back to his homeland of Tarna. There was talk of war between two native tribes in his homeland and it was believed only Rakeesh could prevent the conflict. Rakeesh brought the Prince of Shapeir and Uhura with him to Tarna in the land of Fricana. Seepgood met more colorful people here, including Salim the Apothecary, Yesufu the Simbani Warrior, and Johari the Leopardwoman. Through his usual mix of magic, charm, and quick fingers Garcon brought peace between thetribes by returning their sacred artifacts, and travelled to the Lost City of Eastern Fricana to put an end to the Demons that caused the war.

But after defeating the demons, his doppleganger, and a demonic wizard our hero was summoned away to places unknown by dark magicks!

And using a little dark magic of my own, here’s Garcon:

And here is the introduction to the Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness:

And here we are welcome to… somewhere?

Our inventory:

Our money, not much:

Our magic:

The Let’s Play starts next week!

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana:Let’s Play QfG 3 Part 8

To the Lost City!

With all the other monkeys across its time for Garcon. But how? Well, the same way he’s crossed every other problem in this game:

use magic grapnel

Once across Manu resumes his telling of the horrors of the Lost City, but he’s soon interrupted:

Against some sort of demonic worm, I gather!

For a thief, Perseii is pretty hardy and his strategy here is to just stab and magic away at the worm until it collapses:

Of course, it soon does:

Manu’s praise doesn’t last long:

Eventually we arrive at the lost city:

Into the Lost City

Jackson tries to explain to Manu why he can’t just leave:

We ask Manu about that secret door he said he wasn’t going to tell us about:

That seems simple enough, we thank Manu for all his help ask him a few more questions about the city and its tenants and then say goodbye:

After leaving Manu, Garcon descends into the ruins:

How convenient! There is the jackal statue right there and just below it the wall panel! Garcon waits for the caveman to pass and then:

As we climbed down a cave man showed up and quickly dispatched:

Next to the mural:

We use the opal on the door and:

viola! Perseii is in!

Demons, Demons, Demons

As soon as he enters the building he overhears a conversation between to monstrosities:

Where to go?

Not that way… Guess that itThe only way to go appears to be through the door on the back wall:

Inside the room Jackson finds a female liontaur he can only assume is Rakeesh’s and Kreesha’s daughter:

“correct. I’m Garcon Perseii Jackson the III and I’m here to save you, Tarna, and all of Fricana!”

“I gathered as much…”

“I’m on my way…”

“Oh, that can’t be good…”

Fighting Demons

Remember all the way back when we had the apothecarist make us a dispel potion? Remember how he made us two of them? This is the time to use the spare:

After hitting her with the dispel potion Rakeesha collapses, and then?!


“What took so long?!”

“That’s great but we’re kind of stuck in here. As out this door is an army of demons and apemen.”

“I can respect that being a thief myself!”

“Oh, I’m sure something wiill turn up! These prophecies have a way of sorting themselves out!”

Dopplegangers and Demon Wizards

“Wait! Who’s this?!”

“I’d hug you Manu if you weren’t covered in ticks, fleas, and Sekhmet knows what else!”

“Great! Prophecy fulfilled but we still have that problem of being trapped in this room?”

“how do you know that?”

As Uhura and Rakeesh hold the door against the demon hordes the hero and his four friends go deeper into the Lost City, where they find:

“Are we just supposed to stare at our reflectio.. Oh Erana! They’re hideous!”

As you can see by Garcon’s foe’s messed up HP bar this guy has a lot of health, and Perseii forgot to eat any of his pills after the demon worm and apeman fights… whoops! Anyway time to slowly, very slowly whittle this ugly dopplegangers health down!

As you work down the demon’s life his bar slowly becomes normalish and when you get it about an eighth down look who shows up!

“How do you know anything about demon dopplegangers?”


Hrm, how to get across that chasm? First let’s climb that pillar over there:

Then we’ll grapple across and make our way across the rope:

Uh oh, we’ve been spotted! At least he isn’t powering up the orb!

the grapple once more to the far pillar:

Better make it quick!

What now Jackson? You’re all out of pillars and all out of rope!

(yes, Garcon has chucked his magic grapnel hook at the demon wizard)

A Hero is You!

Curses! Looks like I captured this picture a little too early! Basically the magic grapnel sunk itself into the demon wizard’s forehead. The demon didn’t seem to happy about that and while flailing about knocked both the orb and himself into the portal:

I won’t ask how he get got to them…

That can’t be good!


“That’s my name! Now save me!”

Final stats

Final score

As you can see I failed to get a perfect score in this game. I said earlier that QfG3 is my least favorite game and the one I’ve replayed the least amount of times. I’m not as familiar with it as I am with the other three games in the series. I’m sure I did all the unique thief content. I think my missing points come from not exhasting all the dialog trees fully.
I make a save of our character to import into the next game and the credits roll!

Thanks for watching!

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