In Deepest, Darkest Fricana:Let’s Play QfG 3 Part 8

To the Lost City!

With all the other monkeys across its time for Garcon. But how? Well, the same way he’s crossed every other problem in this game:

use magic grapnel

Once across Manu resumes his telling of the horrors of the Lost City, but he’s soon interrupted:

Against some sort of demonic worm, I gather!

For a thief, Perseii is pretty hardy and his strategy here is to just stab and magic away at the worm until it collapses:

Of course, it soon does:

Manu’s praise doesn’t last long:

Eventually we arrive at the lost city:

Into the Lost City

Jackson tries to explain to Manu why he can’t just leave:

We ask Manu about that secret door he said he wasn’t going to tell us about:

That seems simple enough, we thank Manu for all his help ask him a few more questions about the city and its tenants and then say goodbye:

After leaving Manu, Garcon descends into the ruins:

How convenient! There is the jackal statue right there and just below it the wall panel! Garcon waits for the caveman to pass and then:

As we climbed down a cave man showed up and quickly dispatched:

Next to the mural:

We use the opal on the door and:

viola! Perseii is in!

Demons, Demons, Demons

As soon as he enters the building he overhears a conversation between to monstrosities:

Where to go?

Not that way… Guess that itThe only way to go appears to be through the door on the back wall:

Inside the room Jackson finds a female liontaur he can only assume is Rakeesh’s and Kreesha’s daughter:

“correct. I’m Garcon Perseii Jackson the III and I’m here to save you, Tarna, and all of Fricana!”

“I gathered as much…”

“I’m on my way…”

“Oh, that can’t be good…”

Fighting Demons

Remember all the way back when we had the apothecarist make us a dispel potion? Remember how he made us two of them? This is the time to use the spare:

After hitting her with the dispel potion Rakeesha collapses, and then?!


“What took so long?!”

“That’s great but we’re kind of stuck in here. As out this door is an army of demons and apemen.”

“I can respect that being a thief myself!”

“Oh, I’m sure something wiill turn up! These prophecies have a way of sorting themselves out!”

Dopplegangers and Demon Wizards

“Wait! Who’s this?!”

“I’d hug you Manu if you weren’t covered in ticks, fleas, and Sekhmet knows what else!”

“Great! Prophecy fulfilled but we still have that problem of being trapped in this room?”

“how do you know that?”

As Uhura and Rakeesh hold the door against the demon hordes the hero and his four friends go deeper into the Lost City, where they find:

“Are we just supposed to stare at our reflectio.. Oh Erana! They’re hideous!”

As you can see by Garcon’s foe’s messed up HP bar this guy has a lot of health, and Perseii forgot to eat any of his pills after the demon worm and apeman fights… whoops! Anyway time to slowly, very slowly whittle this ugly dopplegangers health down!

As you work down the demon’s life his bar slowly becomes normalish and when you get it about an eighth down look who shows up!

“How do you know anything about demon dopplegangers?”


Hrm, how to get across that chasm? First let’s climb that pillar over there:

Then we’ll grapple across and make our way across the rope:

Uh oh, we’ve been spotted! At least he isn’t powering up the orb!

the grapple once more to the far pillar:

Better make it quick!

What now Jackson? You’re all out of pillars and all out of rope!

(yes, Garcon has chucked his magic grapnel hook at the demon wizard)

A Hero is You!

Curses! Looks like I captured this picture a little too early! Basically the magic grapnel sunk itself into the demon wizard’s forehead. The demon didn’t seem to happy about that and while flailing about knocked both the orb and himself into the portal:

I won’t ask how he get got to them…

That can’t be good!


“That’s my name! Now save me!”

Final stats

Final score

As you can see I failed to get a perfect score in this game. I said earlier that QfG3 is my least favorite game and the one I’ve replayed the least amount of times. I’m not as familiar with it as I am with the other three games in the series. I’m sure I did all the unique thief content. I think my missing points come from not exhasting all the dialog trees fully.
I make a save of our character to import into the next game and the credits roll!

Thanks for watching!

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana:Let’s Play QfG 3 Part 7

Wilderness Wanderings

We left off with Garcon fleeing into the Fricana wilderness as the Simbani and Leopardmen Chiefs were killed and the King of Tarna was about to go all “let slip the liontuars of war!” on everyone. Perseii’s first stop is the Simbani village, maybe Uhura can help him:

Or not…

Where else is there to go? There’s Erana’s Pool, and the World Tree but that is about it. With no where else to go Jackson heads deeper into the jungle:

Remember Manu? We saved him from that cage we randomly found last time we were exploring the jungles of Tarna? Well, it seems now its his time to return the favor:

“A Monkey village, huh? What’s that like?”

“Sure! It’s not as if I have any other idea as to what I’m supposed to be doing”

It takes Garcon and Manu a day or so to get there, on the way Manu blathers on:

“Just what I’ve always wanted… To be a happy monkey!”


Perseii uses his magical hooks and rope to ascend into the Monkey Village:

Bullying Simians

Here comes the sales pitch:

“Did you say bad things?”

“I’m guessing that is why you call them ‘bad’ things… Hey isn’t there a lost city somewhere around here? I mean it’s clearly shown on my map…”

“Not those cities the ‘Lost City’ the one full of demons”

“You mean past the waterfall?”

“Yeah, you guys sure are smart! Now show me how to cross the waterfall”

“Oh, I get it, tell me about the ‘Bad City'”

“Do you think you could take me to the bad city?”

“No, I don’t think George of the Jungle is that fun of a game…”

“But thou must!”

“But thou must!”

After endless pleading and prodding Jackson convinces Manu to show him the way to the Lost City and they set out:


When we get to the Waterfall:

I’m sure Garcon will figure it out later…

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 6

Doing What Thieves do Best

The next morning after hearing the Stroyteller’s tale we check in on the Leopardwoman prisoner. The Laibon’s son seems to have a lot to say on the topic of her:

“That’s because he’s racist and doesn’t want you to marry this filthy jungle dweller”

“She speaks!”

“Who are you calling stringy?!”

“I’m the picture of physical fitness! Look at these stats!”

Garcon leaves the Simbani village and heads back to Tarna to let Rakeesh and his wife know what happened: Continue reading “In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 6”

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 5


Having done as much as we can right now at the Simbani Village, neither the Leapardman or Laibon want to talk to me so it’s back to Tarna with the things the Lioness God requires of me. Garcon arrives late in the night and crashes at his room at the inn. In the morning he heads to the top of Tarna:

“English must be your second language… You’re missing the definite article there”

“Wait a second! Why does this Lioness goddess have a male and a female voice? Or was that first voice in my head ALL along?!”

“The female voice knows what a ‘definite article’ is, one point to Hufflepuff!”

Continue reading “In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 5”

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