Morgan’s on Main – Best Cocktail in Yolo County

Whiskey Sour, Morgan’s on Main, April 2019

Woodland’s downtown main street is quite the draw these days, a good four or five blocks of busy, delicious, restaurants and bustling small businesses. A real far cry from what it was when I moved to Yolo County in 2004. One of those busy restaurants is Morgan’s on Main – a full service restaurant, bar, and rental space. I can personally recommend the ribs, devilled eggs, and mac & cheese.

But, as big a fan of their food I am, this project is about cocktails! Let’s get to it!

Morgan’s on Main – The Review

Taste (6/10) – Lots of ice. Nice blend of whiskey and lemon. Smooth but a little too sour. T’s drink didn’t have this problem.

Presentation (3/5) – Pale. The preserved cherry is a nice touch and add a bit of color to the drink (and is correct!)

Balance (3/5) – Good balance. The whiskey works with the lemon juice. This could just be that their well whiskey is Jim Beam. Mine could have been a bit sweeter. I don’t know if they added any syrup to mine or if the lemon/syrup was a pre-mix.

Correctness (3/5) – Half the correct garnish. No egg white. No asking about egg white.

Delivery (1/*) – No flourish, little interaction. Seemed distracted or disinterested.

Total (16/25) – This was a decent drink. There is room for improvement. The price was right though, it was happy hour and the drink only cost $6. I think most of the quality came from the Jim Beam.  

In what might be a trend, the signature cocktails were much tastier and balanced than the Whiskey Sour was. We especially enjoyed The Drifter, Bourbon Berry Smash, and The Castaway

The Drifter, Morgan’s on Main, April 2019


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