Best Cocktail In Yolo County: The Project

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Ever since my Best Cheeseburger in Davis Project came to an end three years ago I’ve been contemplating a follow-up or similar project. I played with looking for the best cheeseburger in the city of Sacramento or expanding the Davis project out to all of Yolo County. But, nothing ever came of those and the idea went fallow.

But, friends have continued to ask me what my next project would be, what I would be rating, and if they could participate. Until now I’ve had to push them off. No longer! This spring I will embark on trying to determine the best cocktail in Yolo County.

Now, I’m not a bartender and I’ve never trained as one. I have taught myself and continue to teach myself how to make drinks. Making cocktails is an activity I enjoy and the homemade “bar” I’ve moved across this state for the last eight years is a small testament to that. I enjoy sharing time over a drink with friends and my love for Yolo County is well known. This seems project seems like a good fit for me and the site.

But, and this is important, I don’t consider myself a ‘foodie’ or a
‘hipster.’ Both labels are irredeemably tainted with tones of elitism and smug pretension. This project isn’t about putting bars or bartenders down or looking for the fanciest or most expensive take on a drink. I’m a drinker and I’m looking for the best drink.

I’m excited about this project and I hope you’re excited to read about it! I’ll try to take plenty of pictures though I’m sorry I can’t share the delicious drinks I’ll be experiencing with you. (Unless you want to come out and have a drink with me!)

Before I get drinking I’m going to have to lay out a few things first:

  • I need to pick the representative cocktail, I can’t drink every mix at every bar. I’d hate myself. And then die.
  • I need to devise some criteria for ranking this cocktail; and,
  • Compile a list of all the bars in Yolo county that mix drinks.

The last should be relatively easy, the internet is very good for list making. I’m a little more worried about creating my criteria for judging these things. I want the criteria to be helpful but I want to avoid sounding like an asshole. Finally, picking the cocktail is going to take some thought. It should be a recognizable classic. But, it should also require something more than throwing liquor into a pre-mix. I’ll be creating a post for the criteria and the competition, revealing the drink and then the imbibing can begin!

Please look forward to it!

Author: Jonathon

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