de Vere’s Irish Pub- Best Cocktail in Yolo County

Finished Whiskey Sour, de Vere’s Irish Pub, April 2019

de Vere’s is perhaps my favorite restaurant in Davis. The location is nice, the space is beautiful (the bar was built in Ireland, taken apart, and then shipped to the USA.), and the food is really good (One of the best burgers in town.) How were their Whiskey Sours though?

de Vere’s Irish Pub – The Review

Taste (5/10) – Not bad. Can taste the lemon juice and the simple syrup. Not much of a hint of whiskey. A little boring

Presentation (3/5) – Pale, half of a garnish. Very well shaken. Fizz on top made me think, at first, that there was egg white in the drink.

Balance (3/5) – Good balance. Can’t tell if smooth whiskey or none? Very hard to tell.

Correctness (3/5) – No egg white, half a correct garnish (cherry.) The juice was pre-squeezed. House-made syrup. Not a lot to say.

Delivery (1/x) – No flourish. Shaken very vigorously though. Asked what whiskey I wanted (Well is Evan Williams.)

Total (15/25) – This wasn’t a bad drink but I don’t know if it was a good drink either… Very run of the mill.

In what is now very much a trend the signature cocktail I ordered, Pall Mall, tasted better than the Whiskey Sour. I had high hopes for de Vere’s, I was hoping their bartenders would pay as much attention and detail when making drinks as their cooks do when preparing meals. I guess not…

Pall Mall, de Vere’s Irish Pub, April 2019


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  1. That is so disappointing! I don’t think I could order a whisky sour (because ugg egg whites…), but I really did think they’d do a good job. All the cocktails I’ve had there have been tasty, but I guess it depends on the bar tender? I recommend the negroni and the ‘Gold Rush’. Sad…

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