Best Cheeseburger in Davis: The Graduate

Best Burger in Davis the Graduate

The Graduate’s Undergrad Burger with Cheese

The Graduate has been in Davis for over 40 years. It’s a sports bar/restaurant/dance hall right across the street from the campus of UC Davis. Seeing how close they are to a college campus the food there doesn’t have to be good there for it to sell well. So, I wasn’t really optimistic about how this burger would rate. Though, I did have a few friends who were adamant that the burgers at the Grad not only weren’t bad but that they were actually good. I had doubts. They came along with me last weekend to check it out. This was my very first visit to the Graduate. I had managed to avoid it, and its dance floor, during my undergrad education and so had no experience with the location until that day.

Best Burger in Davis the Graduate
The Graduate’s Undergrad burger with Chili Cheese Fries

The Review

Patty (22/35) – Came out medium-rare, that’s good. It is pre-formed, that’s bad. It was made of good beef, that’s good. It had no seasoning other than a little salt, that’s bad.

Cheese (6/25) – I don’t know what it is that burger joints and American cheese. But it consistently shows up on these things despite being terrible (American cheese has two uses: on grilled cheese sammies; and, throwing up and trying to stick it onto the roof in your 3rd period Science class.)

Bun (6/15) – Standard supermarket sesame seed buns. Lightly toasted. Unfit to handle the combination of condiments and drippings from the patty, bottom half got soaked through.

Toppings (14/15) – Fresh. Lettuce, red onion, pickles, tomatoes. Onions and tomatoes had good flavor. Lettuce was a little limp.

Condiments (8/10) – Homemade fry sauce or thousand islands generously slathered on the bun. Zesty and tasty. Not overpowering, compliments the patty very well. No other condiments at the table.

Ambiance (7/*) – Very large space, dark. Definitely a sports bar. Nice if you’re looking to be social. Though it could be bad if there were a lot of people there. The acoustics would make conversations impossible.

Total (63/100) – This is a good burger. It just turns out that in most cheeseburgers the weakest part of the burger is the cheese. This is the case here. The chili cheese fries I had with the burger were really good though, and if they had put the nacho cheese on their burgers it’d be an improvement. The price is definitely good $7.95 and comes with a side.

Best Burger in Davis the Graduate
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