In Deepest, Darkest Fricana:Let’s Play QfG 3 Part 7

Wilderness Wanderings

We left off with Garcon fleeing into the Fricana wilderness as the Simbani and Leopardmen Chiefs were killed and the King of Tarna was about to go all “let slip the liontuars of war!” on everyone. Perseii’s first stop is the Simbani village, maybe Uhura can help him:

Or not…

Where else is there to go? There’s Erana’s Pool, and the World Tree but that is about it. With no where else to go Jackson heads deeper into the jungle:

Remember Manu? We saved him from that cage we randomly found last time we were exploring the jungles of Tarna? Well, it seems now its his time to return the favor:

“A Monkey village, huh? What’s that like?”

“Sure! It’s not as if I have any other idea as to what I’m supposed to be doing”

It takes Garcon and Manu a day or so to get there, on the way Manu blathers on:

“Just what I’ve always wanted… To be a happy monkey!”


Perseii uses his magical hooks and rope to ascend into the Monkey Village:

Bullying Simians

Here comes the sales pitch:

“Did you say bad things?”

“I’m guessing that is why you call them ‘bad’ things… Hey isn’t there a lost city somewhere around here? I mean it’s clearly shown on my map…”

“Not those cities the ‘Lost City’ the one full of demons”

“You mean past the waterfall?”

“Yeah, you guys sure are smart! Now show me how to cross the waterfall”

“Oh, I get it, tell me about the ‘Bad City'”

“Do you think you could take me to the bad city?”

“No, I don’t think George of the Jungle is that fun of a game…”

“But thou must!”

“But thou must!”

After endless pleading and prodding Jackson convinces Manu to show him the way to the Lost City and they set out:


When we get to the Waterfall:

I’m sure Garcon will figure it out later…

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 6

Doing What Thieves do Best

The next morning after hearing the Stroyteller’s tale we check in on the Leopardwoman prisoner. The Laibon’s son seems to have a lot to say on the topic of her:

“That’s because he’s racist and doesn’t want you to marry this filthy jungle dweller”

“She speaks!”

“Who are you calling stringy?!”

“I’m the picture of physical fitness! Look at these stats!”

Garcon leaves the Simbani village and heads back to Tarna to let Rakeesh and his wife know what happened: Continue reading “In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 6”

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 5


Having done as much as we can right now at the Simbani Village, neither the Leapardman or Laibon want to talk to me so it’s back to Tarna with the things the Lioness God requires of me. Garcon arrives late in the night and crashes at his room at the inn. In the morning he heads to the top of Tarna:

“English must be your second language… You’re missing the definite article there”

“Wait a second! Why does this Lioness goddess have a male and a female voice? Or was that first voice in my head ALL along?!”

“The female voice knows what a ‘definite article’ is, one point to Hufflepuff!”

Continue reading “In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 5”

In Deepest, Darkest Fricana: Let’s Play QfG3, Part 5

Will something happen this week?!

Garcon rises late in the day, intending to talk to the village chief again:

…or not.

Instead, Perseii explores the rest of the city, north of the three huts he finds:

Jackson asks Yesufu what he is doing:

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